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One listening is Li Hui,Liu Sihai is not angry with it.,Although it is a few times, he will make Li Hui Feng,But in fact, he has a lot of money.。 After all, he is really trying to take it.,The result is not to take it.。
“Humph,I have already reported.,Waiting for the police to find you.,I can’t help this.。”
Liu Sihai said that this is totally testing,If you can fool Li Hui,Then he will take a minimum of hundreds of thousands of compensation.,I will give Zhao Yong at the time.,Also let Zhao Yong feel scorless。
“Hey-hey,uncle,You can’t do this.,In case my person, the people under the hand goes in and say something should not be said.,But there is no semi-cuisine relationship with me.,But the grandfa is not there, I don’t know.。”
Finish,Li Hui has done directly to the phone.。
He is also gambling,Gambling Liu Sihai does not dare to call the police。
Although he didn’t know what Liu Sihai did something hurtful.,But it is obvious that Jin Xijie knows something.,Is these things,He feels absolutely not simple。
Liu Sihai also did not expect Li Hui Rong without a reaction time.,Directly hang up the phone。
This makes him some speech for a while.,Even some hesitation, don’t give Li Hui Rong.。
If you have,Then he caught the passive,But don’t play,The other party really can take the initiative,Once you have exploded those things, he feels badly explained.。
Especially before, he also will transfer to Jin Xijie.,Also let Jin Xi Jie helps to have a lot of things。
Hesitated for a long time,He still called the phone to Li Hui。
After all, my business is tight.。
“Hey-hey,Xiao Li,I have just revoked the alarm.,You said that the people under the hand know what things.?”
So, grandfather, I really have something to see.?
I just just swindle you.,I didn’t expect it to have it.,The uncle, let’s talk about this thing.,My people have made mistakes, I will definitely recognize,But your people also played me.,You can’t admit this thing.?”
I heard the words of Li Hui,Liu Sihai almost gas vomiting。
He didn’t expect that he was actually passed by Li.。
“Your people smashed me,This should be a big event.?
Compensation 100,000 to me,Don’t appear in front of my engineering team in the future,Let’s take a soke,It is best not to appear in the county.,Otherwise, this is not finished with you.。”
I heard Liu Sihai.,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“uncle,Some of this matter is not right.,Money can compensate,But 是 是 干,Why, you can do it.,I can’t do it.?
I mean fair competition,Of course, uncle, if you are ready to use the evil road,Be careful, I am alarm,I should also know the relationship with the police station.,Take it,I don’t believe that you are dry.,After all, you are tens of millions of people.。”
Said that Li Hui Hui hangs again.。
Liu Sihai heard that Li Hui’s final,The eyes are also flashing。
Originally, he still wants to stay a line.,But Li Hui actually really want to hard to hard.,Then he decided to let the other person know what it regret.。
Li Hui’s call to Liu Sihai is to determine if Jin Xijie is a problem.。
Or there is no danger of life,By the way, from the other integration。
Obviously, he wants the answer.,Since the other party does not have a danger of life,He is also a breather。
At least prove Jin Xijie is saving,As for the problem of compensation,He didn’t think about him。
The other party bully his people,It’s also a self-take.,Because the other party is also a weapon according to Jin Xijie。
Finish,Li Hui Feng with Zhao Xiaoling.,Then busy back。
Zhao Xiaoling looked at Li Hui Feng’s back of a hurry,I am also a little flourishing in my heart.,She can clearly feel that Li Hui has a time with her. It seems to be in the same way.。
A faint, sigh, the endless complaint。
Chapter 650
When I returned to Liu Tian Town,It’s already afternoon.。

Just even expressed the pessimistic opinion and Zhang Yaoping,I just laughed.,There is no speech。

Only Wu Qingdong eyes bright,I feel caught in the opportunity to find a game.,Hornyunda:“Sure enough, it is optimistic.,Lee is not enough,Also far more than the disadvantage,Wang is always a bit too optimistic.?
According to your statement,The risk of access to the world can be ignored,There is only one opportunity.?How can this be?
Don’t say anything else,What kind of challenges you just discussed??
How to overcome the future potentially unpredictable risks?
Nothing,Just say that Level is more than the disadvantage,Wang is always too blindly confident.?”
Wang Xi smiled and asked:“What is the way to deal with just a few teachers??I still need to say more.?Or……Wu Tuan is on the position of the expert,What is deep insight??”
Wu Qingdong’s face,Instant dumb,He also participated in the summary.,Several strategies have also been contributed,Now overthrow now,Isn’t it my own face??
I don’t know who I suddenly smiled.,Then drive the whole game to laugh together。
Wu Qingdong’s face,Feeling a bursting on the face。
The host is also a bit rigorous,At the same time, there is a little speechless,Heartway:“I have passed for you.,Why do you have to pick up the head??it’s good now,Pay with yourself?”
Tucao,As a host, he did not forget his responsibilities.,Round field:“The way to deal with it has just been discussed.,I believe that it should still be very known.。
Now is an interactive link,Don’t do specific discussion,Let’s continue the question and answer.,Who else does I ask if I want to ask??
The lady in the fifth row in the middle of white clothes,Do you have any questions??”
NS340chapter It is a high professor’s consciousness.
The king did not put it.,Smile,No more words。
Forum back to the right track,Continue to start the question and answer link,What unexpected appearances,The host has some viewers in a row.,Successfully interact,The forum is also close to the end。
Moderator:“I don’t know if I have passed for two hours.,Good time is so fast,Today’s forum is here to end.,Thanks to several teachers to come over.,Also thank all the audience to come to join,thank you all,Let’s see you next time。”
At the stage, everyone will get up,Ready to leave。
Wang Flow is also ready to leave,Just get up,The high cold sister of the neighbor is suddenly standing.,Dragonfly,Almost a cold face is also rare to bring a smile,Pull out a business card,Paid:
“Hello Wang,Long-lasting,I didn’t expect to touch you here.,this is my name card,I hope you can accept it.。”
Help……Also thought you have more indifference?,I didn’t expect it to understand the world.……Wang Flow,I pleaded with my business card.,Looking down at the eye name:Ling Xue……
Still quite a person name,White like snow,Recently, a few points。
Ritual,Wang Flow also took a business card,Hand over:“this is mine,Nice to meet you,Miss Ling。”
Lingxue is equally pleased,May be,It may also be the purpose of getting awareness.,I haven’t said more after the time is exchanged.,Simple and cold,It is agreed to have a chance to eat together.,I will tell the first。
Wang Liu is also ready to go,Suddenly a group of people came over。
“Hello, you are good.,Nice to meet you。”
“this is my name card,Be sure to receive。”
“Total Wang……”
Sound here,A circle of people held a famous film,The attitude can be more enthusiastic than Ling Xue。
The king suddenly regretted,I know that I just didn’t have more effort with Wu Qingdong.,Come now,Identity exposure,People are also surrounded,Lost, Qiqi and Ma Jiaming are not good,Be blocked in front of him,Otherwise, I am afraid that I will be difficult to get out.。
I want to receive a business card one by one.,Then arched:“Thank you for lifting,I have received my business card.,But very sorry,My business card has no enough,I can’t send it to everyone.,Next time,Next time I will give you everyone.,Sorry, I am sorry.。”
Everyone is a little disappointed,But the king said so.,Not too much to say anything else,Everyone laughs,Then I saw it.。
Zhou Zhixion has gone from the stage.,Wait next to laughing, huh,After waiting for the people, he will welcome it.:“Wang has always been very popular.,Come and participate in a forum,There are so many people take the initiative to make。”
Wang traffic white:“Not all you are trouble。”
Zhou Zhixiong laughed:“I also want to help you.,See you is questioned,I can’t always be indifferent.,As for this situation,I didn’t expect it.。”
Wang Liu naturally knows that he is so good,Don’t say more,Faint:“okay,No explanation,I understand,Time is not early,Let go。”
“Eh,it is good。”Zhou Zhixiong,Walk outside the door with the king。


Does this bite off the arm of a different monster?,It even blows up this strange monster!
The different monster flew out,Pools of rotten meat fell from its fat body。
It’s unusually angry,The umbrella-shaped pleated neck opens up again,Became an outside mouth,Countless fangs grew out of the cortex of the neck fold,Densely packed like needles,Each is sharp and highly toxic!
Just when it bites the black dragon,A bunch of bright lights fell obliquely in the sky,They are like spears,Pierced the earth fiercely,There is no skin defense on the alien lizard,When the light feather spear stabbed,Almost pierced it through。
The different monster made a painful and sharp cry,Its other three claws keep flapping and tumbling,The silt underneath rolled over,Turned into two turbulent mud floods and headed towards the black tornado of refining embers。
Refining the black dragon raised his head and roared,The predator’s breath turned into a black storm,Wash away these mud floods。
Scream,Cangluan and Qinglong don’t know when his feathers are about to burn,Dazzling,In this dark night it’s like a rising cyan sun,And swooped down with the majestic destruction light!
The night is illuminated like the day,People on the wall can see this shocking scene from a distance。
At first the old officials thought that only some lizards were attacking the town this time.,Occasionally there will be a few demons,But when the blue light tears through the thick darkness,He caught a glimpse of the four thousand year old monster lizard,Creeping outside the city like a swamp death……
The living people in a city seem to be dissatisfied with the extremely fat stomach of this alien lizard,Not to mention that it also leads many red-necked lizards!
And at the moment,Cangluan, the green dragon and the black dragon of refining cinders jointly display the power,Is destroying this terrible marsh monster,In the dazzling light, he saw the body of the alien lizard torn apart,Turned to pieces by the extremely powerful light!
Subsequently,The newly evolved Cinder Black Dragon opened its mouth even more,Where is the dragon’s breath it spit out,It is clearly a black volcano erupting without warning,Lava and ashes poured together,Let those pieces of debris quickly burn to ashes!!
The glory lasted for a long time,The black flame also remains on the ground outside the city。
The bare outside of the city turned into scorched earth,The marsh wetland further away was also evaporated to hard soil。
All the lizards have been wiped out。

Wu Fang is on guard at this moment,Did not dare to turn on the lights,Just a tentative search slowly in the dark。The furnishings of the furniture in the house are faintly visible,A lot of dumped or destroyed,There are scattered pieces of porcelain and other invisible objects on the ground。Obviously there has been a fierce fight here,Cold sweat oozes from his forehead,I’m afraid to see a scene I never want to see。

The smell of blood comes from the back of the hall and the first wing to the east,Wu Fang’s sense of smell is extremely sensitive and his night vision ability is not weak,Soon I found two big blood stains in the predicted place,It’s quite dazzling even in the dark。He quickly observed the surroundings,After confirming that there is no body, I feel relieved,Squatting beside a pool of black blood。
He first sniffed with his nose,Feel the intensity of the fishy smell,I stretched out my finger and stuck it on the blood,No temperature,Not very sticky,It is preliminary judged that less than an hour has passed since the fight that took place here。The same situation on the other beach,But where did everyone go?
Wu Fang quickly searched the entire small building,I also stood in Li Tianchou’s hut for a while,Make sure there is no one,Even the straight middle-aged aunt he was impressed doesn’t know where he is.。
Can’t care much,Wu Fang took out his cell phone again and dialed Zhu Lei’s number,But the same as before,No one heard。He was shocked,He immediately left the courtyard and went straight to the style bar。
As expected,Something happened to the bar too,You can see the lights flashing from a distance,At least one ambulance and three police cars lined up at the junction,Crowded with people watching the excitement。
Wu Fang’s mood at this time was like bursting out flames, he was on the verge of an explosion.,He squeezed into the crowd with two very rude hands.。Immediately caused dissatisfaction with people around,The angry one only cursed a few words and knocked down Wu Fang’s cold eyes like a knife,I was so scared that I shut up immediately。
It is five meters square around the entrance of the bar,The police have pulled up a long cordon。The ground is full of broken glass,A few mottled blood stains can be seen through the dim light,There is even a machete with blood。Dim lights in the bar,Police officers come and go from time to time,Stared for a long time,Wu Fang finally saw Liu Qiang who had just left the door,So I pulled the plastic strip and got into the alert circle。
“stop!”A police officer stepped in front of Wu Fang。
“I am looking for an acquaintance。”Wu Fang ignored the wary police officer,Quickly bypass the opponent and continue to push in。
“stop,Did you hear!?”Wu Fang’s behavior clearly angered the other party,Police officer stepped after one,Reach out and grab his shoulder。Wu Fang’s back seems to have eyes,A short shoulder and avoiding a ferocious scratch,People have moved in quickly and out of a distance of more than two meters。
The small friction between the two immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding police,Liu Qiang frowned and made a safe gesture to a few colleagues before stepping up to Wu Fang.,Lower your voice,“Your nose is very good。”
“What’s inside?No casualties?”Wu Fang’s questioning was unnecessary,Because through the glass door he saw a waiter in a black vest lying motionless on the ground,A black blood stain under the armpit。There is no emergency doctor nearby,Only two police officers constantly changing angles to take pictures。
“Talk aside。”Liu Qiang look at his colleagues around,I walked to the right door of the bar with my arms folded shoulders,Stop by a tall hemlock tree,“One dead and five wounded,One of them is seriously injured,Still rescued。”
Wu Fang took a breath,Confirm that the waiter I just saw is dead,“What about the people in Yuxing?”
Liu Qiang slapped his face,Seriously corrected:“What Yuxing people?I’m familiar with them。In my opinion, there are only murderers and victims.。”
“Less tugging,When is this?I have no time to joke with you,hurry up。”Wu Fang sneered,And I became irritable and uncontrollable。
Liu Qiang is unmoved,Looking at Wu Fang coldly,“The shortlist is out?”


“earthquake!BOSS!Alliance earthquake!”
After defeating the Orlando Magic,The Lakers return to Los Angeles to rest,One day off。
Kobe still and Xiaoyu on the rest day,Bowen,Big Ben,Tyrese in the arena,And some veterans of the team such as Horry,Eddie Jones also began to join Kobe’s training。
Motorola’s huge bell alarmed Kobe who was practicing shooting。
“what happened?Rob?”
“Sun Mavericks Houston three-way transaction!”
“Three-way transaction?”and many more,Kobe remembers,Only trade between Mavericks and Sun,There is no Houston Mosaic team。
“Mavericks pay Jason Kidd,Jim Jackson,Sam Cassell,Michael Finley,Matt Maloney,Houston first round。
The sun pays Sam Cassell,Michael Finley,ACGreen gets Jason Kidd,Kevin Willis,Sammark。
Houston pays98First round of the year,Matt Maloney,Sammark,Kevin Willis gets Jim Jackson,ACGreen。”
History changed?Kobe had predicted that his arrival would change history,But I didn’t expect it would be so fast。
Mavericks sell off3Jcombination,Get two high-quality young players Sam Cassell and Michael Finley in one fell swoop。Also have a veteran like Matt Maloney,Replace Kidd as the team’s starting point guard,Lead the team’s youth to grow。At the same time they also left Jamal-Marshburn averaged this last season23.4Minute5.4Backboard2.8Top striker with assists。
The sun is being remodeled under Danny Anji’s drastic measures,Angie is looking for a player to replace the elderly Kevin Johnson,Jason Kidd is the answer he wants!Cedric the Suns traded from the Lakers on the front line-Ceballos performed brilliantly,Since there is no room for Michael Finley to grow,Then replace him!ACGreen wants a championship team,Then replace him!

He knew that Tang San was very hard,Go up the mountain to exercise before the sun is up,I have to take care of the drunkard when I come back。

So stop the two,Want to make something delicious for Tang San。
“Grandpa jack,no need,I have to go back to cook!”
Tang San tactfully refused,It doesn’t matter how bad your father is,As long as there is someone who makes him call Dad。
“Tang Chen,You as brother,Take care of brother!”
“Look at your fat body,Look at Xiaosan’s skinny,Don’t follow your father!”
“Don’t waste this good skin bag!”
Old Jack laments,Looking at Tang San’s thin body,Unspeakable uncomfortable in my heart。
Tang Chen really wanted to swear,It’s like he abused Tang San。
This fat,But all the little girls in the village raised snacks。
Has a half-cent relationship with him Tang Hao!
Just the vegetable gruel at home,Don’t starve to death。
He really can’t remember at all?
“Don’t worry, the village chief,Within a month,I raised him white and fat!”
“Go out hunting!”
Tang Chen doesn’t care about the two shocked,Turned and rushed out of the village。

Mo Ziqin immediately kicked again,And didn’t mean to stop at all,Zhao Zhong and others rushed up and grabbed him,Hurriedly persuade:“Ink Bureau,Ok,Ok!”

“I’ll kill you bastard!”Mo Ziqin was angry,Sternly,“I usually condone your sister and brother too much,That’s why you have today!”
He is busy at work,Not much time at home,Neglect to discipline the Mo Jinyu sisters,His lover is very fond of the two children,That’s why they created their arrogant and arrogant characters today。
But Mo Jinyu is more calm and restrained than her sister,But somehow,Since the last time he and his sister were taught by Mo Xiaosheng,He gritted his teeth when he saw Mo Xiaosheng,All the cultivation and character are thrown aside,I can’t wait to fight Mo Xiaosheng hard,May be a little mad……
“go,I will go with you to invite him。”After Mo Ziqin calmed down,Said with a calm face,Then turned around and walked out quickly。
After Mo Jinyu got up from the ground,And caught up with my father,Whispered to him:“father,One more thing i have to tell you……”
First0245Don’t thank me
“Let go!”
Mo Ziqin said coldly,Keep walking,Went straight to the entrance of the hospital building。
“Mo Xiaosheng wants to open in Beijing……Open a jewelry company,I asked the Bureau of Industry and Commerce to stumble him……”
Mo Jinyu said cautiously,The voice just fell,I immediately saw a flying leg hit,Then he flew out all over,Crossed seven or eight steps and hit the ground fiercely,Suddenly fell a lot of meat and vegetables,The whole body is about to fall apart。
Mo Ziqin scolded angrily,“Why did I raise you such a fool!”
The two bodyguards behind him rushed to help Mo Jinyu up,Mo Ziqin ignored him,I walked down the steps and got into the car。
Mo Jinyu limped into the car supported by two bodyguards,Tears shed unconsciously,He grows up,His dad beat him so hard for the first time,All thanks to this Mo Xiaosheng!

That girl doesn’t give up:“Can you take a photo?,You are so handsome,Many of my friends like you,Take a picture with me,Original wish of my friend。”

Lu Shanshan don’t know how to answer,Can only point to the side:“You ask the two teachers’ opinions,I don’t really like taking pictures。”
Take pictures at this time,Isn’t this looking for death?。Two directors hug left and right,If it is spread out,That’s fine?
Shen Zhiyue’s reputation has been stinky enough by her,She doesn’t want to be hacked again。
The two directors immediately looked at Brother Liang when they heard they wanted to take a photo,Brother Liang continues to use his perfect peacemaker ability。
“Sisters and sisters,Taking pictures is good,But you all know,Now is our private time。We charge for taking pictures。If you want to shoot,When you come to play with us in the crew next time,Shoot again,Forget it this time。”
One of the cuties mumbled:“Teacher Xu,You are too stingy,We really admire you,look,You came this time,I specially transferred to serve you。Do you think you can take a photo with me because we have known each other for so long??”
Old Xu sternly:“OK,I want to talk to two young people,Actually, two young people proposed to eat out today,You also know,It’s not easy for actors now,Don’t have too many things。The two of them want to know some tips for filming,So today I specially invited these two people out to have a chat。”
A few girls said:“We have to listen,What trick can’t teach us?Can only teach them two?”
Old Xu said:“The two of them signed a confidentiality agreement,Have you signed?”
A few girls finally left。
Brother Liang said immediately:“Old Xu, you are good,Look at me,No matter what i say,They don’t want to leave。Not to mention Brother Yue,He didn’t take it seriously。If it wasn’t for me to remind him with my eyes,He may have taken pictures with that beauty。Yue Ge,You want to take pictures and score occasions,Is this occasion suitable for taking pictures now?”

Early next morning,I’m going to go to class,Shen Mange got up and called everyone,Then six people went to class together。

A week later,Shen Mange works at the company this day,But I met an uninvited guest,Baiyucheng。
“Yucheng,Why are you in the Shen Group??”Shen Mange looked at Bai Yucheng in surprise。
“Song,I came to find you,this is?”Bai Yucheng looked at Ai Chen behind Shen Mange。
“Ai Chen,You have seen,my colleague。”Shen Mange turned his head and nodded to Ai Chen to let Ai Chen go down first。
“Oh okay,I have something to find you,Can you help me。”Bai Yucheng looked at Shen Mange anxiously。
“Yucheng,You tell me what’s wrong,Speak slowly,Not in a hurry。”Shen Mange faintly feels something is wrong。
“Song,How many boys are in the school,Have to say,I provoke his girlfriend,but,My girlfriend is you,How could I provoke others?Few of them don’t let go,Have to come over to find something。”Bai Yucheng says。
“and so,Do you want me to explain to them for you?Ok,wait for me,I’ll tell Ai Chen,Let’s go now。”Shen Mange stand up,Came next to Ai Chen,Handed the file to Ai Chen,Then I followed Bai Yucheng out。
“Yucheng,Tell me about the specific situation。”Shen Mange stretched out his hand and spread his hair,Then take off his earrings,Wipe off lipstick,Except clothes,Everything else looks like a school girl。
“Song,I do not know either,Just a few days ago,Your roommate Wen Xin came to see me,Just happened to be seen by them,They just said,What’s the matter between me and Wen Xin,You have to quickly explain it to me,I do not know either,Why does Wenxin provoke those people?。”Bai Yucheng has never heard Wen Xin say these things before。
“Then you asked Wen Xin?Why on earth?We can’t just be wronged in vain。”Shen Mange also pretended to be very scared and said。
“Not yet,Warm call,Can’t get through,I do not know why either。”Bai Yucheng frowned。
“OK then,Let’s go over and solve your problem,Then go find Wenxin。”Shen Mange said calmly。
Two people explained what happened to Bai Yucheng,Not long after coming out of the bar,I saw Wen Xin came here too。
“Song,Baiyucheng,Why are you here?”Wen Xin asked with surprise。

“Someone,Someone rushed out suddenly!”

Lao Man is also a little shocked,I didn’t know what happened just now,A figure suddenly appeared in front of the car,He subconsciously slammed the brakes。
Waiting for him to see that it is Empress Mo Xiaosheng running ahead,He opened his mouth wide in surprise,Wasn’t this kid still behind??
The speed of 80 miles,How did he catch up?!
“How is this melon baby?!”President Luo was shocked after seeing Mo Xiaosheng。
“I do not know,Appeared suddenly,So fucking weird,Will he be a long-distance runner?!”Old man wondered,Is the best long-distance runner,Can’t be so fast,He remembers that Bolt’s fastest is only 37-78 km/h。
“whatever,Quickly let him go,Don’t delay our business!”Mr. Luo rubbed his head and said angrily。
The driver honked his horn vigorously,But Mo Xiaosheng seemed to have heard nothing,Running freely ahead。
“Kid,Step aside,Block Laozi!”Lao Man rolled down the car window,Leaning out and shouting at Mo Xiaosheng。
But Mo Xiaosheng didn’t react at all,Still running slowly。
“Believe it or not, I killed you!Fuck you mom of!”
Lao Man also saw that Mo Xiaosheng did it on purpose,Suddenly raged。
Mo Xiaosheng still ignored him,Always run in the middle of the road。