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Today,Li Zhen remembered,Still shocked。

“Brother Li,You have some eyesight,to be frank,His skill is indeed the same as that of Brother Ming!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled faintly,Said。
“Mr,Since he really is the King of Yueren,Then this hospital,We can’t stay!”
Li Zhen whispered,“I don’t know what happened tonight,Many people came from the hospital building of the Military Intelligence Department,If they find out that King Yue is here,They will definitely come up and arrest people!”
Although Li Zhen didn’t know what happened between Mo Xiaosheng and the Yueren King,I don’t know why Mo Xiaosheng wanted to save him,But since Mo Xiaosheng handed him over,Then he naturally wants to protect the safety of King Yue。
“Correct,Why did I forget this,In case someone from the military intelligence department finds out,Really troublesome!”
At first, Mo Xiaosheng only cared about saving Yueren King,I forgot that the people from the Military Intelligence Department are still recuperating in the General Hospital of the Military Region。
“such,Brother Li,I’ll call Dean Zhao now,Let him send an ambulance to take you and Yue Renwang back to the hospital!”
Mo Xiaosheng explained to Li Zhen,So he called Zhao Zhong directly,Let Zhao Zhong send an ambulance from the back door to take Li Zhen and Yue Renwang back to Moxin Medical Center。
Zhao Zhong is very smart,I didn’t even ask the patient’s identity.,I nodded and agreed。
Then Mo Xiaosheng called a car,Rush to the hospital。
On the way to the hospital,Rose suddenly sent herself an address,At the same time, the word Lingxiao is written after the address,It is the clue that Rose promised to Mo Xiaosheng earlier。
Mo Xiaosheng’s eyes lit up,Know the address that Rose gave him,Mostly the place where Ling Xiao was hiding,I feel excited,To know,This Ling Xiao was the direct murderer who killed those dead with jade cards,And he is the chief disciple of that old demon,If you catch him,Not only caught a murderer who was sought after by the Military Intelligence Department,Revenge for a colleague who died before,more importantly,I can also ask the whereabouts of his master from his mouth!
The old demon arrested,Naturally just around the corner!
No wonder Rose told Mo Xiaosheng that he could return to the military with this information.,For the Military Intelligence Department,This is definitely a very important piece of information!
But looking at the information on the phone,Mo Xiaosheng’s brows suddenly frowned,Suddenly thought of something,Suspicious,Didn’t Rose always want to kill this Lingxiao and that master demon?,How could you give the information to yourself so easily?
Could it be……She has mastered the whereabouts of the master demon?Prepare yourself to find revenge against the master demon?

Why is the gap between people so big,Other singers for ten and a half months,Not necessarily a new song。</p>

It’s not much past, right?,Just released another song。</p>
Terrifying,Peng Yu sang and said:“Brother Luo,Need me to help you get the guitar?”</p>
Su Luo shook his head,Tao:“No need to,This song is more suitable for a cappella。”</p>
Zhongru nodded,Even a cappella,Can’t help but make them a little excited。</p>
And Bo Bo,I heard Su Luo want to sing a cappella,Even more in my heart,Felt surprised and incredible。</p>
Well known,Cappella is the hardest,The most test of a singer’s skills。</p>
So some singers who are not very strong,To avoid a cappella,otherwise,May cause stage accidents。</p>
But Su Luo just chose a cappella,This is in front of millions or even tens of millions of live broadcast cameras。</p>
Choose a cappella,Or die,Either you have absolute confidence in your own strength。</p>
And there are no vain people under the prestige,Su Luo should belong to the latter,Boge thought so。</p>
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Add more。。。。</p>
nighttime then。。</p>
New Year’s Day,The author is here to give you New Year greetings!</p>
a new Year,Healthy body,Everything goes well,Make a fortune together!</p>
First346chapter my dream(three)

Yes,Those days in the mushroom house,He is facing the darkest days,Until now he sometimes dreams at night,Will dream of being busy in the yard。</p>

Already has a shadow,It can be seen how deeply Su Luo hurt him。</p>
And then,Not surprising,Brother Chao also placed his own photo in the adjacent area,And Su Luo</p>
Finished analyzing the situation,WuPDOpened again:“Super brother,First round of games,You can arrange the number of laps for everyone。”</p>
Brother Chao nodded suddenly,And the few people here are nervous,WuPDTao:“Super brother,You can arrange them arbitrarily,But no more than 30 laps。”</p>
Brother Chao read it silently:“No more than 30 laps,That’s 30 or more, right?。”</p>
Brother Chao seems a little disappointed,Tao:“I thought it could be up to 50 laps,Thirty laps are a little less。”</p>
WuPDThe corners of the mouth twitched,He thought these people in his show team were already ruthless,I didn’t expect Super Brother to be more ruthless than them。</p>
Theoretically,An ordinary person will feel dizzy if he turns ten times on the spot,Can’t find southeast, northwest,Twenty laps can already fall to the ground。</p>
Thirty laps simply challenge the limits of the human body,Of course the above are all for ordinary people。</p>
And the brothers,Everyone is also ordinary。</p>
WuPDOpen road:“Super brother,You can arrange now。”</p>
Super brother nodded,Came to the blackboard with a pen,Pretend to start thinking,And in WuPDUnder the sign of,One shot alone gave him,Watch him perform。</p>
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“I don’t know this yet,Need to go back and check the information,But it must be a very powerful mysterious spirit treasure!”

The man in the cloak said in a deep voice,In fact, he is also very curious about this thing。
“Then my nephew hurts,Can you cure?”
Yuan He gulped and swallowed,Looks a little nervous,After all, his nephew is lying inside!
“Director Yuan,to be frank,Your nephew this hurt,All over the world,No doctor can cure!”
Man in cloak with frowning eyebrows,Shen Sheng said。
Yuan He’s face suddenly changed when he heard this,Pale complexion,Looked extremely shocked,Does that mean that his nephew is dead??
Mo Xiaosheng, Zhao Zhong and others also changed their expressions,I didn’t expect such a powerful school to be helpless with this kind of injury。
But what they didn’t expect was,A turn of the cloak male voice,Said leisurely:“Director Yuan,Don’t be nervous,No one doctor can cure me,Refers to the ordinary doctors of China Land,To know,Our mysterious doctors and ordinary doctors,Not a concept at all!”
Everyone was in an uproar upon hearing his words,Zhao Zhong’s face suddenly sank,Unexpectedly, the man in the cloak went around,Waiting here,His words are tantamount to satirizing all Chinese and Western medicine doctors outside the school of Xuanyi,Seems to be saying,You all shit,I am the only doctor!
Mo Xiaosheng frowned when he heard this.,Very unhappy,Unexpectedly, this man in the cloak looks soothing,But in his bones he is such a proud person,Although I just called myself“Doctor Mo”,But in his bones, he probably didn’t think of himself at all.!
This kind of inconsistent people,Is the most terrible,The most disgusting!
But Yuan He was overjoyed when he heard this,Hurriedly nodded:“That is,That is,Mr. Shangguan,What do you mean,You can heal my nephew?”
“You can try!The problem shouldn’t be big!”
The man in the cloak called Shangguan has a chest,Said proudly between his eyebrows。
“cut,Talked for a long time,I thought it was a master,It turned out to be a self-righteous liar!”

“Good evening everyone!This is the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston RocketsGAME4!Houston just got back a round,Big Score Lakers2:1rocket。”

“The significance of this game,The Lakers will pull the score to a safer one3:1?Or the Rockets equalized the score so that the total score became2:2?”
“3:1A series that has been overturned is very rare,And if it is2:2,So no matter what happens afterwards, it won’t make people feel strange。”
“Tactically speaking,Barkley and Olajuwon’s pick and roll offered by Houston if the Lakers can’t crack,Then it is difficult for them to win the game。”
“Kobe is inG1After that, it was called dormant for two games,What kind of performance will this game bring to everyone?”
Players from both sides enter the field in turn,Houston fans seem to see the dawn of a series comeback,They celebrated with crazy cheers。
Most Lakers players are not so emboldened,As a team with a majority of newcomers,There are countless stories of a failure that led to a crash across the board,If it weren’t for Kobe and O’Neal,,Maybe many Lakers players are panicked now。
The easiest situation for young players is their morale when they win,Suspect yourself instantly after failure。In addition, a large number of main players have not experienced the baptism of the playoffs,It’s hard to perform well in a cruel away game like Houston。
FortunatelyOKThe power of the combination,The ability to build a dynasty is basically that they can allow the team to have sufficient fault tolerance on both offensive and defensive ends.。
Kobe and O’Neal can wipe their teammates,Whether it’s offense or defense。Let teammates do what teammates can do,Teammates can’t do it by themselves!
Last game,The Lakers’ perimeter shooters have proven that they can’t win the game with such an intensity of confrontation.。
So Kobe has already planned to come by himself!
“The Lakers’ starting lineup adjusted!”Kelvin-Murphy let out an exclamation。
Murphy93Selected in Chennai·Smith Basketball Hall of Fame,His entire career13Spent the year with the Rockets,Even stayed in the San Diego Rockets in the first year of his career。
Able to average at the peak25.6Minute2.2Backboard3.4Assist1.5Steal him,Height only1.75Meter,Is the shortest to be elected to the Basketball Hall of FameNBAPlayer,And also participateNBAThe shortest player in the All-Star(till this moment),Very inspirational。
“The Lakers replaced Robert Horry with the losing rookie Ben Wallace who had just ended the suspension.!”
“The transfer of Harris in these two games is a bit unintelligible,Pin the hope of cracking Charles and Hakeem’s pick and roll on a losing pick?This is simply puzzling。”
“Defensive?The Lakers will play defense in this game?”
“Reasonable,They will soon want to solve Charles and Hakeem’s pick and roll,But I count on one loser to end two famous superstars?I hope Big Ben’s defense is as hard as his fists!”
Houston players don’t care about Big Ben’s appearance。

“I am a civilized person,Won’t kill you。”A husky middle-aged man’s voice came over:“But you shout,I’ll stab you,I’ll cut your finger with three shouts,Do you want to try?”

“Uh uh uh……”
Zhong Xiangsen hurriedly shook his head desperately。
He is so scared that he peeed out now,Where is the least resistance??
Wait until the man removes his hand,By the way, he drew the dagger,He looked up at this man with tall glasses with a little belly,My heart is full of fear。
Zhong Xiangsen tremblingly said:“it is good……hero,you……I have here300Much money……You take it all……I don’t need a penny anymore!”
Man in glasses smiled,“I don’t need money。”
“then you,what would you like?You said,As long as i can give,I give it all!”Zhong Xiangsen Fast Road。
at this time,Life is the most important thing。
“You put your mother’s phone card,To whom?”Shen Huandao,“It’s the phone card that sent the message to the female star。”
“I do not,I do not know……My mother has dozens of phone cards,I sold it to different people……Oh!!”
The man with glasses drew a knife on the back of Zhong Xiangsen’s hand,Under the pain and horror,Zhong Xiangsen subconsciously wants to yell again,But it was the third time。
When he cried with his nose and tears,But emotions slowly returned to normal,The man with glasses released him。

Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen Feeling of nostalgia

What Huang Lei calls him now,What the other party did is no different from the murderer,Except that the opponent seems to have such a three-pointed face when starting,There is no one that really kills people,As long as these bad thoughts sprout in a person’s heart,Over time,No one can guarantee that he will get worse。
In case he hates chicks even more,Then the other party will definitely not stay behind,Will definitely make the chick suffer,Huang Lei thinks of a chick becoming a mummy,Lying in the hospital,It’s very uncomfortable in my heart that I can’t even speak,I can’t let this happen anyway……
“Brother Huang Lei tells you,Actually this hospital and our hospital are indeed linked,Also have contact with each other,Sometimes sharing information,Or in a certain case, a postgraduate entrance examination meeting is needed,Most of them are acquaintances,Generally no different from colleagues,But watching surveillance cameras is actually a taboo。”
“No matter where you go,As long as you ask to see the surveillance camera,Under certain circumstances,Usually no one will cooperate,What’s more, a sensitive place like a hospital can easily cause misunderstandings。”
Liu Qun said lightly,He thinks that he should talk to Huang Lei clearly at this time,Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings。
“I know,Listening to what you said, I probably know what happened,It seems that this matter is indeed inappropriate,Or just forget it,I’ll see how to deal with it then。”
Liu Qun spoke at last,I can hear it and still feel that this matter is not easy to handle,Huang Lei can also feel it clearly。
Speak the truth,He didn’t think too much when he went to Liu Qun,Only then did I know that I really embarrassed my little brother。
“I think this will be the case for the time being,I’m not too worried anyway,Actually there are other ways to find each other,It’s just a relatively time-consuming,I figure it out,How about this matter?,You seem tired,You go to bed first。”
“Nothing,Brother Huang Lei,I think there is still a need to do this,After all, the chick is involved,Anyway, it’s our teammate, right? Brother Huang Lei,Have you played games recently?I heard that there is a new event which is very fun,There seem to be zombies?”
When it comes to this thing,Liu Qun is no longer as tired as before,Even if the eyes are red,But this time is full of energy。
“What a pity……”
Just now,As a result, he became weak again,The whole person looks very boring。
“I am too busy at work,No time to play games,Haven’t played for a while,Yesterday, I heard my colleagues talk about the new gameplay.,I still know in my heart that this kind of thing seems to be the same for me,There is no place for me,So irritating,I feel puzzled after thinking about it,But is there any way?Work first。”

The ultimate goal is the championship,no doubt。

Xu Xuan’s fresh blood injects youthful vitality into the old Zijin Dynasty,To create a completely different team。
This is jenny·Bath’s ambition!
Many people are wondering,in2010How did the Lakers feel lonely after winning the championship。
Look at their history:
2010-11Season,The Lakers retained the main lineup to win the championship,but,Andrew·Bynum’s injury outbreak caused the team to slow down。
This season,Because of knee injury,Bynum only fought54Regular season。
In order for the team to get the highest possible ranking in the regular season,Kobe,Gasol,Odom,Fisher,Ci Shiping is full82field,This to a certain extent,Depleted the team。In the first round of the playoffs4ratio2Win over the eliminated queen wasps,They were swept by the championship Mavericks that season in the semifinals。
At that time the Lakers had already exposed their oldness,Fisher by Jason·Terry completely blown,Grand Pau Gasol can do nothing against Nowitzki。Proved years later,Since that season,Odom became addicted to drugs,The fall of the best sixth man on the team became one of the reasons why the Lakers were swept。
2011-12Season,The Lakers sent Odom away,Matt·Barnes’s joining was a drop in the bucket for this loss.。
Kobe suffered from injuries such as tibial tenosynovitis,Only played this season56Game,The decline in state can be imagined。In addition,this year,Vanessa filed for divorce from Kobe,Outside factors in this game have a greater impact on Kobe。
In the playoffs,The Lakers who struggled to break through the first round of the tiebreaker were defeated by the Thunder4ratio1beat。From a tactical perspective,The Lakers are still going“Bynum+Gasol”Giant basketball route,This is very different from the small ball trend that has emerged in the league。
This defeat is more like being defeated by the times。
2012-13Season,The Lakers sent Bynum away,Got Howard and introduced Nash。

“Thank you Uncle Xu for helping me。”Wang Yufei said concisely:“I received my thoughts,But no need!I can handle。”

But after answering this sentence,Xu Ruixuan did not go away,But looking at him with a complicated expression。
“Ok,I admit,It’s impossible with Zhou Sicheng。Does she like me,I do not know。The girl’s mind is too hard to guess,But what I can be sure of is,She definitely doesn’t suit me!”
Wang Yufei decided to cut the chaos with a sharp knife, and Shun Shun’s relationship with the rich second generation in his class。
After all, a guy is always staring at him with a bitter look,Will be uncomfortable。However, this sentence did not let the rich second generation relax,Angry instead:“What do you mean?You think Sisi is not worthy of you?”
Angry at apple,Let Wang Yufei decide to explain:“Before answering this question,I will ask you a question first,Why do many boys favor the friendship between boys?”
“Ok?You mean Brokeback Mountain?”
Wang Yufei frowned:“What do you think?Lean on brotherhood!”
“Don’t go around!”
“Because many times boys think that brothers understand themselves better!Compared to,I think Lu Yuxin can understand me。This is a question of mindset,It has nothing to do with being worthy。”
“Oh!”Xu Ruixuan’s expression relaxed a little,After a while, I suffocated a sentence:“Actually, I just want to tell you,I may have to study abroad。”
“Study abroad?”Wang Yufei nodded thoughtfully,Then in a positive tone:“I know!Blame Apple!”
110 Teacher Han who has no principles at all
Blame Apple?
Xu Ruixuan left with a head full of question marks。
The proud young man did not ask what Wang Yufei meant。
Whether he can catch up with Zhou Sicheng,But at least not in front of the guy Zhou Sicheng admires,Show his ignorance。
It’s just that he wants to study abroad, what is it about Apple??

Olajuwon middle distance catch,aim,Shot in one go。

Big heart!
This is the tenacity of the king from the wild land of Africa。
“The game is not over yet。”Olajuwon did not say anything,But the meaning in his eyes is self-evident!
Kobe with the ball,Drexler has not dared to press,Directly violated Tomjanovich’s orders。
Kobe advances halftime,Still isISO!
All the Lakers’ players have a scattered bottom line,All eyes are on Kobe。
Houston fans are screaming frantically,Attempt to cause even the slightest disturbance to Kobe,They think this can be regarded as helping the team。
But it’s useless for Kobe!
One step outside the third line!Drexler and Kobe meet!
Still a breakthrough!
Kobe’s speed is completely invisible because he has already hit40A player of the minute!
“It’s incredible,How could Kobe’s physical fitness be so abundant?”
“YesBUGLevel of physical fitness,Still a tenacious will like iron?Or,Both?”