Month: August 2021

Not very obvious at first,But since yesterday, Huang Lei feels that his body has never been more relaxed,That kind of relaxation is almost without any depression。

he knows,The body has changed。
Even though today is a game of a day,But it didn’t make his body feel more uncomfortable。
“I’ll give you the money then。”
Finally over,Huang Lei is preparing to rest,The little girl riding a panda watching the sun is also ready to go offline,Unexpectedly, the little girl riding a panda watching the sun suddenly said this。
The tone is a little bit lost,Obviously something happened to this guy recently,This also makes Huang Lei feel even more inexplicable,He suddenly wanted to know what happened。
“Did someone bully you?If there is,Tell me i’ll help you。”
“You can not help me,This matter is a little bit headache,That is, there is a person who keeps pestering me,I obviously don’t like him,But the other person feels good about themselves,Haunt me day by day,Annoys me,This is my trouble。”
That’s it for the little girl,There seems to be more things to say in my heart,Then I said again and again:“I really don’t want to tell anyone about this,Not a good thing after all,But for a while,You don’t know what to do,Up to now I am also very puzzled,The more I think about it, the more I feel that this matter makes my heart feel uncomfortable,You say it’s fine and okay, what are you doing all day long to haunt me?All said,Me and him are impossible,But he is a stalker,This result is tiring。”
“Isn’t it easy?Ask a friend to teach him,Everything is solved。”
“That definitely won’t work,If you find someone to teach,Will make things worse,It will be hard to see each other by then,My opinion is for the time being,Although I don’t like it in my heart,But I also know that sometimes there is no choice,Everything is almost the same,In that case, why should I care about these things??”
For such a thing,Of course Huang Lei is hard to say,That’s the thing about the little girl riding a panda watching the sun,Well done,Can’t do it well?It may turn good things into bad things。
Since she refused,Huang Lei won’t say more,The point is that Huang Lei is mainly unable to help this,He is trapped in the game now,It’s hard even if you want to go out,Not to mention anything else,This is what worries him more。
The little girl riding a panda watching the sun has not left yet,Huang Lei will not be off the assembly line to rest,Waiting quietly,Just stay with her,After all, the chick who is riding a panda and watching the sun is his sponsor,Still his friend,Huang Lei should be treated well no matter what。

“It’s because of the policy implemented by the four generations of Mizukage Yakura,That’s why Wuyin Village became a place of blood mist。”

Lu Dai said after repelling a person。
“Hahaha,Are you trying to laugh at me,Konoha’s little ghosts,It’s also Shui Ying,How could he deliberately do something harmful to the village,Let me tell you the truth。”
“But before telling you the truth,I still want to talk about what you might have guessed,That’s the fourth generation of Shui Ying Gou Tachibana Yakura is actually Gou Tachibana Kagura’s grandfather。”
“Kagura’s grandfather Yakura is actually controlled by the writing wheel eyes of your Konoha village,That’s why the policy that caused Wuyin Village to become a place of blood and fog was implemented.。”
“Yes,You Konoha Village is actually the real culprit,It’s also the real reason why Kagura’s grandpa bears infamy。”
Fenggu slowly said under the shocked expressions of the bloggers and the group。
How can bloggers not want to believe,Konoha Village will actually be the real cause of the hidden mist village becoming a place of blood mist。
“say no more。”
Kagura gritted his teeth。
He hasn’t forgotten his grandpa’s hatred,Not not hate,But not to hate,Konoha is strong,Konoha with Naruto and Sasuke is very powerful,Far from what the current Wuyin Village can handle。
If there is a war with Konoha,Will only make Wuyin Village that feels guilty about suffering,to this end,Kagura works hard to forget about hatred,Forget about revenge,He even replaced his saber with a wooden sword with no offensive power.,Just to warn myself not to hate Konoha easily。
With the wooden sword instead of the real sword,Kagura’s hatred has indeed disappeared,But this is just a psychological comfort for self-deception,Hatred will not disappear easily。
Kagura’s hatred is not gone,But was sealed in the real sword,Whenever Kagura picks up a real sword,His head will be filled with hatred,Even launch an attack regardless of the enemy and us。
In the age of ninja school,Kagura killed his classmates like this,Let his classmates die in blood。

Zhan Li hesitated:“But this thing,That was played by the big capitalists,And there are certain risks,You step in,Is it too risky??That thing can get you to heaven,Can also send you to hell。”

“I’m following Boss Gu’s pace,”Fang Haodao,“Anyway, boss Gu has already invested in my company,He is already bound to that house again,What is going to happen,I can’t get off if I didn’t enter,Might as well be positive。”
After speaking,Added:“I just invest in business in that place,Increase local employment rate,Won’t do other activities,Even if there is a problem,It shouldn’t involve me。”
Zhan Li nodded:“It’s okay to not get involved too deeply,You have to keep that rhythm。”
Fang Hao asked:“Sister Li, are you interested in participating??”
Zhan Li shook her head:“I just forget it,My age,Haven’t been mixed up for years,Can’t wait for others to fly。In another twenty years,I don’t know if I will live in this world,Whatever those do?”
“how is this possible,”Fang Haodao,“Sister Li will not be that old in twenty years.。”
Zhan Lidao:“That’s more than sixty,Even alive,It has nothing to do with this circle,Totally incompetent。”
Fang Hao smiled:“Sister Li doesn’t want to work hard to become a People’s Artist?”
Zhan Li also laughed:“I know myself,No blessing。I’m not acting the main theme,Are all commercial dramas,I’m not going to play the main theme in the future,Has nothing to do with that。And i don’t envy。”
“Sister Li is open-minded。”Fang Hao praised。
Zhan Li looked at Fang Hao,I have some different thoughts about this little white face。
Unexpectedly, this little white face would dare to stick his feet into an extremely deep restricted area,There hasn’t been such a person in the entertainment industry for a long time.。
This little white face is quite bold。
Dare to do something like this,Also explained another thing——This little white face has a higher and farther goal for the future。

“I Fuck you mom!”

He hasn’t finished,Zang Dian slapped him in the face,Hysterical:“I killed you!”
Zang Dian grabbed the teacup on the table,A teacup hit Ronaldinho’s face,Xiao Luo fell to the ground with a puff,Crying with her hot face:“Dean,Not what you ordered,To maximize the benefits??”
“Dare to talk back!”Zang Dian raised eyebrows,Come around from the table,Keep doing it,But he was held back by Xun’s Vice-Yuan。
“Dean Dean,I am also responsible for this,I didn’t tell him clearly that the medicine was for Mrs. Wei。”Xun Vice Yuan blames himself,“The imperative is not to hold accountable,Is to find a solution。”
When Zang Dian heard this, the fire was pressured down,A little thought,Chong Xiaosun said:“Sun,You are an expert in this field,You said,Where is Mrs. Wei’s condition now??How to treat?”
Xiao Sun pushed down his glasses,Hurriedly:“According to the diagnosis,Mrs. Wei’s condition is polyp type of advanced gastric cancer,Must have gastrectomy,RecommendedD2Radical mastectomy,While removing the lesion,Thoroughly clear the stomach week1、2Station lymph node,And retina、Extraomental resection of stomach,Can stop recurrence。”
“What about the survival rate in five years?”Zang Dian frowned and asked。
“When stomach cancer was not effective before,The survival rate after five years is only about 20%,Now it has increased to about 57%。”Xiao Sun hurriedly replied。
“No way,No way,too low,Still too low……”
Cang Di’an with cold sweat on his head,If you change to a normal patient,Is it dead or alive? What matters to him,But now this patient is Wei Xu’s lover。
Wei Xu is his first ally after coming to Heyang,Some time ago, he helped him teach Master Ma a severe lesson,All the money Ma Ye won was thrown out,So he can’t lose Wei Xu, an ally,Especially when he offended Jiao Yuan,Wei Xu seems more important。
Zang Dian was silent for a long while,Situation is critical now,I can only ask Scann Health Care for help。
“You two remember it for me,Counterfeit medicine,Not to disclose a word!”Zang Di’an gave Xiao Luo and Xiao Sun a vicious look,“If someone asks,It’s said that the anti-cancer drugs sent from Skane have always been used,and also,Remember to ask the pharmacy that produces fake anticancer drugs,If you dare to leak a little bit of wind,He just waits to go bankrupt!Did you hear!”

In the film industry,At this age you can run a company that is one of the best in the TV industry,And it’s a large company that is developing towards film,It’s not easy。

Qi Shoujian and Wen Fan have a special relationship。
It was when Qi Shoujian wanted to develop Mavericks film and television,I had to use the power of many people,Then Wen Fan joined Mavericks at that time。
Since Wen Fan joined,The two of them have been competing and competing。
but,This kind of competition has not harmed the overall power of Mavericks.,The opposite of,Their competition,Let Mavericks show many excellent TV series。
Mavericks film and television have developed so rapidly over the years,Is related to their healthy competition。
The two have always been consistent,Even if it’s none of my business,They will cheer and support the other party。
This also makes Mavericks film and television have a good reputation outside。
At least the one who came in,Don’t worry about becoming a victim of the struggle。
As long as people who have worked in Mavericks,Will know,Competition is competition,Both bosses are still friends,Nice friend。
It’s just that they chose the form of a two-headed dragon to develop.。
Although Qi Shoujian and Wen Fan are old friends,But their personalities are different。
Wen Fan is a typical rich kid,Care about face、Like everything rich and luxurious、Like beauty.Female。
Qi Shoujian is a conservative businessman。

I don’t know if it’s the excitement that Huang Lei is showing now.,Still those eyes are bright,At this time, Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, whose surname is Zhang Bai, began to panic.,I know when I look at Huang Lei,What they said just now was for nothing,Huang Lei didn’t even listen,Didn’t hear a word。

“Brother Huang Lei,This matter is really serious,I’m not joking with you……”Song, whose surname is Song, said again。
He has to speak again,I must stop Huang Lei from doing it,Continue like this,The situation will definitely be very bad,He can’t let this happen,so far,He has to make it easy anyway,Stop what might happen next in time。
“Yes,Brother Huang Lei hopes you can be cautious about this matter,Don’t treat him as a common thing,This is obviously not an ordinary thing,Still a very bad thing,If you don’t take him seriously,Then it is likely to bring you some unnecessary troubles……”
“All right,I said you two are not long-winded,It’s not like you have to think of such a thing as a complicated thing??In my opinion it is a simple matter。”
The iron fence next to him said,A relaxed and proud face。
In his opinion, this matter really doesn’t seem worth worrying him too much。
The white faces of Song and Zhang Bai also looked back,It’s just a glance,Didn’t keep watching,It seems that I don’t pay much attention to such things at all.,Maybe in the eyes of both of them,Anything Iron Lan says is superfluous now。
The two of them continue to persuade Huang Lei,But the iron fence is reluctant to do it,Came to the two of them very surely,And told them very positively:“What a big thing?Must make him so exaggerated,It’s actually a small thing,Is not it?Find that person directly,Teach him this matter is over。”
This is how the iron fence opens,It’s easy to talk,On the contrary, Huang Lei has a new perspective on him,Just what this guy showed,Very confident,It made Huang Lei suddenly feel that this matter is really as simple as what he said。
I haven’t waited for Huang Lei to think about it,Song, whose surname is Song, pulled Huang Leidao next to him and whispered to him:“Brother Huang Lei, ignore him,He is crazy。”
“He always does things like this,Reckless,Don’t be serious about this with him,He has to really do those things,It really makes you think this guy is a lunatic,Just like this,I think it is necessary to talk to you about this……”。
“Song,You’re talking bad about me again,You damn bastard,When will you say nothing less will you die?,I have to tell my friends that I’m not good,What’s wrong with me, how can I offend you?”

Mo Xiaosheng didn’t drink sober soup before he came,I plan to get drunk firmly。

Finally, after he was confused after drinking, Wang Shan sent someone to take him home。
He got out of the car and took a look,I found out that the driver sent himself home,He simply shook his head and went home。
After entering the house,Changed slippers,Go back to the second floor and wash your face,His whole talent is a little more sober,After another wash,He then touched the door handle of the bedroom,A light twist,Found that the door was closed。
He is not afraid,He has the key。
Mo Xiaosheng smiled happily,Take out the key,Gently opened the door and walked in。
After groping and walking to the side where I usually sleep,Mo Xiaosheng took off his trousers and short sleeves,Then got into the bed,Found that Qiao Yiyi actually slept on her side。
Mo Xiaosheng dumbly squeezed her in,He suddenly found that Qiao Yiyi today seems to be different from usual,No pajamas and pajamas!
Maybe it’s because Qiao Yiyi thinks Mo Xiaosheng won’t come back.,So there is less restraint。
Mo Xiaosheng became excited instantly,Feel a little more sober,Gently pull over the corner of the silk quilt,Then his hand carefully leaned towards Qiao Yiyi。
His hands pretend to be inadvertently walking back and forth on Joey’s thighs and waist,Feel this smooth touch,But I dare not go further,Afraid of Qiao Yiyi turning his face。
When his hands slide back and forth,I accidentally touched Qiao Yiyi’s wrist,Then I shook my heart。
its not right,When did Yiyi have more bracelets??
First0195Zhang, go after it
After detecting something wrong,Mo Xiaosheng hastened to her hands,Touched her waist and thighs,I found that the size and the tenderness of the skin are about the same,Obviously a woman of great figure,But it’s definitely not Joey
If it is an ordinary person, it may not be able to feel it at all,But Mo Xiaosheng is a doctor,Innately sensitive to the human body,Even if a pair of twins stand in front of him,He can clearly distinguish it by closing his eyes and touching his hands。

“This is not the place where you fight。”

Go in before,Contact the person in charge of the manager。
Just came out,I saw the middle man,Want to shoot Lin Yu。
Follow all the way,Just yell。
Fight where you are responsible,Once it gets up。
Then,I have to pay a lot of responsibility。
This is one,Second,It’s possible,Demoted。
This person in charge,Dare not let this happen。
“What’s not where i fight?”
“I’m Cheng Wei,Where do you want to fight,Where to fight。”
“This area of Central Plains,Not yet me Cheng Wei,A place not to fight。”
Cheng Wei heard what the person in charge said,Shouted angrily。
“Since you said that,Sorry,If you fight,I’ll call the police。”
“and also,Behind us,It’s Lin Family。”
“If you want to cause trouble,I’m not afraid of you。”
“and also,The manager has just returned my message。”
“This is wrong,Not with us。”
“If you want to make trouble,Despite the trouble。”

Everyone thinks it’s fine at home,So as not to toss。

Of course,Not everyone is like this。
For example, many elderly people,Will go out early in the morning,Wander around,Walk around,Also very happy。
As the elderly living in Lin’an,There is a big event today。
That is the sixth storefront of Yongxing Supermarket、Opening of Shui’an Qingqing store。
Just like last year today,Five stores in Yongxing Supermarket opened at the same time,It attracted the attention of countless people early。
Opening is9O’clock。
And there is no morning market in Yongxing Supermarket,Will not open the fresh vegetables area one or two hours in advance,Let everyone go shopping for vegetables and meat。
therefore,Everyone wants to go shopping at Yongxing Supermarket,Can only wait9point。
But only8O’clock,There are already tens of thousands of people around the door of Yongxing Supermarket,Not only does it block the square,And blocked all the entrances of other stores。
Fortunately, it is the queuing method of iron railings that line up when Apple releases new products.,Instead of letting them line up by themselves,The security guarantee can still be sustained。
People are still increasing。
At this moment,The police responsible for handling accidents.I can’t sit still。
They quickly found Zhang Duocai who was here to take command,“boss Zhang,Are you ready inside??”
Zhang Duocai also sweats a little,Follow this posture,Arrived9I don’t know how many people will come。
Compared to the last New Year’s Day opening,It’s more lively。
“It’s almost there,They today6I’ll be busy。”Zhang Duocai replied,“It’s just that there are some vegetables, fruits and vegetables,It is still loading and processing。”
“Or put it in advance?”police.Cha suggested,“It will take a while for them to enter the shop from here,Even if you buy vegetables, meat, fruits and vegetables,There is also a process of queuing。”
Paused,He said again,“what,strange,Your hot dog takeaway window didn’t open today.?”

“Kagura was left alone by Shui Ying。”

When leaving the water shadow office,Itachi Uchiha noticed this specially。
“Gou Ju Shenle,Ninja in the hidden village of mist,Became Zhongren two years ago,It is said to be a close friend of the sixth generation of Shuiying,He was chosen as the heir to the Seven Shinninos,And it’s also the love knife of the current Shui Ying,Heir to flounder。”
at this time,Si Yue, who has been staying next to everyone, suddenly said。
“You know so much。”
Raimon Electric sighed on the side。
“Ok,I heard something when I was in Otonin Village。”
Siyue just smiled slightly。
When I heard Otonin Village,Uchiha Itachi reacted.,If he remembers correctly,Otonin Village,It should be the site of Dashemaru。
Siyue is from Dashewan。
Uchiha Itachi didn’t make it clear,Because judging from other people’s attitudes,They don’t know this。
Naruto will investigate the people around her son,In other words,Naruto knows about Miyue。
Since Naruto didn’t do anything to Miyue,Then Uchiha Itachi will naturally not waste energy to do things to Miyue that easily exposes his identity.。
“What is the Ninja Seven??”
Bloggers question,He doesn’t know much about history,I almost know that there is no peace between the village and the village,Not today you hit me,I will beat you to this level tomorrow。