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First119chapter Big event
The man subconsciously looked at Peng Changyi’s right arm,This little action,Make Peng Changyi’s head buzz,Heart beating violently,The whole blood seems to be coagulated……
Wang Jiadong looked at this short young man,Said:“How come i haven’t seen you?”
Wenwen says:“Madoka’s assistant,It is said that the assistant has been for many years(Absolute power:Official career growth193chapter)。
The guy said:“You haven’t seen me,I have met you,I don’t come here often,Stay in Beijing most of the time,You definitely don’t remember me。”
Wang Jiadong smiled,Turn around,Pick up an unopened box of Chinese cigarettes from the table,Said:“Thank you。”
Lad don’t,Declining。
Wang Jiadong says:“What are you polite,You don’t have time to sit down and smoke,Put it up。”
The young man said quickly:“Thank you,Thank you。”
At this moment,After Mrs. Minister gets dressed,Came out of the back room,Wenwen said,“Uncle Peng,You sit。”Talking,Went out with the minister’s wife,Mrs. Minister came back and said:“You can solve it for lunch,I might not come back。”
Wang Jiadong says:“Go yours,Leave us alone,Not hungry。”
The young man hurried to the front of the minister’s wife and Wenwen,Opened the courtyard for them very quickly,Then Wang Jiadong and Peng Changyi nodded in the courtyard,Then shut the door tightly。
Peng Changyi stared at that person with nice eyes,Said silently in my heart:Yes,it’s him!
After Peng Changyi returned to the house,Sitting on the sofa,Still wondering about the thick ending sound when the short guy talked to him just now。

Holding Zanglong in both hands,Heaven and earth aura poured into the sword body in strands,The sky within five miles has become unusual,Agitation,The Torn Storm,The horror that I appeared in the eyes of the world,All respect the sword。

As a big city with hundreds of thousands of people,fighting,Assassinate,challenge,quarrel,These are inevitable,Unstoppable。
Many people in Gadi City have gradually adapted,But like today,Such a powerful momentum is something they have never seen before。
Gadi City has changed!
Before Xia Chenglong’s sword moves,Xie Sheng also started his martial arts,This is the power above the fifth stage entering the holy realm,No doubt,Powerful and terrible。
He didn’t use a sword,Instead, a huge spirit beast appeared in the air above his head。
“Earth Flame Double-headed Snake”,This is the body of the beast transformed by aura。
Very strange beast,I heard that they live in an extremely harsh environment,I don’t know how the other party has such an image。
This should be related to the flame in the opponent’s body,Warriors with fire attributes will look for spiritual fire in nature,Used by me after refining,Can greatly improve combat effectiveness。
It’s really a bit emboldened when the other party dared to come out,but……
Two powerful martial arts collided at once,Although Xia Chenglong is lower than the opponent,But what he uses is heavenly martial arts,Even if the true strength is still far from the sky level,But after all“day”word。
So whoever wins in this battle is not always certain。
Zong Xueqin became frightened,Someone came in and told him what happened today。
The woods behind the factory are destroyed,The boss of Qixuange committed suicide,Xie Shenglinghai, the president of Jiadi City Warrior Association collapsed,Become a waste。
Bring up everything,Can make Jiadi city shake,Not to mention that three things happen at the same time,Even the fool on the street smelled an unusual question。
“Fengtian Sanyuetian,Gadi is going to change!”
“Fengtian Sanyuetian,Gadi is going to change!”

At this moment,A waiter from the side,Said:“A guest checked out just now?He only set aside for less than five minutes。”

Yuan Xiaoyan became suspicious inexplicably,Said:“Who is checking out?”
The waiter looked up at her,Did not speak,She is not obligated to answer such questions。
Yuan Xiaoyan immediately changed his smile,Said:“excuse me, may I ask,Is it the guest we invited?”
Another waiter said:“A tall gentleman。”
Yuan Xiaoyan asked again:“Are there any records??”
The waiter who spoke just now looked at and said:“Let me check。”Talking,Turned on the computer,Said:“Have,Jiang Fan,Is it your guest?”
Yuan Xiaoyan’s face turned from red to white all at once。She glared at You Zengquan next to her。You Zengquan shrugged,Raised eyebrows,Did not speak。
Yuan Xiaoyan asked again:“Is he alone?”
“Yes,Just one person。”
Yuan Xiaoyan left the front desk,So I called Shi Guangsheng,Shi Guangsheng answered the phone for a long time。She said:“old classmate,Are you there yet?”
Shi Guangsheng gasped and said:“I’m here。in the room。”
Yuan Xiaoyan showed contempt,Said:“You come down in ten minutes,I am waiting for you at the front desk,Let’s go out for dinner。”
Twenty minutes later,When Shi Guangsheng and the woman came out,They shook hands and greeted each other。Yuan Xiaoyan took Shi Guangsheng aside and asked:“Did you see him?”
Shi Guangsheng was taken aback,Then said:“Who is he?”
Yuan Xiaoyan said:“Don’t play dumb,You know who it is?”
Shi Guangsheng said:“Don’t you tell me how do i know?”
Yuan Xiaoyan said:“Tell me the truth,Otherwise, we won’t make the special edition,I will find someone else to do it。”
Shi Guangsheng,Said quickly:“Xiaoji,Since your relationship has broken down,Why are you still holding on,Is this interesting?”
Yuan Xiaojian further concluded that Shi Guangsheng met Jiang Fan,Told him about tonight,That’s why Jiang Fan checked out and left。She won’t fight,Said:“This is not something you are worried about,You tell me the truth,Yes,Still not?”

Ouyang Shuo wondered:“Can you not make trouble at this time?Do you think this is a joke?May die at any time!You don’t understand medicine,It’s just a trouble to go。Hurry back。”

“Whether you believe it or not,this time,I can help you。I know,How serious is this epidemic。If you don’t want to die more people,Just take me。this time,Even Sang Xiaoxi can’t handle it,I’m serious。”
Ouyang Shuo don’t understand,Where did she come from this confidence!
“Do you think i would?I am a person afraid of death,am I crazy?I want to follow you!I said,Will help you and Sang Xiaoxi,This time is a good opportunity。”
“Do you know what happened to this epidemic?”
“some things,You don’t need to know too well。As long as I can solve the epidemic in the shortest time,Isn’t this all right?Do you think Sang Xiaoxi also got the disease??”Seeing him still hesitating,Sang Qingrou questioned him loudly。
See him not answer,Sang Qingrou put on the veil she had prepared long ago,By the way, put one for Ouyang Shuo。
“Take precautions,It’s better than nothing。”originally,Such a situation,They should wear masks。
“What are you doing??Don’t you want to get out of town in a hurry?What are you doing?,Give me a hand,Let’s go quickly,Can still be there before dark。”
Ouyang Shuo recovered,Then reached out to her。
“Sang Qingrou,You think about it。This go,I can’t take care of you。”
“Just don’t let me take care of you!Stop being so verbose,Hurry up!”
Ouyang Shuo sees her so simply,It’s not like playing tricks,I just barely believe。Regardless of whether what she said is true or false,Before I have a clue,He can only be a dead horse doctor。
Manchu Civil War,No one wants to care about it。So many people are afraid of death,He can only stand up。He can’t just watch so many innocent people have trouble,This line,If you can’t come back,That’s his fate。
Sang Qingrou has a faint fragrance,Let Ouyang Shuo’s impetuous heart gradually calm down。Look at her decisive look,He suddenly didn’t worry so much。
The guards guarding the city stopped them,It’s King Chen,Salute immediately。
“Open the gate!”
“This……”They looked at each other,Dare not open the gate immediately。
“Prince,Dirty conditions outside the city,The city gate is closed,No one can leave the city。”

Song Zhihou said:“no problem,I’ll go in a while,Friday morning after school。”

Along the way,Peng Changyi was wondering why he was suddenly sent to the party school to study this,He thought about it,Nothing is positive,All negative thoughts,Head shake,Don’t want anything。Closed eyes。
After Peng Changyi arrives at the Standing Committee Building of Jin’an Municipal Party Committee,Most of the leaders are off work,Only the head of organization is waiting for him。
The head of Jin’an Municipal Party Committee Organization is not Liu Jiqing anymore,But the cadres who came by air from the province,He first handed him a copy of the admission notice for the junior and junior class of the Central Party School,Then tell him,The Standing Committee just opened this afternoon,After the meeting,I quickly notified Peng Changyi,Although time is tight,But too late。
then,The minister explained to Peng Changyi the importance of studying in a party school,And said that this one-year full-time study,Is the basic organization department in accordance with the requirements of the central organization department,Recommended level by level,The final list was directly researched and finalized by the Provincial Party Committee,I hope he can cherish this learning opportunity。At last,He represents the organization,Communicate with Peng Changyi the opinions of the municipal party committee on the temporary arrangement of the Kangzhou team。
Peng Changyi pricked up his ears,This is his biggest concern。
The Minister of Organization said:“Municipal Committee decided,During your study at the party school,The government mayor Zhu Guoqing presides over the overall work of Kangzhou,Before you enroll,Handover procedures,Arrange your work,Light loading。”
Peng Changyi immediately stated,Say:“Resolutely obey the organization’s decision,Ensure that the work is arranged,Study with confidence,During the party school,Get good grades,Never shame Jin An。”
In fact,Peng Changyi can’t disobey,Party Constitution clearly stipulates,Subordinates obey superiors,The minority obeys the majority,The whole party obeys the Central Committee,In other words,Things decided by superiors,Unconditional obedience,Besides,He has no other choice。
The head of the organization department left work after talking to him。
Peng Changyi walks out of the minister’s office,Passing by the Office of Secretary Shao of the Municipal Party Committee,He knocked on the door,The head of the organization department behind said:“After the Standing Committee was dispersed,Secretary Shao went to the hospital,He’s a little poor recently。”
Peng Changyi knows that he has become sick,To avoid the mayor’s edge,He turned around and smiled and said nothing。
The head of the organization department said while walking:“Maybe Mayor Yue is still there。”
Peng Changyi doesn’t want to see Yue Xiao,Just said:“If the leader will not get off work,It must be busy,Forget it,I won’t bother the leader,Go back to arrange work immediately。”
The minister of organization said:“Yes,time is tight,Hurry back。”
“Yes,Goodbye minister。”
Peng Changyi saw the Minister enter the elevator,So I waved goodbye to Minister。
He didn’t enter the elevator with the leader,But walked down the stairs。When he comes out,Minister left by car long ago。

The three cars behind immediately stopped,Not waiting for the rebel strips on the car to get to the ground,Yang Zhi and his special forces have opened fire,A portable machine gun,Plus four automatic rifles,On this narrow street, it immediately formed a crossfire net!

The rebels wailed and were knocked to the ground,Only took two minutes,This has been chasing the six cars behind Yang Zhi and more than a dozen rebels in the cars,They were wiped out by Yang Zhi……
“Boss,There are two tanks in front!We have now abandoned the car,Let’s fight together when you arrive。”
Yang Zhi finished shouting to the radio,Immediately holding the machine gun,Opened fire on the rebels not far ahead,The other four special forces,Also under the cover of Yang Zhi’s machine gun,Hurry up and replace all the automatic rifles in your hands with portable machine guns。
“I’m silly!There are fucking tanks!”
Qin Liang was shocked,Hastily slapped the roof of the cab a few times,Then he stretched his head to the side and shouted:“Tank in front,Drove to the second team and parked!”
Less than ten minutes,The car drove to where Yang Zhi and the others were hiding,The car slowed down and listened,Yang Zhi yelled immediately;“Boss,We are here!”
“Hidden by the roadside,Ready to fight!”
Qin Liang reached out and grabbed Abu lying on his stomach in the carriage,Threw him under the car,Then jump out of the car,Dragged him to the side of the road with another special forces member。
“Change machine gun!”
Qin Liang immediately gave the order……
More than twenty vehicles carrying rebel soldiers drove over,When they drove to Qin Liang, they stopped in front of the car in the middle of the road.,Then he immediately fell into a powerful firepower network composed of machine guns by the special forces。
Sudden violent attack,Instantly beat these rebels into the cloud,They chased all the way,I never dreamed that I would encounter such a strong block here,Nearly two hundred people were injured or killed in a blink of an eye.,The others hurriedly turned around and backed away……
Rebels who don’t know how many people intercepted,There are chasers behind,Special forces may be in danger of being pinched on both sides at any time!
“First team,attack!”