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“Trust me,No time off,No matter what happens,I Bai Tao,Will live and die with you Susu,Inseparable!Unless I don’t marry a wife in this life,if not,My wife is definitely you!Won’t be anyone else。”

Bai Tao made a promise!And it is precisely these last few words from him,Completely dispelled Susu’s worries。
“OK then!Let’s be dragon soul fighters。”
Su Su also made his final determination。“it is good,Then it’s so decided!Let’s not talk to family,When we really become dragon soul fighters,Wear military uniform again,Take the gun back to the family,by that time,Raw rice has been cooked into cooked rice,Even if the family wants to oppose us, it’s too late,Hehe。”
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Chapter two hundred and one Don’t call me
? Bai Tao said triumphantly。
“I guess my parents will be scared to death by me。”
Su Su smiled bitterly。
“Do not,They will be proud of you!Trust me。”
Bai Tao at this time,Of course, we must do our best to strengthen Susu’s will,After all,It’s a dream that almost every man has when he is a child!Now this dream has suddenly come true,Of course he would not miss this golden opportunity。
“it is good,I believe you。”
Susu nodded,Agreed with a smile。
“what,Great!I knew it,My Susu is the best wife in the world!none of them。”
Bai Tao yelled happily。
“Yep……You are also the best husband in the world!”
Susu said tenderly。
“Shall we celebrate?Celebrate our two about to become Dragon Soul Warriors。”

“Why are you looking at me and not talking?Just say it if it’s reasonable!”

Liu Xiaoyun and Qin Liang looked at each other without flinching。
“Why are you coming downstairs?”
Qin Liang suddenly asked a question that was irrelevant to the topic the two people were talking about.。
“Oh,Sister Ruoxi asked me to come downstairs to get tea,My master is going to rest,Sister Ruoxi said to make another cup of tea for my master。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered Qin Liang’s question seriously。
“Oh,Then don’t you hurry upstairs with tea?Don’t waste time here, okay,Don’t do anything serious,What are you messing up with here?,Why should I go?!”
It turns out that Qin Liang used“Deferment”,He turned a corner and waited for Liu Xiaoyun here……
“You are avoiding the heavy,Do you avoid the reality??If you are not positive, reason with me,Use this method to send me away, right?”
Liu Xiaoyun directly exposed Qin Liang’s tricks without saving any face。
Two thousand five hundred and twenty-nine chapters Count me on my own
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Two thousand five hundred and twenty-nine chapters Count me on my own
Qin Liang was stunned again!
Liu Xiaoyun is Liu Xiaoyun,This tongue is really amazing!Qin Liang, who had to be sore just now,I only said twice now,In the end, Liu Xiaoyun was so stunned twice that he couldn’t say anything.!
“What are you!Didn’t you just speak well?!Now Xiaoyun is here,You have the ability to continue!Where did you bully me??”
Seeing Qin Liang’s speechless again,Swallow is getting excited……She triumphantly said to Qin Liang。

“What’s wrong with me?”

Qin Liang is even more confused!
Liu Xiaoyun quickly said a few words quietly in Shen Ruoxue’s ear,Shen Ruoxue lifted her face full of tears and looked at Qin Liang in surprise,Stop crying immediately!Then he reached out to wipe the tears from his face……
“Brother-in-law,who am I?”
Shen Ruoxue reached out and asked Qin Liang’s hand。
“What are you who?”
Qin Liang doesn’t know why,Did not answer according to the normal logic。
Shen Ruoxue’s face also changed……Did Qin Liang start not knowing people again?!It’s over!
“I……This is Shen Ruoxue!”
Shen Ruoxue couldn’t tell when she started talking!
“and then?”
Qin Liang asked blankly……I’m so happy now!All three of them were confused by each other!No one can speak properly anymore!The more you talk, the more messy it gets。
“Calm down!Koyuki!”
Liu Xiaoyun reminded Shen Ruoxue,Shen Ruoxue shut up immediately……

“……”Yang Shiyun stopped talking immediately,And I turned my face hastily and pretended to look away,She didn’t want Liu Xiaoyun to see her blushing face instantly!Qin Liang is simply too hateful!Speak well,He can actually talk about the topic

Go to that matter……
Shen Ruoxue appeared again in Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun,When Liu Xiaoyun and the three of them,Not only brought the puppy at home,And also brought Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin back together。
“Yeah,Koyuki,Why do you bring back three cute puppies?”
Qin Liang immediately made a joke。
“Forget it,You go for a walk,I don’t want to go,I want to go home。”
Li Qiao’er said unhappy immediately……
“Don’t don’t,Little brother and sister,I was joking with you,If you are unhappy,You can also say this to me once,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang hurriedly lowered his posture to coax Li Qiaoer,After all, Li Qiaoer and Li Yaxin are not only sisters of the Rose Army,And she’s also the female disciple under Qin Liang,This relationship is laid out here。“I dare not make fun of you, Master!That is the following commit,Master, if you want to bully us,We can only bear it silently,Neither dared to protest nor resist,At most, it means finding a place where no one is there to cry secretly
Dead and alive。”
Li Qiaoer said with a small mouth……
“I have a hasty!Is Qiao’er’s little mouth so amazing??Why didn’t I find out before?Amazing my Qiaoer!”
Qin Liang deliberately was surprised。
“That’s for sure!Master, you don’t have time to take care of me and Xiner,So of course you don’t know both of us。”
Li Qiaoer said wronged。“No no……You misunderstood the master,The four of you are my apprentices,Is a pro-disciple,How could I ignore you,Maybe I’m a bit busy,Have neglected you,Can’t take care of a few of you,Master is not so
Intended,Apologize to you guys,Sorry,Don’t be angry。”Qin Liang said to Li Qiao’er in a gentle and charming manner,Li Qiao’er’s grievances and complaints just now,Make Qin Liang feel ashamed and self-blame,Li Qiao’er is right,Although everyone is in the same home,But Qin Liang’s attention is on Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun.,I really don’t care enough about Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin……

A tall and handsome figure in the stands with his hands in his pockets,I sighed like this to the people around me。

The companion next to him who is a head shorter than him tweeted:“This is his seventh goal, right??High grade one and fifth class has been beaten stupid。I feel that their goalkeeper doesn’t want to kick,It’s so miserable……Chu team,He is that‘The strongest newcomer’?”
Be called“Chu team”’S tall and handsome boy nodded and said:“Luo Kai,It is said that I have received professional training before。Many of this year’s high school freshmen played well,But he is the best。”
“It is said that the new coach is also very good,Plus Luo Kai and the newcomers,Maybe we can really go to the national competition。”The companion looked at Luo Kai on the court and exclaimed。
“Let’s talk about defeating Jiaxiang。”Team Chu shook his head。
Jiaxiang High School, next to the provincial capital, is now the province’s high school football overlord,Since the country started to engage in a unified national high school football tournament,Has represented Andong Province in the national competition for five consecutive years,It is now the golden sign of high school football in Andong Province。
“With Luo Kai,I think I can fight Jiaxiang。”Companion said。
Talking room,Luo Kai on the field scored another goal,same,After scoring the goal, Luo Kai turned and ran back to his half,There is no meaning to celebrate at all,No expression on face。
“Not happy after scoring,Really like a general……”Complimented,The more I see Luo Kai, the more I like it,He seemed to see in this year’s provincial qualifiers,Luo Kai attacked the city for Dongchuan Middle School,Help them defeat Jiaxiang High School,Climbing to the top of Andong High School Football,The scene of becoming a provincial representative to participate in the national competition。
Team Chu hey:“Whoever scores eight goals in a game won’t celebrate again, right??”
Finished,He turned and walked under the stands。
“Eh,Ignore?”The companion was a little surprised。
“Ok,Ignore。I have to go back to do my homework。”Team Chu said。“You thought I was your sophomore in high school?”
“Hey,What happened to our sophomore year?We also have a lot of homework for the second year!”Companion turned and followed。“I also have to go back to do my homework!”
“My college entrance examination next year。”The Chu team walking in the front said。

They are still galloping all the way,I went directly to the First People’s Hospital of Langzhu City,When all the inspection results of Ding Yi come out,The doctor only spoke to him softly:“The patient is okay,But in a state of extreme weakness,Need to be hospitalized for observation。”

The old professor sat wearily on the hospital chair……
morning,Watching her daughter under the action of the liquid medicine,His face gradually became rosy,Ding Naixiang came from her daughter’s bag,Pull out a small book,That is the address book,He found Wen Qingxuan’s phone number,Although he knows Wen Qingxuan has been transferred from the Bureau of Radio, Film and Television,Promoted to Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee,but,He knows Wen Qingxuan is still Ding Yi’s leader,Is the leader in charge of propaganda work,Is also the leader of the Bureau,After the call,He said:
“Minister Wen,Hello,I’m Ding Yi’s father Ding Naixiang。”
Wen Qingxuan was obviously taken aback,Then enthusiastically said:“Professor Ding,Hello Hello,I am Wen Qingxuan,Tell me if you have anything。”
On the phone,Ding Naixiang said to Wen Qingxuan:“Minister Wen,My daughter is sick,I took her home at midnight last night,I wanted her to return to Langzhu a few years ago,But she can’t bear you,Said you were the director of the Radio, Film and Television Bureau for one day,She can’t leave,Because you took her from the city government back then,You asked her to study in Guangyuan,Led her to the road of television art,What i mean by calling you,Ding Yi won’t go back,No matter whether she has an accepting unit in Langzhu,She won’t go back,I hope Minister Wen can say hello to the Bureau of Radio, Film and Television,After she gets better,Find the receiving unit and go back to complete the procedures,Mr. Wen, please。”
Wen Qingxuan said:“Professor Ding,Ding Yi is an excellent TV worker,I went to the secretary mayor to ask her,Also saw her potential,This time,I am also busy,Didn’t take time to ask about her situation,I’m very sorry。But please rest assured,Since Xiaoding is not coming back,I assure you,Here,Definitely keep her working relationship,She can come back to work whatever she wants,If she doesn’t want to go to work on TV,Just come to my propaganda department。If she found the receiving unit in Langzhu,,I will help her go through some related procedures,Xiaoding was a cadre from the city government,Her salary is entirely financial,and so,Even if she asked for leave,There will still be wages,She deserves no less,Don’t worry about this。”
Ding Naixiang breathed a sigh of relief,Said:“Thank you Minister Wen, then。”
Wen Qingxuan said“Please tell me my regards to Xiaoding,Let her recover from illness,I’ll see her in two days。”
“Ok,Must bring Minister Wen’s greetings to,Thanks again。”Finished,The old professor hung up。He put the phone back in his pocket,Quietly back to the ward,Looking at the sleeping daughter,The little bit of his daughter’s growth process appeared before his eyes,Old tears,Can’t help but flow out again……
Peng Changyi is halfway back,Call Ding Yi,Of course he can’t get through,He didn’t know why Ding Yi shut down suddenly,I don’t even know about Ding Yi being picked up by his father last night,He can’t help being a little frustrated,After returning to Kangzhou,It’s almost noon12O’clock,He did not go home,But by convention,Go straight to Kangzhou Hotel,The minister is waiting for him。
When he came in,I just ran into Wang Yuan picking up Wenwen from get off work。Wang Yuan saw Peng Changyi’s car coming in,Just tell Wenwen:“It’s Uncle Peng,Why is this point back?”He and Wenwen got out of the car,Shouted:“Peng Shuer,Why did you come back at noon today?have you eaten?”
“Where did you eat,Starved me to death,Wenwen,What happened?”Talking,Then he looked at Wenwen up and down again。
Wenwen subconsciously touched her belly,Said:“what happened?Do you think the child grows slowly?,Just over three months,How old do you expect him to grow up?”
Peng Changyi“Haha”Smiled。
Wang Yuan and Wenwen accompanied Peng Changyi,Ran directly to Wangjiadong’s room on the fourth floor,I saw that Wang Jiadong didn’t practice calligraphy this time,But reading with reading glasses。Saw Peng Changyi and the others come in,Just put down the book,Take off reading glasses,Said:“Where does the sun come out today,Why are you willing to come back this morning?”
Peng Changyi smiled bitterly,Said:“Long time no return,Homesick!”
Wenwen said suddenly:“Peng Shuer,We saw Aunt Shen yesterday,Maybe she should sue me when you get home。”

“Jiang Fan,If you think this topic is interesting,Wait till I get off the car。”

“Who will I tell when you get off??”
“With yourself,You can only find a common language with yourself,You will never find a common language with me。”
Jiang Fan stopped talking,But from the sound of his breathing,Ding Yi knew what she said hit him,He is angry like a bullfight now。
At this time, a bombing thunder sounded overhead,quickly,Raindrops fell on the sky,Very big,Crackling on the roof、Windshield。
Jiang Fan turns on the wiper,Can see,His movements are great,Very angry,Like you’re angry with someone。
Ding Yi saw him angry,She suddenly feels fulfilled,Just want“It is advisable for the remaining brave to pursue the poor”,But she didn’t have the courage to speak,Because she felt Jiang Fan’s anger,Although it’s raining in the sky,But Jiang Fan’s speed didn’t slow down at all,Instead, it accelerates the speed of travel。
Ding Yi, who is naturally timid and fearful, dare not say anything,She curled up in the seat silently,The atmosphere dare not come out。
Jiang Fan is indeed very angry,He parked the car abruptly in front of the family home,And then sit there silently,Steering wheel,look steadily forward。
Ding Yi saw that he didn’t turn off the fire,I knew he was waiting for him to get off,At that moment,She suddenly felt uneasy in her heart,My eyes are sore,She bowed her head and got out of the car,Just about to walk in,I saw Jiang Fan driving,Chuckle,Round in place,Turn around,The tires are crushing on the wet ground,The sound is very harsh。
Jiang Fan didn’t even look at her,Car,Slam the accelerator,Audi roared out,Disappeared at the end of Baiyang Avenue in the blink of an eye……
rain,Get bigger,Ding Yi stood in place,Haven’t moved for a long time,I can’t tell if it’s rain or tears.,Until she rained down all over her body,She staggered to support the wall,Walk into the dark alley,She took out the key,Opened the door,When the door is closed,She couldn’t help covering her mouth,Cry out……
Remembering Jiang Fan’s anger and his indifference just now,Her heart is like a knife,she knows,this time,They really came to an end,Nothing can be saved,She and Jiang Fan,Really over,Over,She must accept this fact。
Her heart,A pain,The body seems unable to bear this kind of pain from the heart,She must bend over,To make this pain better,Otherwise, a large area of the front chest of the heart belt will be painful。
Jiang Fan was so cold just now,Made her cool from the inside out,She can’t imagine,This is the man who wants to hold her to the future,This is the beloved man who calls her a deer,At that moment, her heart couldn’t help but tremble,Maybe,The way forward,I really want to go by myself,No one will come to hug her,Thought of here,She is even more sad,He staggered and opened the second door,Just stepped into the house,Just cry out……
Let me talk about Jiang Fan,After getting out of anger,,Kick the throttle,The car is at the end of the road,He drove fast,Facing a crossroad,He suddenly didn’t know where he should go,Where is the place he should go,Seeing the green light is on,He was at a loss,The car behind kept honking its horn,Urge him to go quickly,however,He didn’t seem to hear,Until cars pass by him,He just woke up,But he just walked together,The red light is on,At this moment,A traffic policeman in a raincoat came here,Motioned him to park the car aside,Then I saluted him,Jiang Fan lowered the car window,Said:“Gay,Worked hard,It was too rainy just now,I didn’t see clearly。”
The traffic police may be new,Plus it’s dark and raining,Said:“Please show your driver’s license。”

Yang Shiyun asked not to laugh or cry。

“Oh,I suddenly remembered;It seems that everyone likes Xiaoxue acting cute and acting like a baby,So i want to try,See if i talk like her,Will there be many people like me。”
Liu Xiaoyun seemed to be serious and said,I don’t know if she really thinks so,I talked to Yang Shiyun on purpose。
“Of course yes!You and Xiaoxue are so beautiful,Just young and not too old,At the age of being cute,Not only will it not be offensive,It will make people love you,Want to protect you,Ha ha。”
Yang Shiyun took it for granted,She didn’t know if she was right,But at least that’s what she thinks,So she just said it so bluntly。
“Everyone said I had a bad temper before,And the character is not gentle at all,Can’t get married later,The kind no one wants,Now i suddenly want to change myself,I also want to learn from Xiaoxue,Be gentle and gentle,Sweet girl,It’s the one that blushes first without speaking,I don’t know if I can do it。”
Liu Xiaoyun seems to be more and more serious,In fact, she just talked for fun at first,Not serious at all,But after talking to Yang Shiyun,She really has this heart,It’s not to be deliberately likable,It’s just that she thought it would be fun。
“You really have to change your style?Wow!That was a big surprise for everyone!I believe you will shock everyone in our Shen family,Everyone will look forward to it,I really like your change,You have been a tigress long enough,Time to be a little lady,It’s also a good thing to give everyone an unexpected surprise。”
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One thousand nine hundred and thirty-two chapters You should find a boyfriend
? Yang Shiyun agreed。
“Do you really think so?Old sister,If you agree with me making this change,Then I’ll give it up,I really change it once。”
Liu Xiaoyun thought for a while,Then nodded and agreed。“I’m telling you the truth, Xiaoyun,You know my nickname in the Interpol Team of the City Bureau is also called Tigress,Do you think I really like this nickname?I tell you the truth,I don’t like this nickname at all,But because of my profession,Plus I’m not young anymore,Such as
If Guo is so cute and cute,I’m afraid I’ll make people laugh,otherwise,I also changed my speech long ago,Way of doing things,Is there any girl who likes others to say that she is not gentle,dont you agree?”

“is this okay……”

Du Shanshan said embarrassedly。
“What’s so bad about that!I call Shaoming Brother,Then I won’t ask your sister-in-law to call you?Ha ha,correct,End wind,Called sister-in-law。”
Qin Liang stretched out his hand and pulled Ling Mofeng to his side again。
“Good sister-in-law!”
Ling Mofeng immediately greeted Du Shanshan loudly。
“Hello there,End wind。”
Du Shanshan nodded and agreed。
“sister in law,The three of us are here to ask you about Xiao Yuer,What’s wrong with this little girl??”
Qin Liang finished his polite words,Ask straight to the point。
Chapter two thousand five hundred and thirty one Will definitely become a martyr
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Qin Liang bite the bullet and answered。

“That simple,I can’t beat you。”
Shen Ruoxi said capriciously……At this moment there is no one else except the five of them,So Shen Ruoxi can finally speak willful and unscrupulous。
“I have a hasty!Do you have to talk like this?!”
Qin Liang asked sadly。
“Because I really don’t want you to toss us,Speaking of which, the few of us have really given you face,Don’t you understand?”
Shen Ruoxi calmed down and replied。
Qin Liang also tried to convince the princesses of the Shen family headed by his wife。
“No more,You should quickly find a beautiful place to take a few of us to rest。”
Chapter Four Thousand and Ten Must be evil
Chapter Four Thousand and Ten Must be evil
Shen Ruoxi shattered Qin Liang’s efforts straightforwardly。
“Your wife gave the order,Execute quickly。”
Song Min laughed。
Qin Liang sighed slightly。