Month: May 2021

Liu Xiaoyun said with a smile。“No way,Willing to bet!What’s going on is what’s going on!We are the police,What is the name of a police officer if he doesn’t count!Holding money,Go buy snacks!you win,There is no dust on the platform above this machine,Clean as if washed with water!but

Except that there is no dust on the platform,There is thick dust everywhere!”
Director Huang announced loudly。
“Ha ha,The clean platform,This is where the skin monkey sleeps when resting here!He is a very clean person,So the place where he sleeps will definitely be clean。”
Liu Xiaoyun explained with a smile。
“You are really good!The escape route of the skin monkey and the place to hide to rest and sleep,You actually judged everything correctly!My old man now admires your little girl movie so much!Come,Accept money,Go buy snacks!”
Director Huang was talking happily,Then he forcibly stuffed the two hundred dollars into Liu Xiaoyun’s hands!
“No no no,Director Huang,this is not good!I’m really kidding!”
Liu Xiaoyun hurriedly declined,So the two of you started to shove the two hundred dollars……I saw everyone around me laughed。
“What do you mean?What you say is still shameless?No way,I repeat,Willing to bet,This is for you to buy snacks,Not bribing you,If you don’t accept it,My old man is not happy anymore!”
Director Huang argued that it was serious……
“Paid it back,Xiaoyun,You just accept it,If you don’t accept it,I guess Director Huang won’t let you out of this door today,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang saw things getting worse“White-hot”Up,I have to come out to make a round,Finally say it,Liu Xiaoyun forced to help,Had no choice but to bite the bullet and collect the two hundred dollars……
“Say,This skin monkey is really amazing!Are sleeping here,He didn’t even leave a clue,If Xiaoyun wasn’t smart,Who would have thought of climbing on such a high machine to see the dust?!”
Meizi couldn’t help but admire。

“it is good。”

Swallow agreed,Then I started with Qin Liang,Cautiously began to flip the military uniforms on the two corpses,The movements of both people are very gentle,For fear of being careless,He rotted and damaged the decayed clothes on the body……
Actually this work should have been done by forensic doctors,But because I’ve been waiting for the dragon soul to come,Therefore, the local police did not act first to deal with the dead body,The reason why I turned around and collected the clothes pockets of two corpses,It’s because they didn’t know that these two bodies were dragon souls.。
I thought I found two copies from the jacket pockets of the two bodies“Dragon Soul Warrior”’S documents,Only then did we get the only clues of the identity of the two bodies。
Qin Liang quickly finished looking through the uniform of the male corpse,Turn away,It was discovered that the swallow was carefully unbuttoning the female corpse’s military uniform。
“Hey,Why untie her clothes?Didn’t you want to take her clothes off?!”
Qin Liang immediately asked subconsciously。
Despite being a corpse,And it’s a shriveled corpse,But that is also a female corpse after all!If Yanzi strips off the clothes of that female corpse in front of Qin Liang,Qin Liang will still be quite awkward and embarrassed,After all, this is not on the battlefield,If it is on the battlefield,Sometimes for emergency treatment of the wounded,May take off the clothes of the wounded woman regardless,That is a special case……
“I didn’t plan to take her clothes off,I just want to check her underwear,Knowing that our female fighters sometimes hide things they cherish in their underwear。”
Yanzi answered with words,But the movement of the hand has not stopped。
“Isn’t it!We still have this hobby?”
Qin Liang asked awkwardly,Not only is he embarrassed,Even the two male staff and the two officers around him and Yanzi felt embarrassed.。
“Isn’t this a hobby??We are not ordinary people,Sometimes go out to perform tasks,A few years,Some small things you can hide,Especially the one I cherish,I will hide it on my body and carry it with me。”
Yanzi explained confidently。
Qin Liang is speechless,He thought to himself:Not Shen Ruoxi and the others,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun also have this special hobby, right?!

“I only have it in ABC,No other lines。”

“such,I’ll find a company in Beicheng to guarantee you,Loan from bank,Return foundation,Less dealing with the foundation in the future。”
Wang Yuan saw that Peng Changyi was indeed serious and sincerely hoped that he would return the money from the foundation,Just said:“Really that serious?”
“Really,Mayor Jiang also heard the Beijing professor talk about this situation,Banning is sooner or later,Estimated this year,A file,National action,I know the power of these files too well。”
“Row,Then i think about it。”
“Don’t think about it for too long,I can think of this way,Others can still think of,It’s really time to clean up,Loaners will do everything possible to find a way,It will be difficult to do it at that time。You take it seriously,Do it as soon as possible,Let me contact you with the guarantee company,You quickly find a bank。Even if the foundation is not cleaned up,I don’t deal with the foundation less in the future。”
“Ok,Listen to you,Let me do this,I’m looking for you then。”Wang Yuan said seriously。
Peng Changyi took a sip of water,Said:“I go down first,Make them wait for inappropriate。”Talking,Just got up and went out。
Wang Yuan knew that Peng Changyi was really good for him,Just said:“Peng Shuer,Thank you!”
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“Let’s talk about this。”
After sending away Peng Changyi,Wang Yuan came out with the key,He wants to go back to the company,Go to Huang Meiying。On the road,He just wanted,If the foundation is really banned,So the first major loan to the foundation is the Eastern Company,Dongfang Company is currently unable to repay the huge debt of the foundation,Bound to……Thought of here,He parked the car on the side of the road,Made a call,Said:“The counterparty’s capital chain will soon be broken,Don’t rush to accept that batch,hold on,Continue to negotiate。”And then made two more calls,After explaining,Just drove back to the company。
Wang Yuan passes through the transparent company office,Huang Meiying is sitting in her place,See Wang Yuan is back,He followed him into Wang Yuan’s office,Fill Wang Yuan’s cup with water graciously。
Wang Yuan looked at Huang Meiying,Said:“Please sit down。”

The terrain is higher here,Sit here,You can have a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery,The scenery of the amusement park has been carefully designed,Lake and mountains,Quite refreshing。

“Look,Your clothes are dried。”
Qin Liang reminds Yang Shiyun。
“Let’s sit a little longer before leaving。”
Yang Shiyun said lazily,After all, how did she spend months in the hospital?,Just walked so long,I don’t want to move when I sit down。
“I have no opinion,How long do you want to sit,How long i will sit with you,You have big breasts,You decide。”
Qin Liang answered casually。
“Can you not mention my breasts?You can only see my breast when you look at me, right?”
Yang Shiyun is so depressed,Qin Liang can’t speak without his own breasts,Isn’t it okay to exaggerate my face?……
“Can’t blame me,mainly;The goal is too obvious,I can’t even notice it。”
Qin Liang found an excuse to explain for himself,But it does make sense。
“Ok,my fault……”
Yang Shiyun said helplessly。
“Can we two discuss something??”
Qin Liang asked again。


Shen Ruoxi finished in one sentence,Immediately started counterattack,So these two girls started tossing again!quickly,Song Min, who stood closest to them, was not spared either,Compelled,Had to join the melee too!
Chen Hao is the smartest of the four,The fastest,At first glance, the momentum is not good,She was so fast the first time!
Standing outside the bathroom door,Watching the three girlfriends who started fighting in the bathroom and became a group,Chen Hao smiled helplessly and sighed……
This wave of pranks came at the right time,After sadness,Just need to have such a little happiness to soothe depression,So it didn’t take long for this game of water fight to start,The three girls who participated in the battle were all excited!
The battle began to become more and more intense,Getting hotter,Originally,All three of them were very careful and only picked up a small amount of water and splashed them on the other two’s faces.,Afterwards, he did it arbitrarily without any scruples,No matter the face,Still on,Just splash!So soon the three of them were all ticking water everywhere……
“Three crazy women together,It’s terrible!”
Chen Hao whispered to himself。
This sentence is correct,Let alone three women,It’s a woman who goes crazy,That’s also pretty scary!So smart men know one thing:Would rather offend the villain,Not to sin against women!
Fighting for half an hour,The three crazy women slowly stopped attacking the other two opponents!The reason is that they are tired,Can’t move,After all, this“game”,Also requires physical strength。
“It’s damn you two!I’m all over,The clothes inside and out are all soaked!”
The fight stopped,Song Min started calling。
“What’s your ghost name?We are not the same?”
Murong Shan said out of breath。
“It’s ok,Washing your face directly becomes a bath,And still take a bath without taking off your clothes。”

“And I。”Ding Yi also picked up the wine glass like Peng Changyi and said。

Ding Yi took the initiative to offer a glass of wine,Jiang Fan is very happy。
Abruptly in charge,Only Jiang Fan knows the taste of this period,Today can and Peng Changyi、Ding Yi has a drink and talk together,And the two toasted to him together,He is very happy。The three cups met together。
Peng Changyi said:“If Zhou Lin could understand like you,Coupled with his rigorous style and hardworking spirit,There won’t be such a result。”
The defeat of Zhou Lin,Peng Changyi has always felt very sorry。Even though he didn’t know,Participated in the fall“conspiracy”,But I have been guilty,After all, Zhou Lin is a willing official。
Jiang Fan said:“Changyi,I know Zhou Lin has something you admire。But i ask you,Why did i bring you here?”
Peng Changyi said:“Let’s be fresh and fresh。”
“If it just keeps you fresh,Then I won’t tell you at the beginning,And I decided to Kangzhou Hotel?”Jiang Fan stared at Peng Changyi and said。
in fact,This question has been in Peng Changyi’s mind,He just doesn’t ask,He thought about it and said:“Didn’t you say that Secretary Fan had guests there,Is it convenient for you to toast?”Peng Changyi said。
“Then why did it come out again?”Jiang Fan continued to ask。
“This one……Ha ha,I was bypassed by you
Confused。”Peng Changyi smiled,Shook his head。
Jiang Fan said:“I did not intend to bring you here at first,Come again when I want to find a rest day,Can play longer。I even pushed Secretary Fan’s dinner,But still dare not go too far,I’m afraid to ask me to toast or something。You just talked about Zhou Lin and I had to tell you the real reason for leaving there。”

Qin Liang said this,There is another urge to leave her……

“I will kill him……”
Hu Niu’s whispered answer。
“and so,That’s why I beat you today!You have your mom,You love your mom,Shen Ruoxue is also my family,Is also my favorite sister,I didn’t kill you today,Already your luck。”
Qin Liang is telling the truth,He did have the urge to kill Hu Niu just now。
“I went to apologize to her。”
Hu Niu raised her head,Shame on his face。
Soon,Shen Ruoxue lying on the stretcher was carried in,She was lying on the ground,Hu Niu with blood on his bare legs,Immediately looked at Qin Liang in surprise。
“Koyuki,She has something to tell you now。”
Qin Liang’s gentle Shen Ruoxue said something,Then turned his face to look at Hu Niu。
Hu Niu gritted her teeth trying to get up from the ground,But she can’t do it,Struggled a few times,Don’t say stand up,It’s impossible to kneel。
“Just lie there and say it。”
Qin Liang knew that the injury on Hu Niu’er’s thigh had made her unable to stand up,So I didn’t embarrass her。
“Shen Ruoxue,I hurt you,Sorry,my fault,please forgive me。”
These few sentences are very simple,But it is not easy to say it from Hu Niu’er,Because she has never succumbed to anyone,Including when Qin Liang beat her just now,She never said a soft word。
Shen Ruoxue looked at Hu Niu,The expression on his face changed back and forth several times,Angry,Lost,Merciful,indeed,This incident has caused her too much damage,One sentence“Sorry”It’s really not enough。
“Koyuki,She has already received the punishment she deserves,You can choose to forgive her,You can choose not to forgive her,No matter what choice you make,No one will blame you。”

“Count you awesome!”

For the third time, Murong Shan replied helplessly to Yang Shiyun,She this“surrender”,The girls immediately all heaved a sigh of relief,The originally dark clouded world,The feeling of clear sky immediately。
“All right,Let’s discuss what to eat out for a while now.。”
Chen Hao completely ended the topic just now。
“Let Xiaoxue the question of what to eat today,Qiao’er and Xin’er decide,It was originally to celebrate for the three of them。”
Yang Shiyun suggested,Her suggestion was immediately approved by everyone,As a result, Shen Ruoxue,Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin ran to Liu Xiaoyun for the first time and asked her to decide。
“do not ask me,I don’t make any comments today,Because today you three are the protagonists,Let the three of you discuss it together,I just wait and eat。”
Liu Xiaoyun said hippiely,She is already a policeman,So the object of celebration today does not include her,She was right。
Liu Xiaoyun does not participate,So obviously Shen Ruoxue was the last one to make the decision,Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin can’t offer any constructive opinions at all。
“Let’s go to the buffet hot pot together。”
Shen Ruoxue considers the problem very comprehensively and meticulously,So many people go to dinner together,Everyone has everybody’s tastes and hobbies,As the saying goes,To satisfy everyone’s appetite,That is obviously unrealistic and impossible,And eating a self-service hot pot can solve this problem satisfactorily。
Actually, no matter what Shen Ruoxue’s last suggestion is,There will definitely not be any objection,Dinner is not the purpose,Let’s talk happily together,Therefore, Shen Ruoxue’s suggestion was immediately approved by a unanimous vote.。
“Then let’s go。”
Since everyone is okay,Shen Ruoxi gave the order to start,Crowded,Go early and wait for the position。
“Can the car be seated??Can’t sit down, the three of us take a taxi and follow you。”
Liu Rushi is still very thoughtful,People haven’t left the office yet,I already thought about the car problem。
“Sit down,I drove several cars today。”
Chen Hao answered first。


“I feel it now。Cheers to you!”Talking,Toast。“Are you happy with me?”
“This one,I don’t feel obvious,Especially since you shed tears just now。”
Ding Yi bowed his head embarrassedly,My face is slightly red,The silky short hair floated on the forehead,Blocked her face。Jiang Fan suddenly remembered Xu Zhimo’s poem:“The most gentle one bowed his head,Like a lotus flower……”Ding Yi,Is a beautiful reproduction of this poem,Sit there,dignified、Quiet、elegant,So pure and clean,Like a budding hibiscus,Immaculate。Really like a pearl,Beautiful jade,There is a faint air of scroll between the eyebrows。Jiang Fan is a little excited,Can’t love in my heart。
“Why not speak?”he asks。
“Don’t talk about that topic。”
“Row,You said。”
She laughed at the mayor’s good temper,Said:“I want to leave a message for Secretary Fan and Minister Wang,Congratulate them,But I feel it inappropriate。”
Jiang Fan thought for a while and said:“It doesn’t matter,After all, they are your old leaders。”
“Row,I will paging them tomorrow。”
“You can now。”Jiang Fan said,I took the handbag,Took out his cell phone。
Ding Yi took out the internal address book of the municipal party committee and municipal government agencies from his bag,Find the call numbers of Secretary Fan and Minister Wang,Call them separately,Congratulate them。
She just returned her phone to the mayor,My pager rang,She took a look,Surprised:“It’s Secretary Fan!‘Thanks Xiaoding,Welcome to Guam。Fan Wenliang。’Ha ha,so fast。”Obviously she didn’t expect Secretary Fan to call her back so quickly。
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Don’t expect Minister Wang to reply to you,He never carried his pager。”

The plane just landed,Qin Liang rolled off the fuselage,I looked around quickly,Qin Liang rolled a few times underground,Then stand up and run a few steps,His figure disappeared into a lush grove。

Plane door open,Several people carried down a girl in red,Then he bent over and lifted her off the plane。
“Not bad,You guys really did it!Haha,CattleB。”
Among the people greeted on the ground,A guy who looked like a leader smiled and greeted him,He first had a fight with the people who got off the plane haha,Then he lowered his face and took a closer look at the girl who seemed to be in a coma,I took another photo from my body and compared it,Nodded with satisfaction。
“Tiger brother,Although we brought this girl back,But our brothers,Except for a few of us,Everything else is over……”
One of the people who brought the girl back,Whispered carefully。
The leader said nonchalantly;“It’s ok,Just get this girl back,You have done a great job,How many people are dead,The boss will not only blame you,I will reward you several。”
The talking robber seems a little bolder。
“grass,When did your brother fool you??Come come,Carry this girl in for me。”
“Tiger brother,Who the hell is this little girl??Knowing that the hungry boss went so hard to catch her back?”
Someone asked again。
“Don’t worry about this,I only tell you a word;You must take care of this girl carefully,Say so,You just treat her as your little ancestor。”
Qin Liang hiding not far away,With his well-trained listening,Naturally, I heard the conversation between these people clearly。
He feels a lot more relaxed,At least now he knows;This kidnapped girl will not suffer any harm for the time being,So he has plenty of time to rescue her。
Watching the robbers carry the girl into a hidden building,Qin Liang turned and went into the woods,After starting to find eight,He found a relatively empty place,Then he took out his phone,I called Yang Zhi。
In the villa,The phone rang,Yang Zhimeng stood up,Where can I reach for the phone?,It really is an encrypted phone number。
Yang Zhi reported a number。