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How to sleep in summer?

How to sleep in summer?

Summer nights are sweltering and hot, and many people don’t sleep well, staying in bed and turning to the other side is very uncomfortable.

If you reduce your sleep time as a result, you will often feel particularly bad.

“Actually, one hour less sleep in summer than in other seasons, there is no problem, just pay attention, do not fall asleep longer than 12 pm.

“Traditional Chinese medicine experts said:” The weather is too hot, and it is not easy to fall asleep. Sleep alternately for about half an hour than usual. In the morning, it still starts from usual time, or even about half an hour earlier.

“However, it is not possible to forcefully insert sleep time or stay up late.

“Outdated and not waiting” is a characteristic of people’s sleep. If you don’t fall asleep in time when you are drowsy, it will be difficult to enter sleep or even insomnia after the best time.

  Experts recommend going to bed more than 12 o’clock in the summer evening.

People advocated by Chinese medicine must take a nap. The child is between 11:00 a.m. and 1 a.m. the next day, and noon is between 11:00 and 13:00 a day. If the elderly can take a nap every day at noon, it is good for health.

  Summer health should pay special attention to siesta.

At noon in summer, the sun is shining, and it is most likely to cause heat stroke. In addition, short summer nights, it is necessary to supplement the daytime siesta to eliminate fatigue and add benefits.

It is advisable to take a nap within half an hour.

  Recognized as a summer sleep regimen, dietary issues have also been replaced.

Summer diet should be light, less greasy and easy to digest.

In the heat of the season, sweat is out of the body and supplemented with some drinks to help the body radiate transformation.

Supplementing water, salt and vitamins can work together to clear the heat and relieve heat.

Such as watermelon, mung bean, lily, etc., all have a good effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat, strengthening the spleen and nourishing yin.

Don’t just take a quick trip, gluttony and cold drinks, damage the spleen and stomach, and boots interfere with sleep.

Newborn baby likes a certain feeling

Newborn baby likes a certain feeling

Most women who are mothers for the first time take a break one week after the baby is born, and then go out with their baby in the bedroom after a continuous rest. Some mothers walk around with their baby a few weeks after giving birth.Some mothers stay at home, wait for their body to fully recover, and then take their baby to see the wonderful world outside. Every mother is different.

Pack your room comfortably at home, and bring everything you and your baby may need when you are out.

  Newborn babies like a certain feeling.

The baby who is held in his arms by the mother likes him (her) in a certain posture, which may be different every day or even every hour.

Sometimes he or she likes to be held tightly so that he can doze off or lie on your chest and lie on your body so that you can hear the familiar heartbeat and feel yourself when you walkA completed move.

If he or she wants to look around, put him or her on his shoulders so that his or her ears are close to your mouth and he or she can hear you clearly or have his or her backOn your chest.

  Your baby can give you guidance as you learn to take care of your baby.

If he or she is full, he or she will not want to eat anything, and he or she may be ready to play now.

On the Wednesday after birth, he or she may like to lie on your chest, but will not like it until 3 months.

Sometimes changing the position can make your baby stop crying and even relieve abdominal pain.


Raised high by your dad. When you lift your baby from the ground to your shoulders, this distance is 9 or 10 times the height of your baby.

He or she will depend on you, and it won’t take long for both of you to get along freely.

It’s important to protect his or her head.

In proportion to his (her) weak body, your large hands and strong presence can serve as his (her) strong backing.

Try to take it slowly, holding the baby’s head and neck with one hand, holding his or her back with the other hand, and then gently lift him or her to his chest.

If you lift your baby from the ground, bend the radius and reduce the distance your baby lifts, so as not to strain your back.

When you lower your baby from your shoulder, let go until your baby “landed” safely.

If you want to change your posture, tell your baby that he or she can know what to do next from your tone, so you can prepare in advance and even feel safe.


Lying down and sitting is the most comfortable position for your baby to lie down when not in your arms.

This helps his (her) spine develop, and also enables him (her) to kick freely and twist his body.

These exercises can not only exercise physical strength, but also make him or her understand his body.

At first, he or she may not like lying alone.

Some babies do take a few days or two weeks to build up their confidence, so that they can have enough confidence to completely relax themselves without the adult’s safe embrace.

  After the baby is quiet, you should sit next to him or her and use something fun to make him or her play, or let him or her “research” your face.Face is scholarship.

In addition, lying down is a good way for your baby to exercise. Looking up while lying down can increase your attention and shoulder strength.

However, moms and dads generally think that lying on their backs is not safe and rarely makes the baby lying on their backs, which prevents the baby from exercising to the upper body and has no opportunity to learn to crawl.

Moreover, if the baby is not asleep, and there are parents watching, there is generally no danger on the tummy.

In addition, you can try to lay your baby face down on you without even covering your face (the baby may suffocate because of covering your face when you are lying down), and you can move your lower limbs without restriction.

  After 2 weeks, the baby will be able to sit up on the exclusive baby chair with a seat belt!

However, don’t use safety seats, which usually don’t support each other well.

If your baby chair can swing back and forth, your baby also likes to shake the baby chair by yourself.

You can also sit on the sofa or a comfortable chair with him or her, manipulate or use the cushions to support him or her, but the support of the cushions may not be good enough, and when using the cushions, do not let themThe baby was left alone.

  Q: My baby is two months old, but no matter what posture he uses, he doesn’t like lying in my arms, and he doesn’t like anyone holding it. Why?

  A: After repeated experiments and practice for many days, you will find that it is easier to quiet your baby than before, and your baby will find it easier to lie in your arms.

But some newborns still don’t like others to hold.

If you think your baby is the same, don’t take it to heart and don’t have an idea that you haven’t done well enough.In fact, the baby may just not like the feeling of being embraced, rather than (a few days, weeks or even months), and gradually get used to it.

  Now, you should try other methods. If your baby cries when you hug, neither of you will be happy.

When he is lying on a small blanket, he likes you to bend his calf, bend his toes, and he likes you to gently massage him.

Move your face closer to him so that he can see you clearly, and when you speak to him tenderly, give him enough time to look at you.

If you wrap him, he will feel very secure.

When his preferences change (of course it will change), he will start to like others to hug, and your frustration caused by your baby’s dislike of being hugged by you will eventually disappear.

Can the drinking cup be washed with detergent?

I still have these requirements

Can the drinking cup be washed with detergent?
I still have these requirements

Water cups are dehydrated and not cleaned. The cups will retain scale. Drinking scaled water is not good for human health.

So I need to clean the cup. Can the cup be cleaned with detergent?

  The main ingredient of dishwashing detergent is a surfactant. The principle of decontamination is very simple. It contains a variety of active ingredients and emulsifiers. These ingredients are various greasy stains, harmful substances dissolve, emulsify, disperse and suspend, and then rinse with water to separate from the surface of the dishesGo out and achieve the effect of clean tableware.

Therefore, the water cup can be washed with detergent.

However, it should be noted that when washing the cup with detergent, the detergent should not be too much to prevent detergent from remaining in the cup due to incomplete cleaning.

And the cleaning time should not be too long.

  In addition, after washing with detergent, be sure to wash it several times with water after washing to prevent the detergent from remaining on the wall of the cup.

If there is a corrosive dishwashing essence in the cup after washing, you can wash it with boiling water a few times, or soak it with tea to achieve the effect of removing odor.

  How to clean a drinking cup1, whether it is table salt or coarse salt, can help us to remove tea stains on the cup.

  Method: After picking with your fingers, brush back and forth over the tea stains. It only takes two or three minutes to find that the tea stains disappear magically, and it is not easy to hurt the cup.

  2. Toothpaste, first rinse the cup with water (without leaving water), then use toothpaste on the wall of the cup, and then rinse with water.

  3. The citrus peel sometimes runs into old age. If you ca n’t clean it with how to clean it, you might as well look for the leftover lemon in the kitchen, or the peel you want to throw away after eating oranges.

For cleaning coffee cups, use lemon slices or other vinegar to wipe the edges of the cup; for coffee pots, we can put lemon slices in a cloth and put it on the top of the coffee pot, and add water to fill.

Boil the lemon the way you make coffee and let it drip into the pot below.

When yellow water drops come out of the coffee pot, this is evidence that citric acid removes coffee stains.

Generally speaking, the coffee pot can be cleaned in about two times.

  4. Peel + salt Peel instead of vegetable melon cloth: After picking up the salt, then use it to scrub tea stains, which can also achieve unexpected good results.

If there is no peel, the same effect can be achieved with some vinegar.

  What glass is good for drinking water 1. Glass: The glass eliminates organic chemicals during the firing process. When someone drinks water or other drinks in the glass, there is no need to worry about the chemicals being in the belly.

And the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean, so drinking in a glass is the healthiest and safest.

  2. Ceramic cups: There are two types of ceramic cups.

One is colorless glaze, the inner wall is colorless, and the other is one.

Ceramic cups painted with colorless glaze, especially the inner wall, should be colorless, which is also the first choice for drinking water.

The material is almost safe, can withstand high temperatures, and has a relatively better insulation effect. Drinking hot water or tea is a good choice.

  The beautiful colors and cute patterns on the glass may hide hidden dangers.

When the cup is filled with boiling water or acid and high alkaline beverages, the toxic heavy metal elements such as lead in these pigments are easily dissolved in the liquid, which will cause harm to the human body.

Has the concept of nourishing you upgraded-1

Has the concept of nourishing you been upgraded?

When many people talk about “nourishment”, they just stay at the shrinking of “wait for wrinkles,” and no skin nourishment is the foresight of “prevention is better than cure”.

Why don’t you like to use night cream with higher moisture?

The answer is nothing more than the following: I am afraid of being thick and hard to absorb, too lazy to rub, and feel that I am still young.

  In fact, “prevention before it happens” is most suitable for nourishment, which is why more and more care brands increasingly value the 25-35-year-old market.

For nighttime nourishment, in addition to the night cream, there are three things that must be mentioned-eyes-stories about eye gel, eye cream, and eye mask. For the appeal of eye problems, the effects of eye gel and eye cream are similar., Just the gel of the gel is more refreshing, suitable for normal to oily skin.

Especially in the daytime, the eye gel will have no sense of burden on the eyes, and the main focus is to eliminate dark circles under the eyes and soothe the eye skin.

  Eye cream has a dense particle size, so in addition to reducing the problems of dark circles and bags under the eyes, it can also relatively improve the phenomenon of wrinkles and fine lines.

According to the eye mask, it can be used the day before crying, staying up late causing dark circles, bags under the eyes and other special conditions suddenly appear, it can replenish moisture in a short time, eliminate fatigue, increase skin softness and elasticity, and quickly relieve eye puffinessAnd dark circles.

  Whitening-Whitening is the right science If someone tells you to sunscreen all year round, then she is right; but if someone tells you to whiten it all year round, then she does n’t really know about whitening, or she ‘sIntentionally give your beauty a set.

  Whitening products are definitely a perfect tool for those Asian women who have always regarded “white” as their appeal.

However, this process will replace the keratin of the skin. If it is continuously used, it will continue to regenerate the keratin of the skin, thereby hurting the original texture of the skin.

  In a year, spring and autumn are more suitable for whitening, and you just need to choose a suitable product and then run out of it within this season. In this season, there is no need to resetNew product.

  Hydrating-will make the skin my old myth, the skin that lacks sleep, and the ability of cells to transfer water will be reduced. When the water inside the skin penetrates and the diffusion rate gradually slows down, the skin will evaporate and lose water on the surface,When the moisture cannot be provided in time, the phenomenon of lack of water and drying appears.

  At night, the cells are more active than during the day. At this time, supplementing the cell water can allow the deeper cells to regain water supply through the faster transmission between cells.

Professionals believe that if you can use the rapid scheduling of cell proliferation in the evening to improve the skin’s water retention function (slow the skin’s moisture diffusion rate), it will be of great help to the tender and radiant skin.

Not afraid of pores invisible in the gloss T zone

Not afraid of pores invisible in the gloss T zone

Just after the weather warmed up, I felt that the T area was faintly shiny, small acne, and pore problems were coming together, which seriously affected the beauty plan.

Sisters, do n’t worry, understand the oil problem in T zone, take appropriate measures to care, and work together to make the pores in T zone invisible in spring.

  Many people are very nervous as soon as they see the shine on their foreheads and nose. They use oil-absorbing paper, deep cleansing milk, control oil condensation, powder puff .

In fact, it is quite normal for the “T” area to have a certain amount of shine, which is originally the part that needs highlighting when applying makeup.

In addition, the skin’s oil secretion has a self-regulating function. When you over clean and your skin feels lack of moisture and oil, it will automatically secrete more oil to supplement, which is why many people “The more you wash, the more oil, the more oil you absorb. ”

  For special parts, we need special care!

T zone oil is determined by the distribution of sebaceous glands in our facial skin.

On the forehead, the nose, the sides of the nose and the chin and other sebum secretion sites, the pores are also relatively obvious.

When the sebum secreted is solidified at the exit of the pores and cannot be dissolved, cleared and eliminated in time, whiteheads or blackheads that are commonly referred to as pores are formed at the pores.

If inflammation or bacterial infection occurs, more annoying acne gradually develops.

  1, pay attention to hydration: so there are many mixed skin should pay more attention to hydration, not only to give the dry double viscosity and enough moisture around the eye area, for the “T” zone, to ensure that too much water is also to inhibit excessive oil secretionOne of the effective means.

  2, clean thoroughly: In addition to using face cleansing soap or cleanser to wash the face, it is best to use a cleansing brush to completely remove the dirt on the nose.

  3, steaming face is effective: 1-2 times a week can do steaming face, each time about 5 minutes, after washing the face.

By steaming the face, the pores in the nose can be enlarged, and the dirt hidden in the pores will automatically change.

However, after steaming the face, be sure to rinse it with cool cold water, and at the same time gently pat the face with both hands to achieve the effect of shrinking the skin.

  4. Refreshing lotion: apply the refreshing lotion. When rubbing the lotion, wipe it from the dry tip and around the eye circles, and finally rub it to the nose, forehead and other parts, so as not to cause nasal oil and acne.

Beware of Sunday depression threatening you

Beware of Sunday depression threatening you

On Sundays and other holidays, do you feel lonely, restless and restless?

Psychologists call this phenomenon “Sunday depression.”

  Solitary men and women: Beware of Sunday depression threatening you. “Sunday depression” is both a mental illness and a social illness.

The most important thing is that the psychological conflict of “what I want to do and what I should do” can not be resolved on Sunday. The long-term life between couples and single life are the direct causes of depression.

  For example, overseas workers, migrant workers, and businessmen from different places, one to Sunday, seeing the reunion of people around them on holidays, sharing the joy of family, anxiety will be particularly prominent, and often hostile.

  Similar phenomena occur from time to time in some special occupations, such as seafarers, geological surveys, drilling workers, police officers, etc. Due to the different nature of work, Sundays and holidays are irregular, couples often cannot be together, and the working environment is not stable.As satisfactory as possible, there was nowhere to vent his dissatisfaction, and finally a psychological stress was formed.

  ”Sunday depression” solution: First, get up early, write a letter or call a distant partner.

  Second, develop personal hobbies.

  Third, travel or participate in some social activities.

  Fourth, talk to friends and relatives.

  Fifth, do some housework within your ability.

  6. See a psychologist if necessary.

Express opinions about interpersonal relationships

Express opinions about interpersonal relationships

From your attitude towards third parties, you can judge your relationships.

  When your friend is wearing a new shirt, you don’t think it is consistent.

If he asks for your opinion: “What do you think of this shirt?

“What would you answer.


Whatever you say, take into consideration the mood of the other person and merge the prefixes.


Silently silent.


Say what you really think.


Think about it in your heart first. Why did he wear this dress?

Tenderly express your opinion.

  Answer: Choice A: Simple testimonials.

When thinking about things, focus on the other party.

It is a type that does not conflict with others.

Although maintaining a good relationship, it is impossible to penetrate into each other’s heart.

  Option B: the so-called “inward-facing”.

Doing everything is horrible, and it is difficult to interact with people smoothly.

  Choice C: No matter what, the “activists” who will speak immediately.

Don’t lie, likes and dislikes are written in the union, so sometimes it offends others.

Such people should pay special attention to their daily interactions.

  Choice D: It belongs to the comparative subject and looks at the type of people calmly.

Be able to look at others without prejudice.

Don’t throw expired beer and these unexpected uses

Don’t throw expired beer and these unexpected uses

Everyone should know that expired food cannot be eaten.

Disposal of expired food is basically thrown away as garbage.

In fact, there are many outdated things that can’t even be eaten, and there are other uses.

For example, beer has a shelf life of 2 months, 4 months for premium beer, and only a few days for bulk beer.

  Expired beer, of course, can not be drunk. Expired beer can easily cause diarrhea and poisoning.

But it’s a pity to throw out expired beers, because they still have these unexpected uses.

  The purpose of expired beer is to cultivate flowers and protect flowers. The beer is slightly acidic, which can adjust the pH of the soil, and can make the flowers that like acid grow more lush.

Use two-thirds of the water in the rich beer, and wipe the leaves of the flowers gently with a soft cloth soaked with the liquid beer. One can wipe off the dust, and the other can fertilize the leaves, such as clivia.The leaves are very shiny and add a little ornamental value. This is mainly because the nutrients in beer are dissolved on the surface of the leaves.

Pour the remaining beer directly into the flower pot, it is still an excellent fertilizer, because the enzymes in the beer selectively grow flowers, which makes the flowers more vivid and moving.

  Second, shampoo, hair care beer contains barley and hops, shampoo with beer can make the hair soft, shiny, but also anti-dandruff.

After washing the hair with shampoo, add expired beer to the water and use it to soak or rinse the hair. The barley and hops contained in the beer will bring certain nutrients to the hair and make the dried hair shiny.

  Third, wash silk fabrics. Washing silk clothes with beer can make the clothes smooth, bright in color, and restore the original appearance.

Silk fabrics are often worn out due to excessive washing or improper washing.

First pour the beer into cold water, then soak the cleaned clothes in, soak for about 15 minutes, remove it, rinse it, and dry it.

The original bright color will return to its original appearance.

  Fourth, wipe the refrigerator to remove the odor. Wiping the refrigerator with a cloth stained with beer can decontaminate, sterilize, and remove the odor in the refrigerator.

After wringing the towels stained with beer, wipe the surface of the refrigerator, not only the refrigerator will be extremely bright, clean and refreshing, but also sterilizing, sterilizing.

  Fifth, clean glass beer is a colloid solution, wipe the glass with beer and wipe the glass. Once the glass is replaced, it will become extremely bright, and the fiber of the rag will not be left after finishing the glass.

If the window glass is dirty, you can dip the towel in some beer, wring it dry, wipe it, and then wipe it with a clean rag, the glass will be extremely bright.

This is because after rubbing the glass with beer, the alcohol content in the beer is scattered, so the glass is crystal clear.

  Sixth, let the clothes add color Soak the dark clothes with beer-added water to soften the clothes and restore the original color.

It is not easy to discolor the new clothes after soaking.

When we wash clothes, add some beer, soak the clothes for 15 minutes, and then wash them. It can wear and become softer, and it will restore some faded dark cotton clothing to its original color.

  Seventh, fresh beer for fresh flowers can also be used in this way, adding a little beer to the container where the flowers are inserted can extend the freshness period of the flowers.

Keep flowers fresh because beer contains ethanol, sugar and other nutrients.

  Therefore, when there is leftover beer or expired beer in the house, don’t pour into the sewer, it will be too wasteful.

Li Bingbing: Essential Oil Bath Makes Me New


Li Bingbing: Essential Oil Bath Makes Me New

Li Bingbing announced in Beijing a high-profile renewal of the old Huayi brothers on Tuesday. Although he had done confidential work beforehand, the previous night when Li Bingbing attended an endorsement event for a mainland clothing brand in Shanghai, people with “Huayi” were tightPerseverance, it will no longer be a secret to fracture and polish its renewal Huayi.

  The dress also seeks environmental protection. Li Bingbing has not been accepting endorsement activities since his debut. It can be seen that the remuneration paid by businesses this time has greatly moved people’s hearts.

Li Bingbing was also in a good mood that night, not only FashionShow, but also talked about fashion issues with reporters.

Every time in public, Li Bingbing, who is quite pearly, prefers simple, casual dressing.

“I’m usually very casual, and I care about fabrics. I especially like environmentally friendly clothing fabrics.

Because we only have one planet, we need to take care of our homeland.

I just finished recording in Singapore in March, and then returned to Hengdian to prepare for “Kung Fu King”. I mainly practiced horseback riding, so I needed to wear some comfortable fabric clothes.

I myself like clothes that are comfortable to wear.

This time the brand owner knew that I had this preference and gave me a lot of these clothes so that I usually wear them more casually.

“In addition to clothing fabrics that require environmental protection and comfort, Li Bingbing also strives for simplicity in the design of clothing.

“I don’t like the kind of clothes that are very annoying. They are too complicated to look good, and healthy style is what I like.

In terms of color, I also only love black and white and red.

I think black and white are the basic colors, and they match well with clothes. They look good in any way. They are the safest.

And red is a color that is not common in all clothing, it makes people look very spiritual.

“I don’t know if I can help myself,” Li Bingbing, like a white-collar worker, suffers from urban diseases and has a little discomfort in the cervical spine.

In this way, she figured out a set of “self-help” methods, that is, playing badminton and swimming.

“Everyone faces the computer every day, and the cervical spine is more or less uncomfortable.

I find playing badminton is a good treatment, because the eyes have been staring at the ball, you can exercise the cervical spine, and swimming is very helpful for the cervical spine, lumbar spine, I believe you can try it.

“Li Bingbing I saw that night had a very good skin condition. Li Bingbing also had experience in maintaining the skin.

“When your skin is in poor condition, try to put less or no makeup on.

If your skin is getting acne, use sweating to remove dirt from your skin and keep it under pressure.

For night skin care, cleanse and apply a lotion and moisturizing lotion. Take an appropriate amount of sleep mask and apply it on the face. After about 20 minutes, let the mask dry and go to bed.

After getting up, wash with cleanser.

“Of course it is important to pamper yourself with the external care of a bath, and the internal diet cannot be ignored.

“I drink two large cups of warm water every morning. Don’t drink cold or hot, because warm water can wash away bad things that I ate the day before, like those oils, and what I eat now.There will be residual pesticides in things, and many bad things will be taken away by warm water.

And no matter how much I drink, I will definitely eat breakfast, and I will definitely eat high-fiber grain porridge for breakfast, which will help detoxify and I will naturally look better.

“Li Bingbing is actually a very enjoyable person. This Pisces girl thinks that bathing is a good opportunity for a woman to pamper herself.

“Light up the essential oil candles, bathe with milk powder, put on your favorite music, and apply hair while conditioning your face. After the whole ceremony, I have a new look.

People are more comfortable, and their charm is even more divided.

When bathing, I sometimes add Japanese shochu to the hot water and rub my body constantly until I sweat, which promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and shortens the role of the body.

8 recipes for daily medical treatment

8 recipes for daily medical treatment


When chocolate is used to cure cough, the medicine is eaten with chocolate, which is easy to swallow, and the cough is better, because chocolate itself is a good medicine.

Theobromine in chocolate is very effective for cough.

Theobromine can inhibit vagus nerve activity, which is critical for chronic cough.

A report states that theobromine is found in all chocolates, with the highest levels of dark chocolate.

Although the exact amount cannot be defined, as far as dark chocolate is concerned, an adult eats 2 pounds (about 57 grams) and a child eats 1 pound (about 28 grams).


Honey injection wound honey can inhibit about 60 kinds of bacteria and produce a certain concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This free radical is a deadly poison to bacteria, but it is absolutely safe for human cells.

Apply honey on the wound surface, gently dressing with dressing, and change the dressing 1-2 times a day.


A bee stings and rubs aloe. Studies have shown that aloe gel is antibacterial and can remove toxins from bees’ stings.

Appropriately absorb the aloe gel repeatedly to the affected area until the skin is completely absorbed, preferably about 4 times a day.


Mosquito bites, toothpaste antipruritic toothpaste contains peppermint oil, which has a cooling effect when volatilized, and can cut the path of itching through the nerves.

Some people may be allergic to toothpaste, so use as little as possible, preferably no more than twice a day.


Chewing fennel seeds or coriander seeds helps digestion, and the average content of them is high in minerals (especially magnesium), which can reduce gas formation and reduce gastrointestinal cramps.

If the digestive system has been a problem, be sure to find out the cause; if it is only occasional indigestion, chew fennel seeds (one spoon a day) after a meal or between meals, or a glass of water and half a spoonful of fennel seeds and cook 5—Let it cool for 10 minutes.


Milk to burn the skin For less severe burns, Friedman recommends dipped clean gauze with milk and applied to the burns for 15 minutes each.


Tea bag for cold sores (also known as hot water bubbles) is a simple herpes caused by infectious virus, which is often distributed on and around the lips. It is very painful if it gets sick.

Both flavonoids and caffeine in tea have been shown to inhibit herpes simplex virus.

Keep the wet tea bag cool and apply it on the affected area, change it once an hour; or apply ice to the sore area, or relieve pain, and also anti-inflammatory; you can also dipped a cotton ball into milk and wipe it for 10-15 minutes every day.


Drinking baking soda for urethritis and urinary tract infections is unbearable. If you don’t have a doctor nearby, you may wish to drink a glass of baking soda, which may be relieved immediately.

Baking soda makes the bladder environment weakly alkaline and destroys the ability of bacteria to reproduce.

Suggestion: Add a cup of water and a spoonful of baking soda. If the pain does not disappear, drink it after 10 hours.

He also reminded that because the bacteria were not killed, they still needed medical treatment; re-drinking baking soda could easily lead to the loss of potassium in the body, so it was not suitable for the elderly.