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How to prepare for relaxation before practicing yoga

How to prepare for relaxation before practicing yoga

Relaxation is a basic method for beginners to learn qigong. It is a kind of static exercise practiced in postures such as lying down, sitting, or standing.

It is also the basic skills that you should master before advanced deep learning methods.

  When it comes to relaxation, most people can easily understand that it just relaxes the muscles.

In fact, relaxation requires not just muscle relaxation, but also spiritual relaxation. It can even be said that spiritual relaxation is the guide and foundation for practicing relaxation.

Only when the spirit really relaxes can the muscles achieve good relaxation.

  The so-called spiritual relaxation is mainly manifested in two aspects: First, resetting the region’s thoughts unrelated to exercise.

This mainly refers to the fact that when you first learn qigong, your thoughts often fail to achieve unity for a while, and sometimes the more you want to be united, the more complex thoughts will come.

The second is to prevent and eliminate the tension generated during relaxation.

The so-called tension during relaxation means that some people are eager to practice and want to reach their goal as soon as possible. In fact, they are eager to reach the goal. The more they want to relax, the more nervous they become.

One way to eliminate these two states is to focus your thoughts on the relaxed parts of the body one by one, and carefully examine the feeling that each part has when it relaxes.

In this way, it naturally prevents the generation of other distractions and achieves spiritual relaxation.

The so-called muscle relaxation is to be relatively relaxed while maintaining the strength of the exercise.

This relaxation is not slackness, because muscles must have a certain degree of tension to maintain a certain amount of exercise.

However, this kind of muscle tension is not stiff, and it can be just to maintain physical fitness.

This state of muscle is what is commonly referred to as “looseness, tension, and stiffness.”

  The following describes the specific method of relaxation: breathing: natural breathing.

  Posture: lying, sitting, standing.

  Idea: Imagine the muscles of each part of the body in the order described below, try to relax the muscles, and at the same time carefully examine how the muscles feel when they relax.

   To relax your muscles: Gently close your eyes, start from the top of your head and imagine and relax one by one.

  Top of head, forehead, eyebrow, eyelid, eyeball, nose, lips, lips, jaw, fracture, shoulders, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, two hands, ten fingers, fore chest, two threatens, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, itemRear hips, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves, joints, and feet.

This relaxation can be repeated many times.

To enhance the relaxation effect, you can meditate on the word “loose” when imagining each place, or play light music at the same time.

  Relaxation work has a better effect on eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength.

It also works well to relieve tension and promote sleep.

Patients with insomnia can practice relaxation after going to bed in the evening. Often, they can fall asleep quickly by relaxing their mind and body.

American ginseng, refreshing Qi and reducing heat

American ginseng, refreshing Qi and reducing heat

Invigorating Qi and reducing heat and reducing sparks, also known as “American ginseng”, comes from the United States and Canada, and is divided into two types: wild mountain and artificial cultivation.

Wild mountain American ginseng, produced in Wisconsin, USA, is the best ginseng. Its flavor is rich in sweetness, high in ginseng, and its efficacy can not be measured by ordinary American ginseng.

Recently, it has been produced in China. Its appearance resembles American ginseng. The insider is called “white dried ginseng”. Although it has a ginseng taste, it is quite cold, and its efficiency is higher than the American and Canadian ginseng. The prices are also very different.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and lowering fire, nourishing qi and nourishing yin, strengthening spleen and lungs, clearing fire and regenerating lungs, clearing heat and relieving irritability, relieving alcohol and refreshing, also suitable for lack of sleep, dry mouth and throat, rising liver fire, etc. According to modern medical research, Ginseng hasPromote metabolism, enhance immune ability, eliminate fatigue, promote development, enhance memory, improve nervous system activity, anti-aging, etc.

It is believed that its active ingredients can improve the activity of the nervous system, have an anti-fatigue effect, and have a good effect on old age intelligence and memory loss.

  Tips for selecting wild mountain American ginseng: black stripes and black stripes, straight lines, yellow and white incisions, light and loose body, strong scent, and long stay in mouth.

  Planting American Ginseng: The skin is pale yellow, the skin is thin and thin, and the skin is sparse and straight.

The body is strong and heavy, with a bitter and slightly sweet taste.

  White dried ginseng: The outer skin has irregular horizontal stripes, the inside is white, there is no ginseng scent, the bitterness is slightly bitter with a sour or fishy smell, and the medicine is too cold.

Hip-hop 2-in-1, weight loss and fitness

Hip-hop 2-in-1, weight loss and fitness

Hip-hop, also called HIP-HOP, comes from black street dance, so another name is REETFUNK.

Hip-hop is naturally loved by young people because of its light-heartedness, free personality, and rebellious spirit. After filtering out the taste and exaggeration of the two street dances, the hip-hop is rightly boarded in the hall of Daya—the gym.

  What to pay attention to when practicing hip-hop for the first time When you are learning hip-hop at first, you must not increase the amount of exercise all at once, you must step by step.

It is usually done first to warm up, to move the joints and ligaments of the body.

  Especially for knees, fractured joints should be fully opened to avoid injury when jumping; then enter a certain intensity and time of exercise, it is best not to replace 30 minutes; finally, use various stretching exercises to relax the body.

In this way, three steps can achieve better weight loss.

  Because everyone’s age, physical fitness and health status are different, everyone’s exercise intensity is different.

“Exercise intensity” is generally expressed as “maximum heart rate”. You can calculate the most suitable heart rate for hip-hop: If you are 25 years old, you don’t participate in physical exercise often, and your physical fitness is normal, choose hip-hop as a weight-loss sport.Cardiac dialysis 220-25 = 195, the right exercise intensity (exercise heart rate) should be (60?
75% × 195 = 117?
146 (times / minute).

  Introduction to HIP-HOP: Other HIP-HOP music adapts to the rhythm characteristics, and at the same time dances the HIP-HOP rhythm at random.

When learning from the coach, follow the coach’s procedure for disassembling the movement, learn the lower limb movements a little bit, and then gradually add the upper limb, head and other movements. Slow down and don’t rush.

  The classification of hip-hop is a kind of dance that people most often contact. It has large and simple dance steps and can show complex dance feeling.

Because it is easy to learn and jumps pretty well, it is very popular.

  Mechanical dance uses the muscles and joints of various parts of the body to create pleasing dance steps through the beat of music and its rich imagination.

Belongs to the more difficult street dance type.

  Break dance is also a small and high dance step, which can be roughly divided into two types: handle, head, and body rotating on the ground, called the large floor; using the limbs to step on the ground with complex and changing footsteps, plusA tricky handstand is called a small floor.

Of course, while dancing, you can also freely match the movements you want to perform.

  Freestyle, this is a fantastic dance step. Various other types of dances are mixed together and expressed freely. There is no restriction on the dance style, and it can be said that it is a personalized street dance that departs from the norms of general dance.

  House, a dance step that uses complex and magical steps through house music. It can be combined with Latin dance twists, martial arts flips, basic steps of ballet dance, and ballet laps. It can be very elegant and elegant.Quite wild.

Nine rules for washing your face


Nine rules for washing your face

We wash our faces every day, but have you ever asked yourself, is the method of washing your face correct?

In fact, although most people wash their faces every day, because they do n’t notice some details, they get more and more dirty.

Starting today, we will follow the method below to wash your face so that you have healthy and perfect skin!


hzh {display: none; }  第一:每次洗脸前,请一定要把手洗干净  用洗手液或肥皂洗手,充分轻揉(手心手背)三十秒,再用流动的清水把手冲洗干净,这之后To start washing your face.
  Second: The facial cleanser is fully foaming, and the massage should be light. Avoid the key parts. Because I have mixed oily skin, I usually use a foam-based facial cleanser. After rubbing the foam, start from the forehead, from top to bottomNo matter where you press it, don’t exceed thirty times, and don’t use too much force, too much force to the long cuticle.

  Face-washing and massage techniques: Forehead is a circular movement of both hands and cheeks. Pay attention to the T-shaped area.

On both sides of the nose (up, down, up and down), from the nose to the tip of the nose, between the base of the nose and between the eyebrows (up, down, up and down), pinch your mouth, make a circle and add up and down; the eyebrow and the end of the eye (circle).

The T-shaped area is very acne-prone, but cannot be rubbed hard because of acne-prone acne.

  Third: How many times to wash depends on your own situation, such as people drinking water, self-knowledge, you must believe in your feelings.

Believe in beauty experts, ask yourself, are you comfortable?

Do you find the expert’s method effective?

  Customs: 1.

Generally, once in the morning and evening, once in severe winter and three in hot summer 2.

The time for going out is shortened, and the whole body feels ashes. Wash twice.

In spring and autumn, apply a milder facial cleanser in the morning and a foam-based facial cleanser that cleans the switch at night. Moisturizing is the most important.

  Fourth: After cleaning, wash with warm water, then use cold water, alternately hot and cold, and repeatedly exercise for the face. Use warm water to open the pores, massage with cleansing milk or cleansing milk, and let them take away the dirty things.Use cold water to condense pores, and always use cold water for the last pass, and use cold water for cold.

  Fifth: Never wash your face with hot water is not a sauna for the facial skin. The biggest difference between warm water and hot water is that warm water is a temperature that does not strain the face cells, but hot water directly causes pores to grow!

  Sixth: When using as much water as possible to wash the face cleanser, be sure to wash it with water, then turn the faucet, and wash the spoon with flowing water to the face.

  Seventh: Rinse water, remove the cleanser without hands and towels. You must press your hands on the shells. Think of your face as precious porcelain thin as cicadas. Try not to hold any towels. You must use your hands to do that.gentle!

  Eighth: wipe the face with a cotton dry towel After washing your face, use a soft, dry cotton towel to gently press in front, so that the hairs on the towel can actively absorb the dry moisture by themselves. Ninth: Use the size 1 for the towel.

Towels must be washed once a week, filled with soap, scrubbed as if they have not been washed for several years, and then rinsed with water.


If conditions permit, it is best to cook it after washing.

Take a special clean washbasin or pot and cook it on the stove like a rib.

Boil for a few three or five minutes.


Dry the towel, the ultraviolet rays in the sun can sterilize.


Change face often when using.


Conditionally, all towels are used separately according to their purpose.


Five Myths About Daily Skin Care_1

Five Myths About Daily Skin Care

If you are born with sensitive skin, in addition to regular skin care, you have to be more careful about those small triggers that can cause your skin to be sensitive.

Xiaobian today listed the 5 most common misunderstandings of sensitive skin. Pay attention to these small details, even if you are sensitive, you don’t have to worry about it.


hzh {display: none; }  NG1:粉扑不干净也可继续使用  不干净的化妆用具,也是使肌肤敏感的祸首!When applying makeup, the water and oil will be sucked away by the puff. The puff filled with oil is in contact with the air, which is the best breeding place for bacteria.

Dirty powder puffs are not only unsightly, but also make the skin fragile or acne-prone.

Wash the puff once a Wednesday. Use a special cleaning agent or mild soap. After washing, put in absorbent tissue paper and dry in the shade.

  Tips from Xiaobian: Step 1 of puff cleaning, soak in water and detergent for 5 minutes, knead and wash with water.

  2. Pinch the puff with a drying rack one by one to dry.

  3. Gently rub with your hands after drying, the puff can restore the furry touch.

  Tips The special puff cleaner can better maintain the softness of the puff and effectively extend the life of the puff.

  NG2: Some people apply the ointment randomly when they are allergic. Some people develop a substitute for the ointment, especially some hormonal ointments.

I think it is good to apply some ointments. In fact, long-term use of these hormonal ointments will form drug dependence, the skin will gradually shrink, and the pigments will be disordered.

  Xiaobian warm reminder: When the skin is sensitive, itchy and uncomfortable, you should first stop the skin care products you are using, and you should not continue when applying makeup.

Then you can go to the hospital, and the doctor recommends professional NG3: the skin care products are not changed in seasons, and the skin is not short of oil. It is caused by dehydration of the skin and uneven oil and water during allergies.

Once the problem occurs, some people stop using cosmetics, causing skin malnutrition.

Some people will misunderstand the use of curative skin care products, which will increase the burden on the skin.

  Xiaobian warm reminder: Many sisters with sensitive skin will ask me what products are suitable for them?

I often ask it back and suggest that women use products that have no substitute for themselves over the long term.

Because of the special circumstances of sensitive skin, trying something new is not suitable for them!

  NG4: The skin is dry and itchy. Using moisturizing cream can improve the consistency of your skin care products. It is a burden for sensitive skin. Do not use it.

Skin care products that are too oily and moisturizing can easily stimulate sensitive skin and are not easy to absorb. The texture of “lotions” is more suitable for sensitive skin than creams and essences.

  Tips from Xiaobian: The lotion can be said to be one of the lightest skin care products on the skin. It is not only light in a small amount, but also not over-moisturized, which makes your skin feel burdened.

  NG5: Fruit and vegetable patches are natural and safe. Some fruits and vegetables contain light-sensitive substances. After absorbing light, these substances will cause allergic reactions and cause local redness and swelling, such as fresh aloe meat and mango meat in fresh mango.

The fruits and vegetables that can cause solar dermatitis are tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, potatoes, etc. Some fruits, such as lemons, are very acidic and cause the skin to “bleach”. Use that directly on the surface, sometimes the skin becomes rough.

  Xiaobian warm reminder: MMs are more and more like their DIY masks, but sometimes the problem of the proportion will make the original natural products counterproductive.

Moreover, not all fruits are suitable for DIY.

How old can I use toothpaste?

How old can I use toothpaste?

Today’s young parents know the nature of their children’s oral health and train their children to brush their teeth early.

However, doctors remind that while it is important for children to brush their teeth, it is more important to choose toothpaste that is suitable for children.

Young parents should be careful in choosing toothpaste for young children, especially children under 4 years of age are not recommended to use fluoride toothpaste, otherwise it may cause health risks.

   Li Lizhen, the head of the dental cleaning center of the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Wenyi, introduced that the main ingredients of toothpaste are detergents, abrasives, and the principle of toothpaste cleaning is to remove plaque on the surface of teeth through abrasives, polish and polish teeth, and whiten teeth.effect.

Liquid toothpaste does not have an effective cleaning effect without abrasives.

At the same time, the quality of the abrasive is the main basis for distinguishing the quality of toothpaste.

  Different abrasives vary widely in rough size.

Parents are advised to replace their children’s fine toothpaste with fine abrasives.

And children are susceptible to dental caries, using fluoride toothpaste is an effective way to prevent dental caries.

In the new national toothpaste standard that was officially implemented in February this year, the fluorine content of children’s toothpaste was particularly requested: the fluorine content was 0.


Between 11%.

Therefore, the exclusion of fluoride toothpaste does not play a role in preventing dental caries.

   Powerful precious doctors reminded that because toothpaste also contains chemicals such as flavoring agents and preservatives, if the child does not completely remove the toothpaste residue when brushing his teeth, or swallows it by mistake, it is prone to nausea and vomiting.

However, if young children have not brushed their teeth correctly, especially children under 4 years old, the swallowing function is not perfect, and the toothpaste foam will not be fully spit out. Part of the foam will be swallowed into the body, which may cause excessive fluorine and cause fluorosis.

   She suggested that for children between 1 and 2 years old, parents can wipe their teeth with disinfected or boiled gauze dipped in warm water, each time after meals and before bedtime; for children under 4 years old, parents can replace when cleaningRinse your child’s mouth with some salt water or brush your teeth with warm water; 4?
Children 6 years old can use less irritating child-specific toothpaste under the guidance of parents, and the amount of toothpaste used every time should be appropriate; children over 7 years old can use fluoride toothpaste.

30 signals that the opposite sex likes you

30 signals that the opposite sex likes you

First, you are extremely concerned about your work, study, and living conditions, and even your hobbies.

  Second, take the initiative to introduce your situation to your family, friends, colleagues, fellows, etc., and include preconceptions in comments.

  Third, consult with you in case of an accident, solicit your opinion, and take the initiative to ask you for ideas and think of ways.

  4. Do everything possible to inquire about your past situation and the situation of your family.

Especially interested in your personal.

  Fifth, when introducing you to others, you often exaggerate your strengths, strengths, reduce or conceal your shortcomings, mistakes, and even use your shortcomings as advantages to highlight them.

  Six, because you are out for work or study, you will never forget to bring you some small gifts, souvenirs and the like.

  Seventh, remember your birthday best, and often create some festive atmosphere or surprises for you on this day.

  Eight, on Valentine’s Day, he will definitely give you roses and ask you to go out and party.

If you refuse, he will certainly be unhappy.

  Nine, love to look at your album, care about the photos of young and opposite sex on the album, and often ask some strange questions for you to answer.

  Ten, start to pay attention to your opposite sex friends, colleagues, and try to reach out and understand them, if it fails, it will produce a lot of suspicion, envy and even resentment.

  Eleven, I hope to receive your letter every day and take your call. If not, he will be disappointed and restless.

  Twelve, everything is always towards you. When you quarrel with others, even if you are wrong, he will be on your side.

  Thirteen, when he has achieved results, even if it is a small improvement, he will gladly report to you first and ask you to share the happiness in it.

  Fourteen, when he encounters failure or frustration in work, study, and life, he will take the initiative to ask you for help.

For some difficult-to-conceal privacy issues, you are the first person to talk to him, and he will pay special attention to your opinions.

  Fifteen, if the other person is introverted and unspoken, treat others with courtesy, calm and decent, and pay attention to proportions, but when you are with you, you are unrestrained and careless, and you seem to have endless words all day long., Then, this clearly shows that the other party has deeply fallen in love with you.

  Sixteen, always try to create opportunities to meet with you, increase the number of meetings, even if you meet for a few minutes, otherwise you can not stand, there is a sense of “one day missing, such as every other autumn”.

  Seventeen, I often borrow books from you to see, and sometimes I have n’t even turned over the books I borrowed, and I said how good this book is.

  Eighteenth, in the new year or when there is a major happy event in his home, he actively invites you to go to his home to play. Most of them do n’t let you pay when buying gifts, but also borrow your name.

  Nineteen, often ask about yourself and your family, and consciously or unconsciously “participate in politics”: to give advice, suggestions, find ways to help, and always help generously and do their best.

  Twenty, on some insignificant issues, you talk about things and talk about things with you, and often sing against you to find happiness.

  Twenty-one, start paying attention to your clothes and dresses. If you don’t trim the edges, he will remind you from time to time.

  Twenty-two, you can put forward straightforward suggestions for your bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, sedimentation, and sometimes even combined.

  Twenty-three, you will not refuse or immediately agree to the reasonable and reasonable demands you have made, even in practice.

  Twenty-fourth, when your mood is low, he will cheer you up; if you are too crazy, he will come over and pour cold water at you again.

  Twenty-five, letters to you are always getting longer and more.

There have also been subtle changes to your title and the letter in the letter.

  Twenty-six, kisses, hugs, and other requests made by you are generally no longer rejected and can actively cooperate.

Even if you do not agree to your non-dividing requirements, they will make a reasonable explanation to you.

Try not to make you angry and embarrassed.

  Twenty-seven, I bought new clothes and made new hairstyles, and I will report to you cheerfully. I hope to hear your compliments. If you are absent-minded, he will definitely be angry.

  28. For your appointment, you can usually go to the appointment on time. If you cannot arrive due to special circumstances, you will be notified in advance, or you will be asked to change the time and place to avoid waiting for you.

  Twenty-nine, if the other party is a girl and accepts your gift of perfume, it will be very eye-catching, because the perfume contains the beauty of “sweet marriage.”

  Thirty, if the letter “5A1” appears in the letter sent to you, it means the other party has fallen in love with you.

The secret word for “5A1” is “I love you”.

  Of course, the above signals of love cannot happen at the same time, but as long as you send 5 or more signals, you can boldly attack.

DIY hair dyeing experience

DIY hair dyeing experience

Going to the hair salon is a pleasure, but doing it yourself at home is a pleasure.

Want to experience the joy of DIY hair dyeing yourself?

Follow these steps to get started.

  Step 1: Put some cotton around the hairline in a thread shape, mainly to prevent the dye from staining the forehead.

  Step 2: Put plastic gloves on both hands and mix the dye paste according to the instructions on the package.

  Step 3: Start at the root of the hair and apply the mixture evenly to the entire hair.

  Step 4: Twist your hair from the top to the tail while you are sure that your hands are still “protected” by the plastic gloves.

  Step 5: After all the hair has been painted with dye, hold the hair with a clip to prevent the colorant from dripping into the body.

  Step 6: After about 10 minutes, rinse the dye with water to get your favorite hair color.

  Step 7: Most hair coloring kits contain a small bag of conditioner. Use it after you rinse the dye, it will make your new hair color more shiny.

How to correct a child’s willfulness?

How to correct a child’s willfulness?

Some parents often have a bad temper against their children. They are very stubborn and don’t let him do what he wants, or cry, make trouble . Are these children willful?

  Children are born like a blank piece of paper. Children’s willfulness is indeed very common, but it is not born. It is mainly caused by improper education.

  Obedience and resistance Children are generally more obedient before the age of three. Parents listen to whatever they say; if parents say that these things are not allowed to touch, he will not touch them.

  Such children often get praise from their parents, relatives and friends: “This child is obedient.”

Near the age of three, parents felt that their children were beginning to change and become less “obedient.”

At this time, it is the beginning of children’s independence and willfulness. Parents should be good at discovering changes in their children and pay attention to education and guidance.

  Trusting yourself, trusting others, and having independence in things are very important qualities in your personality. This quality has begun to sprout at a very young age and is closely related to the formation of future personality.

Psychologists have selected 100 3?
Five-year-olds with strong resistance and 100 children who could hardly see the resistance, followed these children in a follow-up study.

The study found that when these children reached youth, 84 of the original rebellious group of objects were strong-willed and assertive, able to independently analyze and judge things and make decisions; while the original group of “non-rebellious”Only 26 people became strong-willed people, and the rest were relatively easy to think about inaction.

  The wayward behavior of children. Children have a natural curiosity and imitation. They often have the facts in their lives: children around the age of 2 eat with their own spoons, eat a mess, and break the porcelain spoons;Gao, holding the broom to sweep the floor, the parents just sweep the garbage, but the baby sweeps the garbage away.

Like the above behavior, parents may be scolded. In fact, this is the child’s initiative to express initiative and independence. It is not willful. Parents should not only scold, but also encourage, praise and guide.

  Some children have been so pampered that they eat and pick things up. The parents gave him eggs for tea. He had to eat the egg sauces sold by the stalls. The parents specially cooked him the eggs and he had to eat the eggs.
Some children eat and play while eating. When parents put away their toys, they lay on the ground and roll.

Such behavior is willful.

 How to correct a child’s willful behavior towards a child must be corrected.

  First, parents should require their children to have certain behavioral boundaries and guide their children to develop good habits.

Show your child what to do and what not to do, and encourage him to stick to it.

You ca n’t always say to your child, “Just this time today,” “It ‘s not an example.”

  We must not allow children to transgress their behavioral boundaries, otherwise they will only spoil their children and promote their willful problems, which will be difficult to correct in the future.

It should also be noted that parents must be consistent.

  Second, when the child is capricious, parents should be good at diverting the child’s interest to transfer his capriciousness.

For example, when a child enters a supermarket and noisily buys candy, sees a balloon, and screams for a balloon, at this time, parents can cause the child to observe the object, so that he forgets the candy and balloon that he was crying for.

  Third, parents should pay attention to education methods and be patient.

When a child is crying, parents can adopt a careless attitude to make the child happy. His crying can scare no one and make him gradually quiet.

Some children have too much self-esteem. Parents can give him a “step”, help him “end”, and then educate him by “embrace-view-personality”.

  Hug, adapt to the child’s ego, although he did something wrong, the parents still love him, so that the child does not have resistance to their parents.

  Confrontation allows the child to recognize the parents’ love for him and his wayward dislike from the eyes of their parents.

  Personality must be changed and understood so that children can understand where they are wrong and what to do in the future while maintaining self-esteem.

18 Secrets of Korean Star Medical Aesthetics


18 Secrets of Korean Star Medical Aesthetics

The star is a group of people shrouded in halo, bright eyes and bright teeth, but the ice muscle jade bones are not all born.

Not everyone is born to look beautiful, neither is a star.

Natural beauty is important, but the day after tomorrow can be impeccable.

Stars are becoming more and more beautiful, and the beauty of stars is often inseparable from the development of medical aesthetics.

18 Secrets to Become Beautiful, Decode Beautiful Ghost Axe.

  The first plan of medical cosmetology: Injecting a thin face with a sharp outline has become a popular pursuit nowadays. The injection of thin face needle technology introduced from South Korea can help you to be a small face beauty easily.

Botox injection (commonly known as face-lifting needle) is a non-surgical face-lifting method preferred by celebrities. Because of its advantages in operation replacement and safety, it has become the first choice for celebrities to quickly lose weight.

The botulinum injection is mainly targeted at the square face caused by overdeveloped chewing muscles.

When the face-lifting effect appears, you will get the admiration of everyone like a star.

  The second plan of medical cosmetology: maxillofacial plastic goose egg face is the face shape that many girls expect, and now it can be changed by surgery.

More and more Korean and Asian stars go to plastic surgery hospitals in South Korea for face surgery before becoming famous, making themselves more suitable for photogenic.

Through continuous practice and exploration, the Korean classic face-lifting technology summarized by Korean experts is sought after by many stars.

The Korean classic face-lifting is very concealed.

Usually choose the mouth or hairline.

Under the guidance of a professional plastic surgeon, with a sunflower seed face, the goose egg face can come true. The 4th plan of medical beauty: the eyelashes are short and thin, and look sluggish.

Planting eyelashes can help you solve the problem of thinning eyelashes.

Eyelashes are implanted using autologous hair transplantation. After successful transplantation, the length of eyelashes can be removed as needed.

There are no scars on the eyelash transplantation area.

Plant eyelashes, which grow as long as you want.

  No. 5 in Medical Cosmetology: In orientals without rhinoplasty, prolapse of the nose is common.

Therefore, rhinoplasty is very popular in the East, and rhinoplasty has the most prominent change in facial contours.

Korean prosthetic rhinoplasty does not require prosthesis, and it is aesthetically a comprehensive rehabilitation of the nose. Korean prosthetic rhinoplasty has sophisticated operation, mature aesthetic concepts, and good biocompatibility. It is comparable to works of art.

  The 6th plan of medical beauty: Angelina Jolie with sexy lips and beautiful lips makes men and women crazy for her.

Especially her sexy lips make her shine.

Korean style lips are superb.

According to the specific circumstances and requirements, Korean-style lip plumping can be performed by slightly injecting “lip plumping” or using artificial tissue substitutes to achieve full lips.

It’s amazing to have sexy lips without the hassle of sculpting.

  The 7th plan of medical beauty: teeth whitening teeth black black yellow yellow, how to show a beautiful smile.

Teeth coloring is extremely common in the clinic. The high-speed cold light whitening tooth system can help you remove dirt and bad pigments from your teeth and have a healthy and whitening tooth for a long time.

This system uses plasma to quickly catalyze the reaction between the whitening gel and pigment adsorbed on the tooth surface, so as to achieve the effect of whitening teeth quickly.

With a pair of healthy and white teeth, you can fully show your beautiful charming smile.

  The eighth measure of medical cosmetology: Long jaw In terms of the characteristics of Oriental bones, it is very common that the jaw is too retracted.

The lack of three-dimensional chin makes the outline of the lower part of the face weak, and destroys the overall beauty of the face.

Long chin surgery can make the chin longer and longer, which can improve the shape of the face.

There are two kinds of surgical methods, such as cutting bones to pull out the chin or implanting the chin prosthesis. Among them, the implantation of the chin prosthesis is simple and easily accepted by the patient.

The sharp chin and sharply defined features make it easy to attract attention.

  The 9th plan of medical beauty: fashion breast augmentation and exquisite figure cannot be separated from the chest curve.

Endoscopic three-dimensional breast augmentation is a stylish and safe breast augmentation. Unlike previous breast augmentation operations performed outside the body, this operation only needs to be closed by a rice grain, and the filling material is implanted under the supervision of a built-in scope.A complete cavity behind the mammary gland, which prevents the filling material from penetrating into the breast tissue.Utilizing advanced medical technology to help women hold their heads tall and emit pure female radiance.

  The 10th plan of medical cosmetology: the waist and abdomen shape the life of modern people, eat more, do less physical exercise, waist circumference grows sad.

Resonance liposuction weight loss provides a solution for adults in modern people.

This technology uses only a few millimeters of minimally invasive pinholes and uses the principle of resonance to selectively break tiny cells and repeat redundant slight suction without causing skin, blood vessels and nerve tissues to resonate, effectively protecting nerves and blood vessels, greatly improvingThe effect and safety of the operation.

Easily pull out the excess waist and abdomen, you can show a small waist.

  The 11th plan of medical beauty: sexy buttocks with swollen buttocks are a symbol of female vitality and charm, but many people have sagging breasts.

Now, hip-lifting has come to us. It inherits the exquisite and beautiful Korean technology, and uses a variety of methods such as liposuction, skin tightening and stretching.

Keep your tibia fixed and cocked, sexy and charming, exuding charming charm at all times.

  The 12th plan of medical cosmetology: Beautiful legs are slender, and the uniform leg lines are fascinating.

At present, ring-shaped directional liposuction technology can remove abnormalities in 360 degrees for various non-physiological local lipid accumulation areas.

Beautiful legs are at your fingertips.

This technology uses negative pressure to remove a few cells that have been liquefied under the skin, quickly and effectively improve body shape, and achieves the purpose of weight loss and body shaping.

Since surgery in China, it has been favored by beauty lovers.

Perfect body, beautiful figure, everything is possible if you want.

  The 13th plan of medical cosmetology: through the improvement of women’s body, more and more women are free to pursue physiological harmony.

Improving the beauty of the external genitalia can not only enhance its physiological functions, but also enhance the harmony of sexual life.

Common private cosmetic procedures include: labia minora surgery, vaginal relaxation correction, slender or closed vaginal surgery, and clitoral surgery.

Enjoy life, release yourself, pursue exquisite life. Medical beauty. 14th plan: Whitening and rejuvenation. Eastern aesthetics love fair skin. The popular color rejuvenation in Shanghai can directly reach the dermis of the skin and directly affect the collagen cells of the dermisSo that the collagen in the skin can be reborn, and it can really achieve the role of deep skin care.

Effectively improve skin oils and increase skin elasticity.

Be a beautiful cutie with white skin, confidently chasing the young dream of medical beauty 15th plan: no trace acne and acne is difficult to solve, upset!

I hope that youth does not need to fight “acne”, but often youth is with acne.

Sometimes adults also suffer from acne damage.

Nowadays, the compound color light used by the hospital to treat acne can not only remove the annoying acne, but also remove the marks and scars left by acne. The youthful skin reappears, which is amazing.

  The 16th plan of medical beauty: get rid of chloasma, darken your face, and how can you feel bright?

Photon rejuvenation also gives you delicate skin.

Korean skin and beauty experts have created deep skin regeneration after years of intensive research. This technology can remove old skin to achieve the purpose of removing melasma, scars and skin wrinkles.

Solve the speckles and face the future with confidence.

  17th plan of medical cosmetology: Slight wrinkle removal of many people After all, many stars are unable to escape the impact of years. Stars are younger than ordinary people without the energy they spend on beauty.

At present, an advanced technology can use its own excess amount to fill the various wrinkles left over the years.

Adult fillings use their own tissues to both lose weight and help the face look younger and more vibrant.

  The 18th plan of medical cosmetology: Xuefu’s cool hair removal and heavy sweaty hair are unsightly, which seriously affects the overall visual beauty.

Xuefu Ice Laser Hair Removal Technology is a cutting-edge technology that is widely used in the field of hair removal. While achieving the ideal hair removal effect, it can effectively protect the epidermis from thermal damage without causing melanin deposition and arthritis reactions.

Really clean and painless hair removal, silky skin, put it down.