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Husband stays with me all night long for online dating

Husband stays with me all night long for online dating

Oralist: My 32-year-old store manager, Yun Fei, married my husband Xiaokang in July 1997.

It was an extraordinary experience-we were in the same office for 3 years, from colleagues to lovers, and finally came together.

When he was newly married, Xiaokang was a “good man” who loved his family. He even occasionally had entertainment at night and never returned home after 22 o’clock.

I have been very fortunate for such a marriage.

  After the in-laws moved in, their lives in the world ended before the Chinese New Year in 1999. Xiaokang suddenly talked to me and said that his parents wanted to come to Shanghai from Changzhou’s hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year.

I agreed without saying a word.

A few days later, Xiaokang’s parents and Xiaokang’s younger brother lived together. From their large bag and small bag stand, I vaguely “rolled out”-sure enough, this stay is more than 3 years.

  Life in the two-person world ended like this, which made me a little uncomfortable.

Since I was a child, I was a girl with “cleanliness”, and my small family suddenly became a big family. Even if I still clean every day, it doesn’t help.

His parents do not cook and do no housework.

So after work every day, I have to “fight” to finish a family of 5 meals, wait for washing and cleaning, cleaning is done, it is often more than 10 pm-I was already pregnant at the time.

Every time I look at Xiaokang’s embarrassing and sorry look, I can only hold all my grievances in my heart.

  In the spring of 2000, her daughter was born.

But less than 3 months after giving birth, I resumed my previous weight loss.

I went to work on the first day after my maternity leave. My colleagues were surprised that I was “slimer”
than before. I had to pretend that I was joking about how to lose weight successfully. In fact, only I knew it.Rice, now a child who cries day and night is added, it is strange not to be thin!

  Every time I go back to my parents’ home, I see that I am getting thinner and thinner, and my mother always has to hang on for a while.

And I can only pass the same “reason”.

Unfortunately, Heaven didn’t seem to see my toil.

  (Yun Fei handed me the business card, which was the head of an avant-garde brand store-which made it difficult for me to associate her with the traditional “little daughter-in-law” image.

“At that time, I was such a dual identity. Good friends all said, how can there be young girls in Shanghai who do all the housework of the extended family!

They persuaded me to live separately, and I gently talked to Xiao Kang twice, but never saw him act.

“) The family’s” Civil War “was frequent, and he began to grow up all night, and his daughter grew up, but the harmonious atmosphere at home disappeared-of course, it has nothing to do with the child.

  When he first arrived in Shanghai, Xiaokang found a job for his brother, which made his parents very satisfied.

Within a few months, his brother was fired by the company.

Watching his 20-year-old son hang around all day, Xiaokang’s parents often complained or even quarreled with each other-sensitive I can certainly hear that they were just “referring to slang and scolding locusts”, which put pressure on Xiaokang.

  This has a great impact on the well-being of the well-off. Since the fall of 2000, the frequency of outbreaks through the “Civil War” has become higher and higher, and the well-off has also become more and more late. From the initial four to five o’clock to ninety o’clockAnd sometimes not returning all night.

This has never happened before.

Even in the face of my daughter and me, Xiaokang lost his patience.

  Every evening, I waited for Xiaokang to go home in a dazzling manner-after all, in this quarreling home, only my daughter and he could give me a smiley face.

But every time, when the food was cold, he was still missing. There was only one call: “I’m not coming back for dinner, don’t wait for me.

“I still remember clearly that Xiaokang’s first night did not return.

On a weekend in December of that year, I waited until the whole family fell asleep, and Xiaokang hadn’t returned, not even a phone call.

I have no sleepiness, watching the sleeping child alone in a daze.

Seeing the extension at 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, he still couldn’t see him. He didn’t answer the phone. He called the scintillator several times but didn’t hear back.

I’m so stubborn that I tirelessly over and over that number and want him to go home early.

  After half an hour of dialing, his voice finally came from the other end of the phone. “You’re sick of it, keep calling, hitting, hitting!

“Xiaokang’s tone was stiff as never before. After this sentence, he quickly disconnected the line.

I was even more sleepless. I hurriedly added a coat to my thermal underwear and didn’t even put on my socks. I put on a pair of shoes and waited for him by the garden in the community.  In the middle of December, everyone acknowledged that I was sleeping well in the warmth, and only I stood stupidly in the middle of cold wind and my husband went home.

I’ve always been a timid person, but I didn’t know the courage that night, and I didn’t feel scared at all.

2 o’clock, 3 o’clock . My two eyes kept taking turns to notice the iron gate on the left and the iron gate on the right. Once I heard the sound of a car outside, I immediately rushed forward.

Until 4 o’clock in the morning, I couldn’t stand the cold, and returned home coldly.

  As soon as I fell asleep, I heard the sound of Xiaokang opening the door, and the alarm clock told me clearly that it was 6:20 in the morning.

I didn’t dare to speak loudly, but asked aggrievedly: “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you outside, frozen to death!

Xiaokang’s eyes were full of impatience, so coldly so-called: “Ask me so much?

I didn’t ask you to wait, something went wrong!

“My heart broke all of a sudden.

  (“Spoken” that day, Yun Fei put on a very delicate makeup, but at that time, tears had made her look pale.

“In fact, my daughter is most reluctant. Since she learned to speak, the language environment around her has been full of ‘vicious’ quarrels. Even dad doesn’t like her anymore. I’m really afraid that she will have psychological problems in the long-term meeting.

“) I can’t stand his indifference, I have chatted on the Internet just like that, every day . Every year for more than a year, I tirelessly take care of this big family, on the other side I have to put up with XiaokangFrosty.

I didn’t dare to go back to my parents’ house, for fear I could not help crying.

  I once secretly went to see a psychiatrist alone and listened to my talk. The doctor said that I was too stressed and was not mentally ill. “Heart disease still needs a heart medicine doctor and talk to her husband well.

The doctor said lightly, I believe that no one could understand my situation at the time.

  Every time I want to calm down with Xiaokang’s personality, I always get his cold words.

After sadness and despair, I started chatting online.

Before that, I always laughed at a few “networms” in the office and said that online chat was boring.

In those years, for the Gu family, I almost gave up contact with all my friends, and the only “Dead Party” has also gone abroad to marry, rarely contacted-in order not to let the spirit collapse, I must resolve the depression in my heart.

In this mentality, the second time I used QQ to chat, I randomly found him with the net name “Marmot”.

  ”Groundhog” is the same age as Xiaokang, and I was particularly impressed by the first chat.

I remember the first sentence I asked him: “Do you play Mahjong?

He replied, “That’s a waste of life.

“Maybe in the subconscious, I always think that Xiaokang started to change by playing mahjong with his customers, so his answer moved me at once. Instinctively, I had a good impression on him.

  Gradually, we have more and more topics. A few days later, “Marmot” suddenly raised and wanted to hear my voice.

I agreed quickly and called him.

However, he did not leave his number to him.

So I have a “virtual friend”.

  He is getting more and more from “virtual” to “real”. I am even more painful by phone. Repeatedly, I finally no longer shed tears for Xiaokang’s late return.

Every time my daughter fell asleep, I turned on the computer and talked to “Marmot”.

“Groundhog” never said bad things about Xiaokang, but just persuaded me to relax.

Two months later, “Marmot” suddenly sent an e-mail saying that he loved me, loved my kindness and tenderness, and said that a good woman like me should not carry such a heavy burden.

  (The online dating stories all seem to have the same beginnings as girls who didn’t believe in the Internet, but ended up in the virtual love.

But Yun Fei insisted that her motives were different.

“When I went online, I wanted to heal myself. I was afraid I would go crazy.

So when I talked to him at first, I just regarded him as a ‘psychologist’.

“) If I insisted on living separately, if I had a few friends to chat with-maybe the ending would be completely different.

  I consider myself a woman with a very traditional mindset. I cannot have a husband and a lover.

Every day now, I live in contradiction-secretly when contacting him, like a thief; but every time I make up my mind to stop contacting, I will immediately recover my previous sadness, crying every night.

Marmot and I are married, not to mention I have a daughter, a poor little girl whom I can only rely on.  Just two days ago, I sent an e-mail to Marmot, suggesting that he would only be a good friend to talk, and never go beyond that moral line.

But the moment I sent the letter, I found that I was more painful and uncomfortable than before. For a few days, I had no God.

Apply deodorant before men’s fitness!


Apply deodorant before men’s fitness!

Men go to the gym mainly to build muscles and make themselves stronger and more popular with women.

However, during the exercise, some men ignored the presence of women.

Feel free to be shirtless and take off your shoes and socks.
These habits really make women unhappy.

No favor, but boredom increases.

So, how should men dress in the gym!

Some people think that it is enough to wear comfortably, and the problem of more fitness for men is body odor.

Many women support this view, thinking: Men must take a bottle of body lotion for fitness!

  Strong muscles, wide plaster, and body maintenance are no longer women’s patents. Regular guests in the gym equipment area throughout the year are the trendy men who focus on body.

But what puzzles many women is that too many men who are worthy of appearance don’t pay much attention to many details of civilization, and repeatedly notice that it doesn’t work. The gym leader even classifies them as “difficult households”.

  Fitness is not the same as “showing” more and more fashionable men and women stepping into the gym. A healthy and healthy attitude towards life is worthy of praise. However, by gradually increasing the temperature, fashionable men in the gym also begin to change in timeDressing up and practicing the equipment naked toplessly made the ladies unhappy.

  ”At first I felt embarrassed. After all, I was a stranger, and it was very uncomfortable to appear naked in front of others.

“Some people may think that exercising is your own business. What you wear as long as you feel comfortable, but the gym is a public place after all. The lady also said:” Fitness is a very healthy thing and it requires civilized behavior.Maybe some men are just for the figure, then it loses the meaning of fitness.

“Suggestion: During exercise, the body will emit a lot of sweat. Shirtless fitness will recover the sweat and contact the fitness equipment, which may easily cause the equipment to slip and cause injury.

The scientific fitness method should be wearing a top, and preferably a cotton top that absorbs sweat.

  Personal hygiene is worrying. Do n’t think that perfume is the favorite of mature women. If the fashionable man ‘s bag does not have a bottle of perfume, he will be despised. There is no perfume, and he should also prepare a bottle after sweating happily.Antiperspirant fragrance.

  But some well-dressed men, even going in and out of high-end fitness clubs, have to challenge your olfactory nerves.

Ms. Wang’s grades are bitter. “Some men have a strong body odor and even affect the normal movement of others, making people want to escape immediately.

  Maybe he didn’t pay attention, but using some antiperspirant fragrance is also the basic etiquette.

“”, What puzzled Ms. Wang is that some men will take off their shoes or even deodorant socks immediately after finishing fitness, and put on a straightforward look, it is easy to associate with “man who can not take care of himself”, and fashionable menThe appearance is very different.

  Recommendation: Men in the gym use antiperspirant fragrance before starting fitness. This is not only to give people a healthy and easy feeling, but also to bring a good mood to their fitness.

How to maintain a happy mood for the elderly

How to maintain a happy mood for the elderly

Older people should keep a happy mood and pay attention to the following points in life!

  When you are blind, you should wear glasses and hearing aids in time to help you communicate and deal with everyday things. Bring paper and pens around you, and brake your time to record what you think or do, so as not to forget.You can use a cane to keep your body balanced.

  It is necessary to adhere to the law of eating and drinking, which helps to improve the life and rhythm of life; can consciously change the way of doing things to adjust life, or change the types and patterns of food for three meals a day, or read different kinds of periodicals and books.Or change the layout of the furniture so that you can live a fresh feeling.

  It is necessary to persist in learning some new scientific knowledge, such as attending old universities and visiting various exhibitions, insisting on collecting or playing musical instruments, so that you can experience the changes in life and continue to improve.

  Do your own things as much as possible to reduce the burden on your family; don’t use traditional moral concepts to bind young people, don’t worry too much about young people; don’t often lose your temper, or chatter for your own illness.

Beware of 12 common mental viruses

Beware of 12 common mental viruses

All or no thinking: You see things as black and white.

If your performance is not perfect, you consider yourself a total failure.

  Overgeneralization: You take a small negative event as evidence of endless failure.

  Psychological filtering: You pick out a small negative detail and think too much about it, making your view of the entire reality gloomy, like a drop of ink discoloring the entire spray.

  Eradicate positive experiences: For one reason or another, you insist on “experienced” and refuse to actively experience them.

This way you can maintain a negative belief that contradicts your daily experience.

  Sloppy samples: Even if there are no clear facts to support your example, you assume negative interpretations.

  Mind reading: You arbitrarily say that someone underground is reacting negatively to you, and you don’t check it at all.

  Misprediction: You expect things to turn out bad, and then treat your predictions as a fact that has been transformed.

  Exaggerate (catastrophic) or shrink: You exaggerate the nature of things (such as your own mistakes or the achievements of others) or inappropriately reduce things to very small (your own qualities of appreciation).

This is a “telescope game”: you look at positive things from one end and negative things from the other.

  Emotional reasoning: You predict that your negative perception must reflect the truth of things.

For example, automatically infer that you must be guilty because you feel guilty; or more generally: “I feel so, so this must be true.

“Must” and “should”: You use these words to turn everything into an emergency.

Instead of doing it when it is really necessary.

  Labeling: Instead of simply admitting that you made a specific mistake, you label yourself the whole thing, such as “I am a loser.”

Those who see things differently from you are labelled as “idiots”.

  Too much responsibility: You consider yourself to be the cause of some external negative event, when in fact it is mainly your responsibility.

If men are not bad, do not love work

If men are not bad, do not love work

In addition to a person’s competence for a certain profession, in addition to the degree of effort, whether the personality of the person is consistent with the requirements of the profession is also an extremely important factor.

Psychologists have studied the career choices of seven different types of people and summarized their optimal career choices.

  1Operational type This kind of person is born with flexible hands and feet, loves and is good at fiddling with inquiry items, and is suitable for choosing occupations such as operators, supplies maintenance, installation, and chefs who need higher hands-on ability.

  2 Research type This type of person likes to be alone, has strong abstract thinking ability, is good at thinking with symbols and conceptual thinking and conceptual thinking, likes intellectual activities, and is suitable for choosing scientific research, medicine, computer program design and other work.

  3 Artistic This type of person has strong sensitivity, rich and changeable emotions, better image thinking ability, likes to be different, unique, flexible, and unwilling to stick to rigid routines, suitable for design, performance, media reporter editing, clothing beauty makeupClass work.

  4 Generous type of people like to interact with others, be kind to others, be willing to provide services and help to others, and be optimistic and cheerful.

Suitable for choosing doctors, nurses, preschool education, tourism, social workers, housekeeping services and other jobs.

  5 Tongue argument type This type of person has strong verbal skills, likes generous submissions, talks eloquently, speaks loudly, and responds flexibly and agilely. It is suitable for the selection of program hosting, broadcasting, lawyers, teachers, sales and other tasks.

  Six such entrepreneurial people are calm-headed, pragmatic and dare to take risks, have good psychological endurance, strong power, optimism and self-confidence, and are unwilling to stay for a long time. They are suitable for securities, debt management, and self-organized entities.

  7 Executive type This type of life is cautious and obedient, likes a planned and organized environment, suitable for choosing routine tasks such as accounting, statistics, secretarial, file management, hotels.

Autumn medicated diet to prevent anger

Autumn medicated diet to prevent anger

The autumn climate in the north is dry!

Some people have dry tongue and no moisture when they drink water. Some people have a fire in their nasal cavity, which is “roasted”, and accidentally bleeds. Some people also have itchy throat, and frequently cough; and othersHuman lips are cracked and peeling . what to do?

Do n’t worry, Yang Hong, deputy director of the nutrition department of Haici Medical Group and secretary general of Qingdao Medicinal Diet Research Association, will now prescribe the four flavors of herbal medicine for you to help you go to the “fire”
in autumn.

   Ingredients of yam glutinous rice porridge: yam, scallion, jujube, glutinous rice Method: 1. Peel yam, wash and cut into slices for use; rinse with fresh scallion and peel off the skin, cut into dices; wash the glutinous rice and soak in cold water for half an hourRemove the drained water; wash the jujube clean.

2. Add cold water to the pot. Add the above ingredients and boil over high heat, then simmer over low heat for about 1 hour before replacing.

When drinking, you can add some sugar to flavor, but not too much.

   Applicable people: This medicated diet is more suitable for those who have dry cough and constipation due to autumn dryness.

But when diabetics eat, remember to replace these doses from a day’s diet.

   Ingredients of loofah soup: 50 grams of lean meat, 25 grams of fresh loofah, salt, monosodium glutamate, clear soup.

Wash the lean meat and cut into thin slices for use, peel the loofah and cut into slices for use; 2.

Wash the wok, add a small amount of clear soup, boil it, add lean slices of meat, and after skimming, remove the floating foam from above, then add loofah, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc., and cook for a while.

   Applicable people: This medicated diet is more suitable for patients with symptoms such as upset, irritability, and dry cough caused by autumn dryness.

   Lily stewed asparagus ingredients: 100 grams of lily, 50 grams of fresh asparagus

Lily pupae form petals, tear off the endometrium, soak in brine and wash with water for later use, wash asparagus and cut into sections for later use; 2.

Wash the wok clean, add the right amount of water and lily to cook until it is seven, add the asparagus cut into sections, and place them after cooking.

Just once a day.

   Applicable people: This medicated diet is more suitable for those who have nosebleeds due to autumn dryness, dry mouth and even irritability.

   Corn sweet potato porridge ingredients: 50 grams of corn noodles, 500 grams of sweet potatoes, 20 pieces of golden jujube. Method: Wash the sweet potatoes, peel and cut them into small pieces and put them into the pot together. Cook until the sweet potatoes are mature.Cool water to make a paste, pour into a pot and cook over low heat.

Boil on low heat for ten minutes.

We must remind everyone to keep stirring in the middle so as not to get confused.

   Applicable people: This porridge is very suitable for people who have constipation because of Qiuzao.

This is because sweet potatoes contain more vitamins, which are beneficial to vitality, broaden the stomach and relieve constipation, and corn contains metabolized plant cellulose, which also has an effect of intestinal laxative.

   Experts remind: Do n’t blindly blaze after the fire. To reduce the symptoms of the fire, Deputy Director Yang Hong advises you to pay more attention to hydration.Honey, lily, Tremella and other foods that moisturize the lungs. ”

At the same time, she also reminded everyone to eat as little as possible in the autumn or not to eat hot, chili, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and other hot products, eat less fried, fatty foods.

“The reason why autumn is easy to get angry is because the air is dry and the humidity is low.

The air is dry and low in humidity. Most people will reduce the replenishment due to the decrease in high temperature. However, the water distribution on the surface of the human body is relatively fast. The dry mouth, dry tongue, sore throat, cracked skin, and constipation are prone to occur over time.痔疮等‘上火’症状。Deputy Director Yang Hong explained.

“However, after the onset of fire symptoms, do not take the laxative powder without a teacher, because some people who have a cold spleen and stomach will injure the stomach after ingesting the laxative powder.

If you really need to take medicine, you must follow your doctor’s advice.

How to eat and treat colds and colds

How to eat and treat colds and colds

The key to how to treat colds and colds is the need to sweat a little (Chinese medicine called Xinwenjie table). There are many methods, including saunas, soaking feet with hot water (preferably adding wine), covering with two layers of quilts, and drinking.Ginger syrup, drink ginger porridge and more.

The main prescription of Fenghan Cold is Guizhi Decoction, the first party of typhoid fever, also called the king of reconstitution (Mahuang Decoction also treats cold cold, but it is used with caution in the south).

Summary: Xin Wen explained the table, Xuanfei scattered cold.

  Cold and Cold Food[Ginger and Radish Soup]Recipe: 25 grams of ginger and 50 grams of radish.

Method: Ginger shreds, radish slices, put each other in the pot with the right amount of water, cook for 10?
15 minutes, add brown sugar and set aside, cook for 1?
2 minutes.

Efficacy: Qufeng Sanhan solution.

Usage: 1 time daily, hot clothing.

  [Scallion soup]Recipe: 2 spring onions, 10 grams of tempeh.

Method: 500 ml of water, boiled in tempeh 2?
After 3 minutes, add scallion and season out.

Efficacy: Disperse the cold.

Usage: Take while hot, sweat on the back cover.

  [Coriander and White Onion Soup]Recipe: 15 grams of parsley, 15 scallions and 9 grams of ginger.

Method: Wash the cilantro, scallion white and ginger separately, chopped and put in the pot and add an appropriate amount of water to cook for 10?
15 minutes, you can take the juice and drink.

Efficacy: Post scattered cold.

Usage: 2 times a day, 2 servings?
3 days.

  [Ginger Drink]Recipe: 10 grams of ginger, 15 grams of brown sugar.

Method: Ginger shreds, brew with boiling water, cover with about 5 minutes, and then add brown sugar.

Efficacy: Evacuation of wind and cold, and stomach health.

To use: Take once daily while serving.

The back cover was taken to sleep and sweat.

  [Xanthium Eggs]Recipe: 1 egg, 6g of Xanthium seeds.

Method: Desting and stir-fry yellow cocklebur seeds, grind them into fines, add them to the eggs, beat them into a paste, and cook them.

Effect: Sanfeng analgesic.

Usage: Once a day, eat while hot.

Served for 3 days.

  Biological products dietary zinc can promote the development of the human thymus, thereby ensuring that the thymus can normally secrete T lymphocytes, improve the function of humoral immunity, and promote the recovery of diseases; selenium can stimulate the production of antibodies, which can also effectively improve human immunity.

  Zhifeng Cold and Cold Recipes Recipe 1[Composition]Mint, garlic, and ginger.

  [Usage]The medicine is smashed like a cream, apply an appropriate amount to the navel, cover with gauze, and fix it with adhesive tape. Change the medicine once a day.

  [Attending]cold and cold.

  [Explanation]Hot congee can be eaten after applying the medicine, and the effect is good if there is a slight sweating effect.

  Square 2[composition]3 green onions, white wine, millet amount.

  [Usage]Add water to make porridge, heat to sweat.

  [Attending]cold and cold.  Square 3[composition]3 spring onions.

  [Usage]Scallion decoction, hot water for hot feet while sleeping, and then take the onion soup while hot.

  [Attending]cold and cold.
  [Explanation]After the cover is covered, the sweat will get worse.

Astragalus longan chicken

Astragalus longan chicken

Astragalus is sweet and mild in temperature, and is an important qi-enhancing drug. It has the effects of qi-enriching, nourishing blood, benefiting, and strengthening the spleen.

Astragalus also has anti-free radical, anti-aging, anti-decomposition, anti-tumor, and enhances the body’s immunity.

  Ingredients: 1 male chicken, about 1000 grams, 3-6 grams of astragalus, 50 grams of longan, 20 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 20 grams of winter bamboo shoots, fresh ginger, vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, salt, MSG, cooking wine, water starch.
  Production method: After the chicken is cleaned, put it in a boiling water pot and cook it until it is seven (reserved for chicken soup), chop into thin slices, and chop ginger.

  Heat the wok and add 30 grams of oil. After the ginger is removed from the pan, simmer slightly, add cooking wine, soy sauce, and add chicken broth (it is better to have no chicken nuggets).

Add chicken nuggets, astragalus, longan and other pans, boil, use low heat and simmer slowly until chicken nuggets burn out, add monosodium glutamate, add water starch, add vinegar, sesame oil, wolfberry to the pot and mix thoroughly.

  Nutritionist tips: 1.

Astragalus is sweet and mild in temperature, and is an important qi-enhancing drug. It has the effects of qi-enriching, nourishing blood, benefiting, and strengthening the spleen.

Astragalus also has anti-free radical, anti-aging, anti-decomposition, anti-tumor, and enhances the body’s immunity.


Longan is sweet, warm, and has the effects of replenishing the heart and spleen, nourishing qi and blood, and soothe the nerves.

In addition to moisturizing and nourishing qi, longan meat also has the function of nourishing blood.

Not only can nourish the spleen and solid qi, but also can maintain blood without consuming.

In addition, insomnia and consternation caused by excessive thinking can be treated with longan meat.

Modern nutrition believes that longan has the effect of increasing red blood cells and hemoglobin, increasing platelets, regulating blood lipids, and increasing coronary blood supply.

How to drink coffee healthily?

How to drink coffee healthily?

According to media reports, some consumers experienced panic, palpitations, nausea and other reactions after enjoying “Slimming Coffee”. Eventually, they fainted after symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, and eventually left due to sudden death.

Family members are skeptical about the efficacy and substitution of “slimming coffee”, but in fact, there are still many women who believe that drinking coffee can lose weight, and may even drink coffee in excess every day.

From a nutritional point of view, coffee contains a variety of active substances, which has many advantages for human health, but coffee itself is not without its flaws.

If you want to drink coffee healthy, you must also pay attention to a few important points for healthy coffee drinking.

  Can coffee really lose weight?

  Many people are superstitious about the weight loss effect of drinking coffee, and more people want to ask: “Does drinking coffee really have a weight loss effect?

In fact, the correct cognitive ability for this sentence is “drink coffee to help lose weight” rather than “drink coffee to lose weight.” After all, weight loss is a process that balances energy absorption and energy consumption. This process involves physiological characteristics, exerciseMethods, diet and other elements are not easily solved by a cup of coffee.

Therefore, the idea that drinking coffee can lose weight is a misunderstanding of coffee.

  So how does coffee help to lose weight?

It was found in the experiment that people who jog for 30 minutes after drinking coffee spend more energy than people who jog for 30 minutes after drinking water. He believes that caffeine in coffee can stimulate the sympathetic nerves and promote the release of free fatty acids in the blood.Giraffes consume more energy.

In aerobic exercise, adults are usually the main energy source, and caffeine can promote the burning efficiency of adults.

In addition, in mouse experiments, it was found that the combination of caffeine and exercise could reduce the internal defense by 60%.

Therefore, it is inevitable that exercise after coffee can burn fat better than exercise alone, thus helping to lose weight.

  Drinking coffee easily causes insomnia. Because of the caffeine contained in coffee, caffeine does not actually relieve fatigue, which makes the brain feel less tired. When people are tired due to exercise or mental work, adenosine can be used as an energyMetabolic products are gradually accumulated in the brain, making people feel tired.

At this time, if coffee is available, then caffeine will replace adenosine on the adenosine receptor in the brain, making people feel less tired and prevent drowsiness for a long time.

However, for some people who are sensitive to caffeine, caffeine may cause excitement of the nerve center, so that the sympathetic nerves are always in an excited state. When the parasympathetic nerves cannot be activated and perform their functions, it is difficult for people to enter the state of sleep, resulting inInsomnia.

For those who are sensitive to caffeine, it is not advisable to drink coffee in the afternoon, and it is not advisable to mix caffeinated drinks such as tea.

  Be careful when drinking coffee. In addition to stimulating nerves, dehydrated caffeine also has a powerful diuretic function. After drinking coffee, people will feel like they are constantly running to the toilet as if drinking alcohol. This is actually a caffeine diureticFeature-leading results.

When a person replenishes urination without adequately replenishing water, the person is prone to dehydration, and various symptoms caused by dehydration of the body appear, which attracts sufficient attention.

When you can add coffee, you should pay attention to boiled water. You can also judge whether you lack water by observing the color of your urine. If the urine is dark yellow, it means that the human body is in a dehydrated state. It is not advisable to continue to add coffee, but you can add more boiled water.

In addition, it should be noted that caffeine can stimulate excessive secretion of gastric acid. Therefore, people with too much acid should drink less coffee, and pay more attention not to drink coffee on an empty stomach.

  Drinking coffee can easily prevent caffeine caused by health reasons. If the concentration of caffeine in the blood rises sharply, it may stimulate the central nervous system, causing dizziness, rapid heartbeat, excitement, and restlessness.

If the concentration of caffeine in the blood exceeds 40 micrograms per milliliter, it may cause arrhythmia and prevent penetration and other symptoms for anyone.

It has been reported that women who drink 6 or more cups of coffee a day are at higher risk of myocardial infarction2.

5 times; Mortality is also higher in regions that consume a small amount of coffee in Finland, but a large number of prospective studies have not proved that coffee is an independent cause of coronary heart disease deaths.

Although some people have a slight increase in blood pressure at 1 hour after taking 250mg of caffeine, a large number of studies have found how the consumption of coffee is related to blood pressure.

Caffeine can prolong the effective transition period of the atrioventricular node, which causes various tachyarrhythmias and premature beats. Paraffin atrial tachycardia occurred in 1 case after taking coffee.

In other words, for some people who are sensitive to caffeine, there is a correlation between the amount of caffeine replacement and heart health, such as women who reported sudden death of coffee in the report, or because they are sensitive to caffeine, causing panic and palpitations,Dizziness and other symptoms may even induce sudden cardiac death.

Therefore, if you can drink coffee after palpitation, palpitations, dizziness, etc., reduce or avoid caffeine intake appropriately.

Baby is bitten by mosquito

Baby is bitten by mosquito

Since the beginning of May, the number of children with skin allergies caused by mosquito bites that have been received by the dermatology department has gradually increased. The majority of children are infants under 2 years old.

Ordinary parents of mosquito bites do not need to pay much attention, but if the baby is allergic, they will become highly swollen after being bitten.

Biting in loose areas of the skin such as the arms, eyes, etc., will swell especially.

Babies like this should be sent to the hospital for injection of anti-allergic drugs, otherwise, once the skin is scratched, it will easily cause infection.

Once your baby has scratched the wound, do not use wind oil, as its alcohol content can burn the wound.

In addition, such things as toilet water and gardenia powder can only relieve itching and cannot inhibit the anti-allergic effect.