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Bad lifestyles breed diseases

Bad lifestyles breed diseases

Health includes personal health, family health and social health, the most important of which is family health.

Family health is completely the source of personal tranquillity, career success, and happiness in life, and it is also the cornerstone and guarantee of social health.

If a person who is not very healthy is living in a healthy family for a long time, his or her health is expected to gradually improve. On the contrary, if a healthy person is living in an unhealthy family for a long time, his or her health is improving.The situation will worsen and even cause multiple diseases.

A recently released predictive survey by the WHO shows that the proportion of the world’s sub-healthy population has reached 75%, and only 5% are truly healthy.

In Beijing, 1,182 journalists participated in the physical examination. Only 28 people were really healthy, only 2 of them.

3%; 84%.

2% of journalists are tired, 72.

1% reflects high work stress and 62% do not sleep normally.

According to a survey by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the average life expectancy of age intellectuals is only 58 years, and the phenomenon of premature death is increasing; among the 25-59 age group, the female mortality rate is 10.

4% and 16 for men.


China has 1.

There are over 600 million hypertensive patients and more than 40 million diabetic patients.

More than 80% of the diseases are caused by bad family life habits, and lifestyle diseases have become the number one killer of human beings.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote healthy families and healthy lifestyles.

  Poor eating habits are the basis of lifestyle diseases.

It is estimated that by 2015, the number of deaths from evolutionary cardiovascular disease was estimated to increase from 13.2 million to 24.5 million in 1985. At the same time, the number of deaths from this disease will also increase from 7.2 million to 16.7 million. The deaths are often under 65Strong people.

The death of cardiovascular disease in diabetes has entered the second leading cause of death, and its harm far exceeds that of cancer.

  There are currently approximately 7 million new cancer cases and 5 million deaths worldwide each year.

Liver, stomach and lung cancer are common.

The occurrence of cancer is related to bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

The risk of lung cancer is 220 times that of smoking.

Long-term alcoholism can cause a variety of cancers.

  American scientists have studied lifestyle diseases for 55 years and found that adolescents who exceed 25% of their body weight are obese and eventually suffer after adulthood.

In other words, obese men are prone to coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, colon cancer and other diseases before the age of 70, and their mortality rate is approximately twice that of ordinary patients: obese women are more likely to develop arthritis and arteries before the age of 70Atherosclerosis and incapacity.

The best way to prevent obesity in adolescents is not to lose weight. It should be through appropriate diet and physical exercise to prevent the emergence of obesity.

  Emotional tension is the root cause of the disease.

Modern medical research believes that, of all the factors that are harmful to human health, the most serious cause of short-term death is serious emotions.

Excessive tension and fatigue will continue to induce disease, damage health, and will kill people.

  There are three levels of human health, physical, mental, and spiritual. Furthermore, the highest state of human health is mental health.

To achieve the level of mental health, individual practice alone is not enough. It is necessary to highlight the overall complementarity of each other.

The health of the family is not the health of the individual, but also the health of the family relationship, including the relationship between the husband and wife, the child and the parent.

Therefore, if you want personal health, you must have family health so that a healthy family and society can be healthy; a family can be happy and stable, and society can be happy and stable.

General Director of Xiangfu Women’s Department

General Director of Xiangfu Women’s Department

Xiangfu, also known as fragrant aconite, pasque flower, sedge root, fragrant rice, sedge root, etc., is a perennial herb of the sedge family, which is used for its rhizomes.

Mainly produced in Shandong, Zhejiang, Hunan, Henan and other provinces.

  Xiangfu’s medicinal medicine was first listed in the book “Famous Doctors” in the Tang Dynasty.

Chinese medicine believes that the fragrance of flavor is slightly bitter, slightly bitter, slightly sweet, and flat.

It has the effects of regulating qi and relieving depression, regulating menstruation and analgesia, and can be used for fullness of the chest and chest, pain in both sides, irregular menstruation and various diseases of the fetus.

In the Compendium of Materia Medica, Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty said: “The fragrance of incense is flat but not cold, fragrance and can spread, its flavor is more pungent and can be scattered, slightly bitter can be reduced, and slightly sweet can be reconciled.

When it is healthy, it goes up to the chest and skin, and when it is cooked, it goes down to the liver and kidneys and goes through the waist and feet.

Stir-fry black to stop bleeding, if the child is dipping, then add blood and tonic, salt-water stir-fry to add blood and moisturize, green salt stir-fry kidney qi, wine-dipping stir-fry into meridian, vinegar-dipping stir, and ginger-friedHuatan drink.

“This shows that the ancients were very particular about using incense sticks.

  Xiangfu is compatible with different Chinese medicines and can also play different functions.

If it is compatible with ginseng and Atractylodes, it has the effect of replenishing Qi; when it is combined with Angelica and Dihuang, it has the power of replenishing blood; when it is combined with Muxiang, it stagnates and neutralizes; when it is used with Chuanxiong and Atractylodes, it always resolves Zhuyu.

Therefore, the ancients called Xiang Fu “the chief director of Qi disease, the head coach of female department” is very reasonable.

  Xiangfu is a good medicine for stagnation of liver qi and stagnation. Doctors of all ages have been good at using xiangfu to relieve liver and stagnation, to relieve qi and relieve pain, and to treat liver and stomach discomfort caused by mental unhappiness and emotional depression, indigestion and fullness, Vomiting, sour, abdominal pain, bloating, irregular menstruation, etc.

For example, the traditional Chinese medicine Yueju Pill is mainly composed of Xiangfu, accompanied by Cangzhu, Chuanxiong, Zongzi, Divine Comedy, etc., which can relieve liver and relieve depression.

  According to modern scientific research, Xiangfu contains glucose8.

3% -9%, fructose 1% -1.

7%, starch 40% -41.

1%, and various chemical components such as volatile oil

Xiangfu has the following pharmacological effects: 1.

Has a contractive effect on the uterus.

With its 5% flow extract, it can inhibit the contraction of uterine smooth muscle, and it has a more pronounced effect on the uterus in a contracted state.


It can improve the body’s tolerance to pain and has an elevated analgesic effect.


Anti-flour effect.

Its extracts have an inhibitory effect on certain flours.

Here are a few prescriptions: 120 grams of migraine incense (fried), 60 grams of chuanxiong, researched at the end, 3 times a day, 3-5 grams each time.

  Treatment of irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea with incense, 12 grams of Motherwort, 15 grams of Salvia miltiorrhiza, 9 grams of Amaranth, decoction 1 daily.

Quite effective.

Non-medical massage is risky and requires caution

Non-medical massage is risky and requires caution

Recently, when inspecting the county’s health massage establishments, the Yixian County Health Supervision Institute in Anhui found that many commercial massage massages like to play the “medical” brand, exaggerating the effects of the treatment.

  ”Most of the commercial massage massage shops on the streets do not have medical qualifications, but in order to attract business, they have been playing the banner of traditional Chinese medicine and physiotherapy.

“Feng Lizhong, head of the Information Office of the Anhui Provincial Department of Health, said.

  Jiang Tao, director of the Department of Massage and Chief Physician of the Acupuncture Hospital affiliated to Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that some people who have not undergone distance training can have a variety of hidden dangers if they massage randomly.

“Some patients with osteoporosis simply cannot afford a Thai massage with strong pressure.

Jiang Tao said that massage by massage is not simply massage, taking, kneading, or pinching. It not only pays attention to distance, but also varies from person to person.

  Jiang Tao introduced that medical devices such as scraping plates and cupping are strictly sterilized, and acupuncture needles are used only once, but commercial massage shops are difficult to ensure health and safety, especially pedicures, acupuncture and other behaviors, and they are easily contagious.
  ”Many hairdressers like to massage the cervical spine when washing their hair-commonly known as the neck.

As everyone knows, this is very dangerous.

Jiang Tao said that the street shops often take carelessly when doing massage massage, causing some customers to be “very injured”.

  The reporter learned that in recent years, due to the rapid growth of commercial massage massage organizations, many people choose the nearest massage shop near the community. First, it is convenient to eliminate the need to queue up for registration and diagnosis; second, to save the cost of alternatives such as diagnosis.

  However, medical experts remind that when visiting a traditional Chinese medical institution, a diagnosis is usually made before the massage, and some of them require a variety of modern medical methods such as laboratory tests and nuclear magnetic resonance examinations.

This aspect is to eliminate contraindications, but also to have a more objective and detailed understanding of the patient’s condition, which is helpful to the choice of massage and massage techniques.

  Jiang Tao told reporters that TCM massage is definitely not simple manual push or pinch.

The commonly used methods are rolling method, friction method, pushing method, squeezing method, shaking method, compound method, etc., and methods vary from person to person, because of disease, and from time to time. Therefore, patients with treatment needs should choose a medically qualified “distance army””Do not blindly go to the street shop and massage at will.

Can music still be healthy?

Different physical constitutions have corresponding music conditioning methods

Can music still be healthy?
Different physical constitutions have corresponding music conditioning methods

1[qi deficiency constitution]Qi deficiency refers to this pathological change and syndrome caused by lack of vitality.

The so-called gas is the most basic substance of the human body. It is composed of the essence of the kidney, the spleen and stomach absorb the gas of the water valley and the gas of the lungs.

Qi deficiency refers to the weakness of the body, pale, shortness of breath, fatigue of the limbs, dizziness, sweating, and low voice.

Including the vitality, the qi, the deficiencies of the qi, as well as the promotion of the qi, the decline of warmth, defense, fixation and gasification, which leads to the decline or decrease of certain functional activities of the body, and the decline of disease resistance.

Music conditioning: suitable for listening to the sound of the palace, business, and sound.

Because the palace sound into the spleen, the business voice into the lungs, the voice into the heart.

The main air of the lungs, the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and the blood and blood need the promotion of the heart.

You can listen to the “Flowing Water”, “Yangchun”, “Changqing”, “Heming Jiuyi” and “Wen Wang Cao” in Guqin.

2[qi qi physique]Human qi is the fundamental and driving force of human life movement.

The maintenance of life activities must be tempered.

The body’s qi is not only related to congenital endowment, acquired environment and diet, but also closely related to the physiological functions of kidney, spleen, stomach and lung.

Therefore, the various physiological activities of the body, unless it is a concrete manifestation of the movement of gas in the human body.

When the gas can’t reach out and accumulate inside, it will form a gas stagnation.

Chinese medicine believes that qi stagnation is caused by depression and depression, and the mood is not comfortable.

Long-term qi stagnation can lead to poor blood circulation and seriously affect health.

Music conditioning: more listening and accent.

The horn sound enters the liver, which can soothe the liver and regulate the qi;

Guqin Qu has “fishing song” and “mountain”.

3[Yang deficiency constitution]Yang deficiency refers to the pathological phenomenon of yang deficiency.

Yang has a warm limb, the role of the viscera, such as yang deficiency, the body function is reduced.

Yang deficiency physical characteristics and cold physical fitness are close, lack of yang, cold, cold and cold, limbs cold, pale lips, less gas lazy, sleepiness, male nocturnal emission, female vaginal discharge, easy diarrhea,The number of urination increases, especially the nocturia, and the loss of sexual desire.

Music conditioning: listening to the angular sound, signing the sound, invigorating the yang, increasing the vitality of the human body.

Guqin Qu “Flowing Water”, “Liquor Mania”, “欸乃” and so on.

4[Yin deficiency constitution]Yin deficiency constitution refers to the dysfunction of the viscera when it is dysfunctional, it is easy to appear in the body, the symptoms of yin deficiency and internal heat, often manifested as body weight loss, two flushes, hands and feet, hot flashes, night sweats, upsetIrritability, dry mouth, hair, dry skin, dry tongue, little moss, even smooth and no moss, mostly due to the evil of heat and dryness, overeating the product of warmth and dryness, over-concerned, unreasonable, after a long illnessAnd the onset.

Music conditioning: listen to the feathers, business sounds.

The feathers enter the kidneys, which are the source of water, and the commercial sounds into the lungs as the source of water.

The feather tune Guqin has “Wu Xia” and “Xiao Chao Fei”.

The commercial-style Guqin Qu has “Changqing”, “Heming Jiuyi”, “White Snow”, “Xiangxiang Water Cloud” and so on.

5[damp heat constitution]Wet has the distinction between external wetness and internal wetness.

External humidity is caused by climate change or wading rain or part of the room, which causes wet water to invade the human body; internal humidity is a pathological product, often related to digestive function.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen has the function of transporting water and dampness. If the body is indigestion or overeating, eating too much greasy, sweet food, the spleen can not be normalized and the water will stop inside; and the spleen is easy to recruit outside the wet.The invasion, external wetness is also often trapped in the spleen and stomach to make the wet from the endogenous, so the two are independent and related.

Damp heat or heat and humidity due to summer and autumn, wet and heat combined with invading the human body, or heat due to long-term wetness, or wet heat from yang, so wet and heat are common at the same time.

Music conditioning: Gongyin, feathery, Gongyin into the spleen, spleen and dampness; feather into the kidney, nourishing yin and clearing heat, Guqin Qu has “Mountains in the autumn”, “Remembering the old man” and so on.

6[痰湿质质]痰 体 是 是 是 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当Plump, chest tightness, sputum, easy to sleep, heavy weight, like to eat fat and alcohol, tongue fat, greasy tongue, mostly due to cold and wet invasion, diet, congenital endowment, old and chronic illness, lack of exerciseOnset, often with different symptoms of phlegm and dampness.

Music conditioning: more listening to the sound.

Guqin Qu “Yangchun” “Mountain” and so on.These songs can enhance yang, make people happy and healthy.

7[Blood physique]Blood sputum refers to the body’s dysfunction when the body is dysfunctional, it is prone to poor blood flow in the body or internal bleeding can not dissipate the body’s internal resistance. It often shows dull complexion, rough skin brown, pigmentation, orThere are purple spots, lips are dull, the tongue is blue or purple, and the veins are fine.

Due to the lack of seven emotions, cold invasion, old and physical, long-term illness and other causes of the disease, often accompanied by blood stasis, different organs and meridians and different symptoms.

Music conditioning: should listen to the angular sound, the sound, the sound of the heart, the main blood, the Chinese face, the horn into the liver, the liver main vent.

Guqin Qu “Yangchun”, “Mountain”, “Mountains” and so on.

8[Special physique]Special physique is also called special sputum type physiological defect, allergy.

Special endowment refers to the special state of the body due to genetic factors and congenital factors, including allergies, genetic diseases, and fetal body constitution.

Music conditioning: listen to the palace sounds, business sounds.

Gongyin into the spleen, business voice into the lungs, spleen main limb muscles, lung main fur, both internal and external considerations, improve the body’s adaptability, the representative of the Guqin Qu “Hanshan monks” “Guan Shanyue” and so on.

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Give yourself a reason to be confident

Give yourself a reason to be confident

There is such a young man who has worked for two or three years after graduating from college.

After listening to a successful psychology class, he was inspired and inspired, and was very excited.

He said in a public speaking exercise during the class: “All successful people, even their origins, education, circumstances, profession and personality, etc. are different, but one thing is common, that is, self-confidence and initiative.

Self-confidence is the first key to success.

In the future, I must be confident!

“Everyone applauded his preset.

  However, after a while, he became depressed again.

He didn’t understand why he was so confident in class, but he became unconfident when he returned to the unit.

It turned out that all the staff in his research room were higher than him, either a PhD or a master, and he was the only one.

Therefore, I am sure how good he thinks in advance at home. As long as he goes to work and “discards all his achievements”, he can only feel inferior and not confident.

From this point of view, self-confidence is not difficult to understand, but it is not so simple to truly have self-confidence.

     Is self-confidence or inferiority comparable to others?

Is it determined by the level of education, position and performance?

Speaking of this graduated young man, he should have been very confident, because as far as the whole society is concerned, he is already the “arrogant of heaven”.

However, he was “unfortunate” and had the lowest academic qualifications in his unit, so he could not build his confidence.

So, if he becomes a master, can a doctor have confidence?

I’m afraid not, because there are experts and academicians on the master’s and doctoral levels!

If this is true, I am afraid that even when he becomes the president of the country, it is difficult for him to be confident, because a president of a poor country will not be confident when he sees a president of a rich country.It is necessary to break through this “narrow comparison” psychological obstacle.

     Why is a person confident?

     Some people say that self-confidence is a sign of gradual success, and along with that, if a certain task or innovation is successful, the person will be self-confident.

However, although this statement is not unreasonable, it still has not revealed the fundamental basis of self-confidence.

When you are doing something, especially when you are taking on heavy responsibility or bold innovation, you need self-confidence, which is not enough, only after you succeed.

     If you don’t think you are smart enough, capable and beautiful, it is often because you compare yourself to others, or the result of comparing yourself in reality with your ideal model.

People often see how beautiful and lucky others are. They always hope that those beautiful and lucky can be owned by themselves, but they rarely think that they can change themselves through hard work, make themselves smarter, capable and beautiful, and reshape a brand new one.self.

     The phrase “Know Yourself” is engraved in the only inscription in the temple of Delphi in ancient Greece, like a torch that has not been extinguished for a thousand years, expressing the inherent requirements of mankind and the supreme thinking proposition.

Nietzsche once said: “As long as a wise man knows himself, he will not lose anything.

“Today, with the continuous development of society, people’s understanding of themselves has also entered a breakthrough new stage.

In fact, everyone has great potential, and each has his own unique personality and strengths. Everyone can choose their goals and become their success through unremitting efforts.

     Knowing ourselves is the foundation and basis for each of us’s self-confidence.

Even if you are in a disadvantaged and troubled situation, as long as the huge potential and unique personality and advantages that you rely on are still there, you can be convinced that: I can do it, I can succeed.

In a person’s own life experience and social situation, whether he can truly understand himself, affirm himself, how to shape his self-image, how to grasp self-development, how to choose positive or negative self-consciousness, will greatlyScale affects or determines a person’s future and destiny.

In other words, you may be small and mediocre, or you may be beautiful and outstanding. To some extent, what is your self-awareness, you should be able to have real self-confidence.

Remember, knowing yourself is a gold mine. With confidence, self-determination, and self-love, you will be able to show your due demeanor in your life.

Parents notice low newborn overweight EQ!

Parents notice low newborn overweight EQ!

The traditional Chinese belief is that the heavier a child is at birth, the better, which is the so-called “congenital and postnatal support”.

Everyone is 6.

The 7-kilogram “Shenyang First Infant” filming case is surprising, but I don’t know that there is a huge error in this traditional concept.

The optimal weight for a newborn is 6 kg 3 2?
6 pounds and 7 pounds, being overweight may increase the chance of adult disease, and its emotional intelligence is significantly lower than normal-weight infants.

When a newborn is born with childbirth, it is affected by the newborn’s brain disease, which is conducive to the cultivation of the newborn’s emotional intelligence.

The hospital prepares an item for birth 7?
A 14-day neonatal psychiatric behavior survey found that infants born by caesarean section had significantly lower scores and normal births.

In addition, caesarean section can also have an adverse effect on children’s glucose metabolism and neurodevelopment.

The WHO stipulates that the abdominal muscles must be controlled within 15%, but China’s abdominal muscles are as high as 50%. In large cities such as Guangzhou and Shanghai, this number even reaches 70%?

Caesarean section is closely related to the weight of the baby. Experts suggest that the mother’s weight test during pregnancy should be strengthened to prevent “overweight”.

At least, from pregnancy to pregnancy, the weight gain of the mother is best controlled within 28 pounds. Weight monitoring should be performed at different stages of pregnancy.

In the first three months of pregnancy, you should control the weight gain of not more than one catty per month; for four to six months of pregnancy, the weekly weight gain is between half a catty and one catty; in the third trimester, each monthIt weighs about a pound.

In addition, the traditional view of the Chinese is that it is unscientific not to go out and don’t send hair when confinement.

10 days after the birth of the child, the parturient should participate in the activity appropriately. At least once every 10 days, the sun can be seen to prevent bone loss caused by osteoporosis.

It is best to have 20 minutes of sun every day during pregnancy, but you must protect your head and eyes to prevent sunburn.

Contact lenses should be carefully corrected disinfectant can not kill germs

Contact lenses should be carefully corrected disinfectant can not kill germs

Contact lenses must be carefully corrected disinfectant solution can not kill the germs According to British media reports, 3 million people use contact lenses every year, and about 6,000 bacterial keratitis cases caused by bacterial infections occur almost every year.Vision is blurred and even blind.

Among them, the use of contact lenses has been identified as a specific risk factor for infectious keratitis.

At the April 16th Annual Liverpool General Microbiology Academic Conference in Japan, a new research table proposed by researchers showed that even with disinfectant, contact lenses can still cause bacterial infections in the eyes, and suggested that research and development should be more effectiveContact lens disinfectant solution.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool tested the ability of different fragments to survive the same commonly used contact lens cleaning solution, and the results showed that most of the replacements died within 10 minutes in the volume of the contact lens solution.

However, the keratitis-causing bacteria “Pseudomonas aeruginosa” survived for more than 4 hours, far exceeding the survival time of the control.

Researcher Professor Craig Weinstanley said that microbial keratitis can have devastating effects on patients. To reduce this risk, it is best to reduce the number and use of contact lenses, or to develop better results.disinfectant.

The research team plans to further investigate the indicators to understand how it can comprehensively strengthen preventiveness and its potential mechanisms.

This will help develop new disinfectants.


Home Care Points for Summer Baby Diarrhea

Home Care Points for Summer Baby Diarrhea

When a baby has diarrhea, parents must pay attention to his mental state.

When the child poops 5 times a day?
6 times, thinner, but with good appetite, good spirits, and normal body temperature, you can have good reasons to classify it as physiological diarrhea without any treatment.

  I hope parents can observe stool more and learn preliminary judgment methods.

  (1) In general, stool smells like rotten eggs, mostly protein indigestion; (2) When there is more sugar in milk, the stool is more foamy and has a sour smell; (3) The mother drank too oily soup,When there is a slight excess in milk, the child’s stool is grayish white and foamy; laboratory tests often report fecal balls in the stool.Stool, you can see the stool is green; (5) virus or bacterial infection, more common watery stool (like egg soup soup, water and stool separation) or pus and bloody stool.

  Generally, if you see pus or blood in your stool, you must go to the hospital to ask a doctor for treatment with antibiotics. In other cases, intensive care can work.


Physical factors This disease mainly occurs in infants and young children, and its internal characteristics are as follows: ① infants’ asthma development is not mature enough.

② Nerve, endocrine, circulatory system, liver and kidney functions are immature during infancy, with poor regulation.

③ Infant immune function is not perfect.

④ The distribution of infant’s body fluids is different from that of adults. The extracellular fluid accounts for a high proportion, and the water metabolism is strong, and the regulating function is poor. It is more prone to body fluids and electrolyte disorders.


Infectious factors are divided into intra- and extra-digestive infections, the former being the main one.

  (1) Infection in the digestive tract: Pathogenic microorganisms can enter the digestive tract of children with contaminated food or water, which is prone to occur in artificial substitutes.

  (2) Infections outside the digestive tract: Infection of organs and tissues outside the digestive tract can also cause diarrhea, which is common in otitis media, pharyngitis, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and skin infections.

  (3) Mutation of bacteria in the body caused by abuse of antibiotics: long-term breakthrough application of broad-spectrum antibiotics such as chloramphenicol, kanamycin, gentamicin, ampicillin, various cephalosporins, especially twoWhen used in combination or above, in addition to directly stimulating or inducing vegetative nerves to cause intestinal peristalsis, reduced glucose absorption, and reduced disaccharide enzyme activity and diarrhea, more serious is that it can cause flora disorders.


(1) Dietary factors; (2) Intolerance to carbon water erosion; (3) Food allergies; (4) Drug effects; (5) Other factors: such as unclean environment, too little outdoor activity, sudden changes in living rules,Sudden changes in the external climate (called “wind, cold, heat, wet diarrhea” by Chinese medicine), etc., also easily cause diarrhea in infants.

  Mummy home care key points 1 Early replenishment of lost body water Mummy can choose one of the following rehydration methods: use homemade sugar saline rehydration, that is, add 1 to 5000 ml of warm boiling water.

75 grams of refined salt and 10 grams of sugar, 1.

75 grams of refined salt is equivalent to half of the beer bottle cap, and 10 grams of white sugar is equivalent to 2 teaspoons; use homemade rice soup to add salt liquid rehydration, that is, add 1 to 500 ml of warm boiling water.

75 grams of refined salt; use the ORS (oral rehydration salt) prescribed by the doctor for rehydration. The ORS rehydration salt is a prepared dry powder, which can be made into a liquid according to the instructions when used.

  In the first 4 hours, give 20-40 ml of liquid per baby’s weight.

Since then, take it orally at any time, as much as you can drink.

Babies under 2 years old can be fed with a small spoon every 1-2 minutes, older babies can drink in small cups.

If the baby vomits, wait for 10 minutes and then feed slowly; once the baby’s eyelid edema appears, indicating that there is some excess fluid, you should temporarily switch to boiling water or breast milk.

  Tip: Do not add ORS rehydration salt to milk, rice soup, fruit juice or other beverages, and after the preparation is complete, do not add sugar to it, otherwise it will affect the rehydration effect.

  Point 2 Give your baby plenty of food to prevent malnutrition. Do not fast your baby with diarrhea, but follow the principle of small meals and eat at least 6 times a day.

Breast-fed babies continue to eat breast milk, but the mum’s diet should be low in fat, otherwise it will cause diarrhea; babies who are artificially fed within 6 months can drink milk as usual; more than 6 months have been added to milkYour baby can eat some digestible foods such as gruel, rotten noodles, minced fish, a small amount of pureed vegetables, fresh fruit juice or banana puree until 2 weeks after the diarrhea stops.

  Point 3: For the baby’s small butt, the feces discharged during diarrhea should be doubled to stimulate the skin.

Therefore, every time the baby defecates, the mum should wash the small ass with warm water, especially pay attention to the cleanliness of the anus and perineum. It is best to use a soft and clean cotton diaper and change it frequently to avoid red hips and urinary tract.infection.

If the small butt is red, it should be exposed to the air to dry naturally, and then apply some diaper rash cream.

  Point 4: Observe the development of the baby’s condition closely. If the baby’s irritability is aggravated, the cardia and eye sockets appear sunken, there is less tears when crying, and the mouth looks dry and dry. Also, when you pick up a piece of skin on the thigh and immediately release the hand, the skin foldsThe flat time is more than 2 seconds.

This condition indicates that the baby’s body has become dehydrated; or it has been treated at home for 3 days, but the condition has not improved, and a large amount of watery stools have appeared, vomiting, increased thirst, unable to eat and drink normally, and urinate after rehydration.It is still rare. If the baby has a fever and blood in the stool, take the baby to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

  Prevention suggestions: To prevent bacterial diarrhea is to pay attention to strict disinfection instead of baby bottles, milk pans and other things.

Normally bottles and pacifiers are boiled for 30 minutes to kill all bacteria.

The milk has to be boiled.

It is forbidden for young children to eat foods and drinks and dirty foods that have been put in the refrigerator for a long time.
Avoid prolonged use of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Increase fat experience: a pack of peanuts every day


Increase fat experience: a pack of peanuts every day

I know that many people want to gain fat and long meat, and this outstanding is not less than weight loss.

銆€銆€My original girlfriend was extremely thin, and I had tried to feed her fat.

Helpless, her appetite is not good, every time I bought a ribs back, I ate two, and pushed to the side: “Oh, it’s greasy!”

“Well, I said this ribs, and even the dinner was saved.”

You see, can this be fat?

銆€銆€Of course there are also successful examples.

銆€銆€For example, my classmate’s lover, it is said that 106 pt / 175cm when graduated from graduate school, this is not, now has been asked to lose weight.

Then there are my brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, these people have become fat in the past six months.

My sister refused to say that her lover had no pants to wear.

The other is my boss.

At that time, he yelled: “If I go to 125 pounds, is it fat?”

“I am so angry that I am half dead.”

What now?

Oh, although there is no need to lose weight, it must have reached the point where he can’t walk.

These people are eating out without exception: my classmate’s lover is more likely to go out to eat after work; the few people who went abroad noticed that they are very adaptable to foreign food; my boss must be the boss’s wife.Good craftsmanship!

銆€銆€So, if you want to gain weight, you have to eat!

I said this, the next one said, but I ate a little bit, as you said, I should have been fat.

Yes, you are eating too much, that is what you think so; if you still feel that you are thin, you are eating too little and not spending enough.

As the saying goes, it is good to say that “a bite can’t eat a fat man”. Fat people can only eat it after eating for many years. It is not an occasional meal that can solve the problem.

銆€銆€Then the man asked again, then how do we eat?

That’s not easy?

Look at what people who lose weight don’t dare to look at what they eat.

If you don’t believe that you are playing this time, come to it a pack of peanuts every day, two dollars and half a catty or four or two, I seal it as the cheapest long meat.

You should be a small mouth, put it on the side of nothing, grab a hand and chew it.

But then you have to say it, you can eat this, don’t delay eating, if you can’t eat it after eating, it’s useless.

You just try it, if you can’t get fat after a month, hehe!

I don’t believe this evil!

銆€銆€But to be honest, most people who are thin are also difficult to eat a pack of peanuts a day. They are still a bit weak, and they have to pay attention to conditioning.

What to eat stomach, eat a bottle of yogurt every day, or come to the bowl of eight-treasure porridge or something, anyway, raise a little bit of it.

Then there is less snacks. As the saying goes, “the heart is wide and fat,” the fat man seems to have no care.

銆€銆€If you don’t, you will change your nickname!

Change “fat endless”!


銆€銆€I have thought of the signature file for you: “The weight is growing, the day is not long, the day does not stop; the first ten pounds, and then ten pounds, symbolizes the endless rotation of the runners, the long-distance runners have such perseverance.


Office fitness 8 hours a day

Office fitness 8 hours a day

The office can also work out, with one or two minutes of activity every hour, you can easily maintain the best state throughout the day.

  8:30 On the new day, start from the active muscles: sit and turn your head.

Sit up straight, press one hand under your hips, and the other hand around the head to cling to your ears. Driven by your hand, keep your head close to the head to the maximum position and stay for 15 seconds, alternating with the other side.

It can fully stretch the deep muscles and has a sober brain effect.

Biaxial stretching was performed in 3 groups each.

  9:30 charge the abdomen: the chair closes the abdomen.

Pull the chair to the aisle (preferably without wheels), support the side of the chair with both hands to control the deformation with abdominal force.

The longer you keep it, the better.

  10:30 Supporting the waist under the wall: Move the waist.

Face upwards, hold your hands against the wall and stay at the maximum position for 20 seconds (experienced person can gently touch the maximum position).

Slowly, focus on the lower back and shoulders and feel them gradually tightening.

20 seconds each time, 3 groups.

  11:30 For a cup of coffee, stretch a “lazy waist”: lean against the wall and pull your chest.

Facing the wall from the side, holding the wall lightly with one hand, taking a small step forward, pulling the upper body forward, feeling the muscles stretch, it has a good stimulating effect on the chest, back and shoulders.

15 seconds each time, two times each.

  13:30 Help the table to squat.

Back to the table, support the table with both hands, and slowly sit down until your upper arms are parallel to the ground.

During squatting, there is a strong stretch on the chest and back.

Hold at the maximum displacement for 10 seconds for a total of 3 times.

  At 14:30, move the waist again: lower the waist of the chair.

It is almost the same as the lower waist of the supporting wall, but the effect is better because of the sliding chair.

Should control the sliding of the chair, do not hurt your body by too much action.

20 seconds each time, 3 groups.
  15:30 snoring for 3 minutes: lean against the wall and close the abdomen.

The upper arm supports the wall, the body is at an angle of 1200, and the abdomen is closed.

Lasts 3 minutes.

  16:30 gradual lumbosacral muscles: sitting posture is sunken.

Place your lower body on a horizontal surface (use a sofa or two chairs together), press your chest against your thighs, and bend your hands toward your toes.

Lumbar muscle compression has obvious effects on protecting the waist and stimulating leg muscles.

20 seconds on each side, 2 groups.

  17:30 stretch and relax the whole body: kneeling position and arms extended.

Place a book on the ground, kneel on the book.

With one hand, you can stretch your body, take a deep breath, let the air flow throughout the body, activate every cell, and welcome the happy time after work.

20 seconds each time, 3 times.