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Postpartum weight loss trilogy, three meals, regular quantification


Postpartum weight loss trilogy, three meals, regular quantification

Many postpartum moms are anxious to return to pre-pregnancy, then, what are the skills for postpartum weight loss?

Let’s take a look at it together.

銆€銆€How to lose weight soon after childbirth, skill article 1, do light exercise 6 weeks before childbirth Most health care doctors recommend that the mother start an exercise program 6 weeks after giving birth.

In general, this is a good opinion.

Your body has just experienced a rather painful journey, which takes time to recover.

However, even during this period, you can achieve weight loss by walking, doing body stretching, pelvic tilting, and doing yoga exercises.

銆€銆€2. Exercise with other new mothers to exercise with other new mothers.

This way you can even exercise together, share your weight loss experience, and take care of your baby in turn so that each of you can get some exercise time.

And the problems in the adaptation of the new role may also be solved in the communication.

銆€銆€Second, diet articles 1, eat more vegetables and vegetables fiber, but also need to spend more time chewing, while vegetables into the stomach, will absorb water swelling, it is easy to make the stomach feel full.

銆€銆€2, three meals at regular intervals to eat more, or eat only two meals a day, dinner or eat less, resulting in lower body metabolic rate, delay the effect of weight loss; or endure some meals do not eat, but the body acceptsInstead, you will eat more, so you must eat three meals at a time.

However, due to the higher amount of activity during the day, the breakfast and lunch are extended in the most part, and the activity in the evening is reduced, and the intake of dinner is also reduced.

銆€銆€Third, exercise article 1, postpartum weight loss yoga exercise yoga This weight loss exercise intensity is not great but the weight loss effect is excellent way to lose weight, postpartum mother is best to be able to practice.

And this body shaping yoga can help promote the gastrointestinal motility, so that the body’s digestive function is normal, achieving a good overall slimming effect.

If you stick to it for a long time, you will make your body more bumpy.

銆€銆€2, postpartum weight loss, abdominal surgery, postpartum weight loss exercise can make the excess meat of the abdomen loosely consumed in the constant movement, and the exercise intensity of this postpartum weight loss exercise is not very, but it can make the abdominal muscles keep moving.Slowly become more tight during exercise.

In addition, in the exercise, the internal metabolic function of the body plays a role, so that the effect of slimming is more obvious.

As long as you can stick to it, it’s just around the corner to regain your slim body.

銆€銆€Through the above-mentioned sharing of postpartum how to lose weight quickly, we realize that weight loss actually needs a process, not a one-night event.

Do not do this in the summer, drink beer and cool down.


Do not do this in the summer, drink beer and cool down.

There is a lot of interest in beer drinking in the summer.

In summer, people like to drink cold beer to relieve the heat, but do you know?

The way to drink beer in the summer is not likely to cause adverse reactions such as stomach upset.

Here we will explain to you the taboos of drinking beer and the precautions for drinking beer in the summer.

銆€銆€Beer contains rich amino acids and various vitamins, rich in nutrients, and can appetite and spleen, relieve heat and heat, it is suitable for summer.

However, we must also talk about the degree and the essentials. Here are some taboos and precautions. Let’s take a look.

銆€銆€Taboos and Precautions for Drinking Beer 1 It is not advisable to eat salted and smoked foods at the same time. It contains organic rubber and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), which are produced during the processing process due to improper cooking.When the beer is overdose, the blood lead content is increased. At this time, the above substances can be combined to induce digestive diseases.

銆€銆€3 It is not advisable to over-supplement too much beer to increase the blood lead content. If it is added for a long time, it will lead to accidental aggregation and block ribonucleic acid synthesis, resulting in “beer heart” affecting heart function and inhibiting damaged brain cells.

銆€銆€4 patients with digestive system diseases should not drink any chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer patients too much supplement, carbon dioxide is easy to increase the pressure of metabolism, easy to induce gastric and duodenal ulcer perforation and life-threatening.

銆€銆€5 It is not advisable to use beer to take drugs, beer and drug replacement will cause adverse diseases, which can increase the acidity and make the drug melt quickly in the stomach, and can damage the blood absorption and reduce the efficacy of the drug, even life.

銆€銆€6 It is not advisable to drink beer that has been stored for a long period of time. The popular beer is generally available for two months. The quality can be stored for 4 months, and the bulk is 3?
7 days.

The over-storage beer has a polyacid substance which is easily oxidized and turbid with egg white.

銆€銆€Should it be suitable to inhale the temperature of frozen beer lager in winter and spring?
10 掳 C, summer is 5?
At 10 掳 C, the frozen beer protein and fermented acid will precipitate, which will easily lead to unnecessary loss of appetite.

銆€銆€8 Beer that should not be stored in a thermos bottle has accumulated scale inside the hot water bottle. When the beer is stored in the bottle, the mercury in the scale contains mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, iron and other metal components.The identity is melted and mixed in the beer, which can cause metal poisoning in the body.

4 soymilk in winter, cold and warm stomach


4 soymilk in winter, cold and warm stomach

What to eat in winter?

The winter weather is cold, soaking soy milk can warm the body.

Usually we are the most exposed to the traditional soy milk, in fact, there are many patterns of soy milk, such as these four kinds of food: red dates, medlar, mung beans, lily, is the perfect partner of soy milk!

In winter, 4 soymilk mixes with cold and warm stomach 1. Jujube soy milk moisturizing and nourishing red jujube is the preferred food for tonic, and it has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the skin, while the soy milk is sweet and sweet, and it has the spleen and stomach, and the deficiency and moistening dryness.Lung phlegm, Tonglian diuretic, moisturizing beauty effect.

The combination of the two is undoubtedly the outstanding leader of tonic food, this grain soy milk has a good autumn moisturizing effect.

銆€銆€2, lily soy milk whitening skin This is a healthy soy milk suitable for autumn.

Lily moist lungs and cough, clear heart and soothe the nerves, glutinous rice whitening and dampness, with yellow beans nourishing yin and moistening.

This soy milk helps to improve the quality of sleep and beyond the skin whitening effect.

銆€銆€3, green soy milk detoxification soy milk is sweet, flat, has spleen and nourish the stomach, tonic and moistening dryness, clearing the lungs and removing phlegm, Tonglian diuretic, moisturizing beauty effect; mung bean fully clearing heat and detoxification, this soy milk hasVery good autumn moisturizing effect.
銆€銆€4, 鏋告潪 soy milk to improve sexual function 鏋告潪 鍛?sweet, flat, into the liver, kidney, lung, have nourishing liver and kidney, Yi Jing Mingmu, and blood Runzao, Zeyan Yueyan, Peiyuan Wufa and other effects, isA health medicine that improves the sexual function of men and women.

Soymilk contains carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin E, various free amino acids, linoleic acid, saponin, iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients.

The attention and taboo of eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival


The attention and taboo of eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival

Nowadays, most moon cakes are large in oil, rich in sugar and high in conversion. After eating moon cakes, the diet of one day should be light and not too greasy.

Three meals a day, if you eat moon cakes for breakfast, you should do less oil and less sugar for lunch and dinner.

When cooking, put less oil, cook a large dish for a cooking method, stir fry and replace the salad, braised with stew, and some leeks with vegetables and fruits instead.

銆€銆€Moon cake is a typical “three high” food: high calorie, high sugar, sorghum, eat more blood sugar in diabetics, and the condition worsens.

There are too many “sugar-free moon cakes” on the market, but these “sugar-free moon cakes” are not really sugar-free. They only contain no sucrose, but instead of sucrose with sugars such as xylitol and maltitol.

銆€銆€Experts recommend eating moon cakes in the morning.

The moon cake is big and has a lot of sugar. In the morning, it can supplement the energy needed in the morning, and it is not easy to gain weight. At the same time, some protein foods such as milk and soy milk can be added.

銆€銆€First, the mooncakes have to pay attention to the two sides of the food, such as mooncakes, low sugar, relatively unchanged when stored, sweeteners are not without replacement, low sugar, low fat is not a substitute.

Moon cakes should not be eaten at night. It is best to eat moon cakes in the morning or at noon. In the evening, you should eat less or not, especially in the elderly. Otherwise, it may become a factor in blood coagulation and thrombosis.

When the moon cake should be small and chewed to eat moon cakes, it is best to cut the moon cake into small pieces, so that the moon cake stuffing distribution is relatively uniform, how much food can be eaten, and it is necessary to chew slowly and help digestion.

Moon cakes should not be eaten fresh and eaten. Because mooncakes contain trace impurities, they are placed for too long and are prone to deterioration.

Fresh moon cakes are full and full of sensation, delicious and delicious.

Chen Yue cake oil has been oxidized and rancid, lost flavor, and even produced an unpleasant “hala” taste, which is more unhealthy for health. It is best to buy it now.

Moon cake should be less than multi-month cake containing oil, sugar residue, even low fat, low sugar still contains flour slag, excessive consumption will produce a slippery feeling, easy to cause stomach fullness, abdominal distension, causing indigestion, loss of appetite, gradually increase, speedhigh.

Older people, children should not eat more, otherwise it will cause abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting, indigestion.

Moon cakes should be placed in the refrigerator to store moon cakes. They are afraid of high temperature and fear of overlapping. If they are left for a long time, they will lose their flavor and the filling will deteriorate.

When placing in the refrigerator, it is best to put the mooncakes together with the box and take them one hour before eating.

Moon cake should be matched with tea. Considering that moon cakes are easy to eat, it is advisable to drink green tea when tasting.

Alkaline flower tea blended in green tea, it is sweet and delicious, and the effect is better!

Eat salty and eat sweet, sweet and salty moon cakes, you should taste them in the order of salty and sweet, otherwise you will not be able to taste.

It is easy to get tired of tasting moon cakes with tea moon cakes. If you have a cup of light tea (suitable for flower tea), you can enjoy it while eating and drinking.

Eat moon cakes to the right amount of sugar in the moon cake and oil (oil food) fat is higher, eat more caused by stomach discomfort, especially the elderly, children (children’s food) or weaker gastrointestinal function, pay more attention when eating, mustModerate amount.

When eating fresh moon cakes, people often buy a lot of moon cakes at a time, and the moon cakes are placed for a long time, which may cause the heart to deteriorate. It is prone to food poisoning after eating.

Therefore, moon cakes are best to buy with you.

銆€銆€Second, the taboo of eating moon cakes.

銆€銆€Spleen deficiency body heat should not eat moon cakes: moon cakes are hot, people with weak spleen and stomach eat moon cakes, will increase the burden on the stomach, leading to indigestion, can only eat a little mooncake filled with mooncakes.

銆€銆€People with partial heat in the body should not eat more moon cakes, otherwise it is not easy to digest, or cause internal fire to rise, and there are symptoms such as long acne, constipation, and edema of the gums.

銆€銆€People with diabetes should eat sugary mooncakes carefully: mooncakes used in duplicates, which can lead to increased blood sugar, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, eating more sugary moon cakes will increase the burden on the stomach, so that the blood is concentrated in the stomach, the body’sIn other areas, there is insufficient blood supply, resulting in dizziness and the like.

銆€銆€Do not eat chocolate filling mooncakes: chocolate is a hot food. Eating will further increase the internal heat, affecting the digestive function. In addition, food will accumulate in the stomach, which will also affect the respiratory function, causing the chest to become stuffy, feeling suffocating, and impairing the heart and lungs.

銆€銆€Ice cream moon cake is even more taboo: spleen and stomach debilitating, eating will cause stomach discomfort; physical warmer, although eating cold moon cakes feel very cool, but the extremes will be reversed, but the cold will inspire a big heat.

Some patients have ice cream moon cakes for a few days, there are continuous diarrhea, hot body, blood heat and other symptoms.

銆€銆€Third, people who eat less or do not eat moon cakes: Diabetes: Because the moon cake has a high sugar content, eating too much, leading to a sharp rise in blood sugar, making the condition worse.

In order to prevent the increase of blood viscosity, it is unfavorable for health, and the moon cake of sugar-free sweetener should be appropriate.

Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis patients: people with these two diseases should not eat more moon cakes, but can cause disease episodes.

Eating too much moon cakes may produce acute pancreatitis, which is an acute onset, and a small number of patients with acute illness can die in a short period of time.

People with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease: Because the moon cake contains sugar, the oil content is relatively high. These patients will cause blood lipids to increase after eating, blood thickens, blood flow slows down, platelet aggregation increases, blood pressure rises, and it is easy.Form a thrombus, aggravate the blood vessels of the heart, and induce myocardial infarction.

People with stomach and duodenal ulcers: Eating moon cakes can cause a large amount of gastric acid secretion, which strongly and continuously stimulates the ulcer surface, which makes the disease worse, causing gastric perforation and stomach bleeding. In serious cases, it is even life-threatening.

Older people: Their digestion and absorption capacity is poor, and eating more can increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, causing diseases such as indigestion and diarrhea.Infants and young children: Their digestive system is not well developed, the digestive organs are very delicate and fragile, and it is difficult to bear a lot of high-sugar, sorghum food.

銆€銆€In addition, it should be noted that the moon cake filling is generally divided into soft and hard.

銆€銆€In the soft filling, the granules can only be stored for about 7 to 10 days, while the hard filling mooncakes can be kept for about 1 month.

For those who have not used the refrigerator, mooncakes should not be stored in sealed containers for a long time. It is best to put them in a bamboo basket, put a clean paper on them, and hang them in a cool and ventilated place.

銆€銆€Boxed moon cakes should be opened and ventilated.

In addition, due to the trace impurities contained in the moon cake, care should be taken to avoid light when placed to prevent oxidative rancidity.

Eating less staple food can harm brain health


Eating less staple food can harm brain health

According to relevant data, modern people’s staple food consumption is getting less and less, and there is already a shortage of food.

This is a manifestation of improved living standards, but it also hides the crisis.

銆€銆€According to nutrition experts, cereals contain impurities that provide energy to the body and are a major source of B vitamins.

The obvious change in the skeleton of the staple food is that it is easy to cause vitamin B1 deficiency.

According to reports, the content of vitamin B1 in fine grains is much higher than that of polished rice.

The content in 100 grams of corn is zero.

34 mg, 100 g of premium rice content is only 0.

08 mg.

銆€銆€Excessive intake of animal foods is more harmful.

Animal mites are very detrimental to cardiovascular disease.

Animals are incompletely metabolized in the absence of plasma, depending on the accumulation of toxic waste in the blood 鈥?ketones, which can cause nausea, fatigue and damage to brain health.

Relatively speaking, the incidence of such diseases has increased significantly, and there is a great relationship between the increase in the amount of animal foods and the increase in the amount of animal foods.

銆€銆€Then the rice should be eaten. The principle put forward by the experts is “diversity of food and cereals.”

Specifically, an adult’s daily food intake is about 400 grams.

At least not less than 300 grams.

Rice, millet porridge, mung bean porridge, hair cake, etc. should become a common food.

Sexual care of hospice care

Sexual care of “hospice care”

In the oncology ward, the old man who is tortured by cancer cells knows that he will soon be born, and the feelings of despair and fear are beyond words.
Despite the care and medical care of the medical staff and his family, he tried his best to meet his requirements, trying to free him from the embarrassing situation, and let him walk the last life path with peace and calm.
But doing so much, but always can not meet the requirements of the elderly, his mood is still not improving.
The unhappy old man often muttered to himself, glaring at the past and hanging his long-lost wife’s name on his mouth.
That expression reflects the cherished feelings of the ear, the love of the opposite.
銆€銆€When Mr. Li Lao is unconscious, he will also ask his children to let his wife accompany him. He wants to be alone with the old people, relive the sweet and warm time between husband and wife, and call back the kind of people in the world.Reminiscing memories; let time go back in time, before the end of life, and then relive the love of a couple.
The ideological activities and mood swings of the elderly before dying, although they are to some extent a psychological reflection in the unconscious and incompletely awake state, also express a certain range of sexual requirements.
銆€銆€From the perspective of sexual science, human desire for and satisfaction of sex is an indispensable part of life activities.
Especially in the face of a huge blow or a huge gain in career and economy, in order to vent their emotions and express their inner activities, they often vent their enthusiasm with their closest relatives.
In the face of the dying dying patients, the hustle and bustle of the sick bed, the body and the surrounding environment and atmosphere, forced to find something viable.
At this time, they are more and more eager to get the love of the world.
More need for loved ones, especially the spouse to give care and caress.
The Mr. Li Lao mentioned in this article is an example.
銆€銆€People who are ill and ill will have the feeling of fear, despair and helplessness once they understand their true condition.
After this feeling, I will rise up in my heart to infinite love for life, and deliberately recall the thoughts and desires of the attempt.
For example, you will suddenly ask for a certain kind of food, or you have to go to a certain place to wait for ideas.
For spouses, sometimes sexual requirements are also raised.
At this point, doctors and family members should meet the patient’s requirements, and everything that can be done is resolved as much as possible.
This form of care, including the doctor’s meticulous treatment and the most solace and satisfaction of the dying patient in the mental and physical form, is medically known as “hospice care.”
For those who are alive, hospice care is a warm project filled with human love.
To do this work well, it will only make the dying patient die peacefully and peacefully, and also let the living person talk about morality and conscience to masturbate.
銆€銆€However, in hospice care, people often do not think or pay attention to sexual care is one of the most important content.
Many people think that when “people are dying”, they don’t care about sex care, maybe it’s ridiculous. When the dying person fights death, sex should not be between them.
This view is actually caused by the fact that people do not recognize the importance of sexual care in hospice care.
銆€銆€Sexologists believe that the sexual care of dying patients is indispensable in hospice care and should not be biased or discriminatory.
Many patients at the last moment of their lives often ask their spouse to stay away from it and do not let the third person disturb. He or she needs his wife (or husband) to give sex.
Of course, in this special case and occasion, the sexual requirements put forward by the dying patient are not limited to sexual intercourse, and sometimes it is impossible.
Most of them are done in the form of hugs, caress, language and smiles.
These marginal sexual behaviors often lead to sexual psychological satisfaction in the terminally ill patients.
They can temporarily forget the fear of death and get spiritual pleasure in a short sexual activity.
銆€銆€There is a long-term sick couch, a university teacher who has been tortured and killed by cancer cells. With his wife’s day and night companionship and careful care, he endured tremendous illness, smiled and laughed, and spent the last time before his life stopped with his wife.
He has no choice but to ask his wife not to leave.
Before the end of the dying, the middle-aged man who thought that he had dragged his wife and apologized to her, hugged his wife tightly, holding her hands close to her for a long time, and her trembling lips clung to her wife.On the cheek, for a long time.
Even if he entered a semi-conscious state, he still called his wife.
The nightmare words, as well as the unconscious movements of the hands and feet, show that he always longs to get the caress of his wife, and the sexual activity has not stopped.
In order to alleviate the pain, the doctor injected him with an anesthetic analgesic azadirachtin. The analgesic and hallucinogenic effects of the drug brought the patient into a dream state.
At this point, he still clutched his wife’s hand, and he entered an illusory sexual state.
The romantic couple’s fun scenes stirred up the waves of love from time to time. At this moment of sexual love, he rounded his dreams.With a boundless love for my wife, I stepped into heaven.

And his wife, in order to meet her husband’s final needs in sexual psychology, endured grief, deliberately used sex to create a beautiful mood with poetry and painting before her husband’s death, and made her husband date a loving “Xanadu”.As for the creation of artworks, the delicate and meticulous construction of the channels of emotional exchanges between husband and wife.

The sublimation of feelings has become a strong passion for love, and both sides are aware of the love they have paid.

銆€銆€In the care of the hospice care.

In order to meet the sexual needs of some patients, sex medical experts even suggest that in the ward, consideration should be given to setting up relevant items and building structural improvements, and strive to create a way.

That is to enable the husband and wife to be alone together, free from external environmental interference.

At the same time, the spouse of the dying patient should be encouraged to express his love and attachment to the husband (or wife) by hug, kiss, touch and language.

Sexual caress with a variety of marginal sexual behaviors are indispensable in hospice care.

Sexual caress in hospice care have become an important topic in many national medical research.

In some countries, in hospice care, it is also considered to meet the sexual needs of dying patients, using a small amount of hallucinogens in general.

Within a certain range, dying patients get illusory satisfaction in their sexual needs.

It can also restore balance and some degree of relief in the face of extreme decline and despair in the face of death.

銆€銆€The end of life is unavoidable and imminent for every dying patient.

At this time, when people who are about to die and live, especially between husband and wife, face a life and death decision, it may be the most natural and complete to complete with sex.

For the sexual care in hospice care, I hope to get the understanding of the society, so that everyone can take this issue as a matter of course.

7 gold specifications out of the elderly psychology


7 gold specifications out of the elderly psychology

First, a full sense of security.

Security requires multiple levels of environmental conditions, such as social, natural, working, and family environments, where the impact of the home environment on security is paramount.

The home is a harbor that avoids the wind and waves. It will be safe to have a home.

銆€銆€Second, fully understand yourself.

It means being able to objectively analyze one’s own abilities and make appropriate judgments.

Whether you can make objective and correct judgments about your own abilities can have a great impact on your own emotions.

If you overestimate your ability and try to do things that exceed your ability, you will often fail to get the expected results of your imagination, and your own mental division will fail. Underestimate your ability, self-evaluation is too low.Lack of self-confidence often leads to depression.

銆€銆€Third, the goal of life is realistic.

Life goals should be set according to their economic ability, family conditions and the corresponding social environment.

The formulation of life goals must be realistic, and there should be room for it, not to exceed the scope of itself and the family’s economic ability.

Laozi, the founder of the Taoist family, said: “Le Mo is greater than worry-free, Fu Mo is greater than contentment.

“Four, keep in touch with the external environment.

This can enrich your spiritual life, you can adjust your behavior in time, and the brakes can better adapt to the environment.

Maintaining contact with the external environment involves three aspects, namely, contact with nature, society and people.

Older people retire at home, too much time, often produce depression or anxiety.

Today’s old-age activity centers, senior cultural activity stations, and senior universities provide conditions for older people to interact with the outside world.

銆€銆€Fifth, maintain the integrity and harmony of personality.

The individual psychological characteristics such as ability, interest, personality and temperament must be harmonious and unified, and happiness and satisfaction can be experienced in life.

For example, a person’s ability is very strong, but he is not interested in his work in the military and is not suitable for his personality, so he may not be able to experience the sense of success and satisfaction.

On the contrary, if he is interested in his work, but his ability is very poor, he will feel very annoyed.

銆€銆€Sixth, have a certain learning ability.

In modern society, in order to adapt to a new way of life, we must continue to learn.

For example, if you don’t learn a computer, you won’t realize the fun of surfing the Internet. If you don’t learn a new concept of health, you will still stay at a level of fullness and warmth.

Learning can exercise the memory and thinking ability of the elderly, and is beneficial for preventing brain dysfunction and dementia.

銆€銆€Seven, maintain good interpersonal relationships.

The formation of interpersonal relationships includes psychological factors in three aspects: cognition, emotion and behavior.

The emotional connection is the main feature of interpersonal relationships.

In interpersonal relationships, there are positive and positive relationships, and negative and negative relationships. The coordination of interpersonal relationships has a great impact on people’s mental health.


Fertilizers will pan the thin wallet

Experts predict that the winds of 鈥渇ullness of beauty鈥?that have gradually begun to blow up in Europe and the United States will gradually enter the trend of East Asia. At that time, fattening products may roll away the prevailing weight loss products and hollow out.It will be the wallet of “Bone Beauty”.

銆€銆€The girls around 34-24-34 were ignored by people before, because no one knows that they should design some kind of clothes to satisfy such a full body shape, but now they are already popular in the United States.

In the past, the eyes of the hunters were concentrated on the skinny beauty of the flat chest and small buttocks. Now it is different. The breasts and fat buttocks are beautiful.

銆€銆€The new aesthetic standards are a good thing for those who pursue fashion, they don’t need to lose weight.

In the past, the society was generally thin and beautiful, and the woman who was full of blood felt a kind of pressure, so she had to give up her health, only to have a slim body.

銆€銆€I do not know from when, the advertising of all kinds of weight loss products can be described as overwhelming, weight loss equipment, corsets, slimming tea, diet food powder debut.

The endless speculation of the merchants is extremely inflammatory, and they convey a common message — “to let the body burn by chance”, there is a determination not to mold the world into a devil figure.

As a result, the voices of 鈥渟limming鈥? 鈥渟limming鈥?and 鈥渟haping鈥?are getting higher and higher.

Can not help the grievances of advertising products, the people who are self-examination of the mirror can always pick out their own shortcomings.

銆€銆€Originally, there are a lot of stunners in the world of devils, and a few of them are turned into cover girls and movie stars.

Under the visual stimulation of the beautiful women who have been beautified by modern film and television technology, they are hoping that “people are thinner than yellow flowers”.

It’s a pity that genetics may work, often because it’s thinner, not thin, or thin and thin, the milk is no longer fat, the hips are no longer fat, and it’s self-defeating.

But the most effective thing is to smash your own pockets and drum up the merchant’s purse.

銆€銆€Nowadays, girls do not have to remove the aunt’s aunt when doing cosmetic surgery. The busty chest poses youthful and charming; some people do not have to go on a diet to pursue a pair of stovepipes. The healthy and well-proportioned legs are beautiful.
銆€銆€In fact, the human body is a little fat or thin, and a thousand people have a thousand standards.

Yan thin ring fat, each has some love, fat is plump, thin is slim, all the same graceful.

Moreover, fat and thin are often complementary.

Among the couples who are on the streets, tall and strong men are carrying a small bird and a small woman, but there are also a few full-fledged women happily carrying thin and thin men.

This shows that people always want to have what they lack, become enthusiastic and cheerful people to appreciate the dignified and quiet temperament, and the fangs lament that they lack the trait of “silence is gold.”

銆€銆€In fact, the first thing we want to see is a healthy woman, and then we are qualified to talk about beauty.

Heaven and man are united, and the old man said that spring and autumn and autumn makes sense. This is the health experience for thousands of years!


Heaven and man are united, and the old man said that “spring and autumn and autumn” makes sense. This is the health experience for thousands of years!

The old people often say that “spring and autumn and autumn” is the health experience that people have summarized over the past 100 years based on natural climate change, and it has certain scientific rationale.

What is spring 鎹?

Spring is referring to the fact that the spring temperature has just turned warmer. We must keep warm and squat, don’t take off the cotton coat too early, because half of the spring is winter.

Every spring in early spring, “Spring hits sixty-nine heads”, we still feel very cold in February, even if it is still cold in the first half of March, until the spring breeze in late March, the feeling of spring blossoms, thisOnly then began to really enter the spring of meteorological significance.

From the winter to the early spring, the warmth is still cold, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the cotton coat is taken off prematurely. Once the time falls, it is often difficult to adapt, especially the elderly and children.

“Admission News” “Chunyang is rising, everything is sprouting, positive, hot and cold in February. The weather is different, so you can’t go to the cotton coat.

The old man is weak, the bones are sparse, the wind is cold and easy to hurt, and the time is ready for the clothes. When it is warm and easy, one can gradually lose one weight and cannot be violent.

“Prematurely take off the cotton coat and get cold, resulting in decreased body resistance. The cold weather is full of various viral germs. It is easy to cause various colds, flu, acute bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.

Therefore, in the spring before the arrival of the spring blossoms, it is necessary to keep the spring warm.

What is autumn freezing?

The autumn freeze means that the temperature in the autumn has just turned cold. You should wear less clothes and freeze it. Don’t put on thick clothes too early.

Half of the autumn is summer, and the beginning of August is the beginning of autumn. It is still a three-day sky. In the end of August, the situation is still the time when the department is hot. The autumn sun is blazing and it is called the autumn tiger. At this time, you can wear thick clothes.

After the end of September, the weather has just had a cool feeling. At this time, the temperature difference between morning and evening increases, and the young adults are still in summer. The elderly and children need to add clothes in the morning and evening to prevent cold.

Entering the last two solar terms in the late autumn of October, the cold dew and frost, really ushered in the temperature drop, when it began to thicken clothes to keep warm.

Therefore, in the autumn, it is suitable for high-temperature clothes, appropriate autumn and autumn, autumn cotton coat should be worn late, and gradually gradually intensify, people gradually adapt to the gradually decreasing temperature, so that the body stimulates the cold air, so that the cold-proof ability is enhanced and adapted.Long cold winter.

Heaven and man are united, and people living in nature must be affected. People must adapt to changes in the temperature environment.

Everything must be done, and “spring and autumn and autumn” should also increase or decrease clothing according to temperature changes.

“In February and August, it is said that in the February and August of the lunar calendar, the two periods in the solar calendar are also the winter and spring seasons and the summer and autumn seasons when the temperature changes season, the elderly and children with weak constitution will wear more andThick, strong young clothes will wear less, and it is appropriate to feel cold.

However, this spring and autumn freezing is also different from person to person. The autumn freezing is to provide people with the adaptation to the gradual cooling environment, but if the elderly and children, or those with weak constitution, it is better to increase the clothing according to the temperature and body feeling.
Of course, for the physically strong people, this “autumn freeze” can not be overtaken, and everything is based on its own health foundation.