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First0878chapter Poor country woman
There is so much injustice in the world。
What’s wrong with Lee Dongmin?,Made her so sad。The more she doesn’t say,Xia Jian wanted to ask。He is straightforward,And like to be nosy,Not to mention something like this,How can he ignore。
“Dongmin sister!I am the boss of a group company,The company invests in Pingdu,So it has intersection with the government leadership,Also know one or two in charge,So you just have to tell the grievances in your heart,Maybe I can really help you”Xia Jian said seriously。
Suddenly,Lee Dongmin burst into tears with a wow,She cried very sad,For a while, Xia Jian was helpless。About a few minutes later,Li Dongmin gradually calmed down,She wiped off the tears twice,Chong Xia Jian said with a faint smile:“Sorry,I can’t hold it anymore,I’ll feel better when I cry”
“Ok!Nothing,As long as you feel better。You speak now!I will listen carefully,Help you make suggestions”Xia Jian said,I took out the facial tissue in my pocket and handed it to Li Dongmin。
Li Dongmin took the facial tissue in Xia Jian’s hand and tore it open on the table,Then I mentioned the porcelain altar,Pour a bowl of wine for each of her and Xia Jian。Xia Jian did not speak,But he secretly admired Li Dongmin’s drinking capacity,If you drink again,He can’t hold it anymore。
Lee Dongmin took a breath,But tells her story。
Dongwangzhuang,On the hillside,It’s about four or five miles away from where Li Dongmin’s house lives now。There are fifty or sixty families in the village,Almost all surnamed Wang。Li Dongmin’s husband Wang Hulin wanted to marry Li Dongmin,So he built a house in Dongwangzhuang。
Li Dongmin was a candidate who failed the college entrance examination in the neighboring village of Dongwangzhuang,She who does not succumb to fate,After not being admitted to university,Went out to work for five years,When I return to the village,She has become a twenty-six or seven-year-old girl。
Poor in the mountains,But children usually get married very early,About twenty years old,No later than twenty-four or five years old,A girl as old as Li Dongmin is rare in the village。
Because she is beautiful,And cultural,There are many people who come to propose,But it’s either high or low。I slowly delayed myself。One to twenty-eight years old,Many people come to harass her,It may be mentioned that the marriage is not a medical condition,Divorced or old bachelor。
Wang Hulin and Li Dongmin are about the same age,But his family has always lived in the mountains outside the village,So no girl wants to marry him,These two things have delayed the age too。Finally, he came to Lee Dongmin’s house to propose marriage,Lee Dongmin wanted to marry herself,Just mentioned a condition,Is to let Wang Donglin build a house in Dadong Wangzhuang。
For the mountain people,Is also a big deal,But in order to welcome Li Dongmin, Wang Husheng,He gritted his teeth and borrowed money,They built their wedding room in Dongwangzhuang。
When they were married for less than a year,The village needs electricity,The power supply bureau has insufficient manpower,Let the village help。Village chief Wang Yonggui sent five young people including Wang Hulin。
It turned out something went wrong,Wang Hulin accidentally fell off the pole during the wiring process,Fell paralyzed。During hospitalization,It is said that all medical expenses are paid by the power supply bureau,But once the patient was discharged,No one is asking about it。
Li Dongmin went to the power supply bureau,People say all compensation is given to the village,But the village chief Wang Yonggui refused to admit it。Finally, Li Dongmin, who was helpless, embarked on the road of petition。
In a few years,Spent a lot of money,But things are either pushed over or pushed over。During this time,Husband Wang Husheng also left with hatred。Husband can’t afford to be sick,I went to my son in less than half a year。
The mother-in-law who has always been healthy,Because of poison fire,Unexpectedly blind,I can’t even hear my ears now。Lee Dongmin came to take care of her mother-in-law,This is to avoid harassment by some men in the village,So I moved to the old house。


Big film smoke is splashed,That position has exploded a horrible waves.。
“what is this。。。。”People who watch the war have also been impacted。
A large amount of smoke is mixed with wind,In constant invasion of them,Let them only cover their eyes with hands。
Fixed the body with Chakra,Otherwise it is likely to be blown directly。
Just what they didn’t notice is the springs that have just been standing there.,I have disappeared。
Sasuo crawled up,Looked around the ground being covered by smoke,Face is a bit ugly。
Actually there is no action,The eyes of the last exposed,Also let him frown deeply。
“Reincarnation?How can he have a round?”Sasuke flash shock。
And the other party,He is familiar with it.,Spring will also make this move。
“Our battle is over,Hand it to Spring”Coming out from the smoke。
Skiko nodded。
Although he doesn’t really like Spring,But I have to say,Now there is only Spring to deal with this enemy.。
Da da da。。。。
A slap in the footsteps,Folded frown by the spatum surrounded by the smoke。
“You finally came out,Don’t continue to watch”Faintly said。
Can let Sasuke and the people like this kind of people will be willing to be,The strength of Quan Wei is absolutely not simple.。
“no way,You are not what they can deal with this state.”Small smoke slowly,The body of the spring is revealed out。
“Oh,Then you think you are my opponent”Laughter。
“Do not,I am still a little now.”Spring smiles。
The large smoke is finally spread slowly.,Sasuke and have also come to everyone around。
Can everyone pay attention to them at all,Instead, I don’t dare to watch this sudden big pit in front of you.。
Tago Center,Smoking is also slow,The figure of the sputum and spring is relatively。
“You’re confident,Actually dare to say that it is better than me.”Looking at Spring。
“certainly,This is what I evaluated for a long time.”Spring said。
“so,You know all my strength.”Stri eyes。
“This can I don’t know,I just have enough confidence.,you。。。。”Springs pointed to the spot。
“Kill you can’t die”
Spotted eye。

Gu An’an’s emotion became excited,She hate,Hate why Lan Xin will appear。

If she does not appear,All things will happen,Lu Haozheng is also her。
Just when Gu An An Sheng,Lu Haocheng sat quietly to two not far away,The big bar blocks the sight of the two.,Lu Haocheng can listen to what two people say。
Blue Xin listened to her words,Not sympathy。
It is also a raising child for others.,She is very happy。
Mom will have this idea,Also I don’t want to give up the big tree of Lujia。
Blue Xin looked at her god pain,Come out:“But,They take you as your child,Can’t care from small to big,They also treat you as a family,Is this kind of kindness not worth your gratitude??
Also, I have to kill me.,Are you satisfied?,Aesthetic ambition,How can I like this??”
“hehe”Gu Anan looked at her laughing laugh.:“Correct,you are right,As a child of others,I am really better than you.,You have done a bitter from the snack,And I have everything you have,Live now。”
“But you don’t know that people are very greedy.,I want to get all a little love.,I know you come back.,Mother will all pour all your body to me.,Sure enough,Mom, my father, only you,without me。”
Gu Anan suddenly took a look at the table.,“These I can not be more,But you snatched my favorite man.。
Lu Haocheng, I can’t get you.,Gu Yi blue,If you think your family is living well,An An An quiet dead,Don’t let Lu Haozheng know。
You are very kind,I am happy to use my own life to change your family’s life.。”
Gu Anan ruthlessly finished,Get up。
“and many more。”
Blue Xin is soon。
Gu An’an,Looking at her cold smile:“how?
Do you want to die??”
Blue Xin cold eyes one inch lift,Icy looks at her proud of her eyes,“so,Grandma is your first goal,Yes?”
Gu An’an is lightweight,Laugh:“You want to think like this,You can also,But before telling this way,First take evidence to say。”
Gu An’an turned and left。
Blue Xinjing sits quietly,Low head,A painful,Holding the edge of the wheelchair tightly。
Grandma is still lying in the hospital now.,The murderer has not found it yet.。
After Gu An An Leave,Lu Hao Cheng also got up and left。
Lu Haocheng chased the elevator port of underground garage,Looking at Gu An’an,He pulled Gu Ai’an.。
When Gu An’an is not asked to see who the other person is,Lu Haozheng, a slap, squatting on her face。
“what”Gu Anan issued a miserable call。
Lu Hao Cheng’s big,Can’t prevent,Gu An An Instantaneous Turning。
“Really dirty!”
Lu Haocheng’s disgusting。


Lin Feng came out,Tiehuang direct face iron blueway:“ Forest president,Don’t deceive too much!”
Lin Feng is cold,Look forward to the iron emperor,A terrible shocked light is directly flying directly from his eyes.,It’s like lightning.,Directly entered the eyebrows of the Tiehuang。
The iron emperor flows out of a blood,He hugged his head pain,Then his body fell directly.,But soon, I was wrapped in a hazy air.。
“Lin Feng,You kill……he?”The mouth of the southern mouth slightly shaken slightly。
“Lin Feng,You are not afraid……!”Portuguese Jingjing shadow also shakes slightly。
“I am of course not afraid,Your launch of nuclear weapons,I don’t stop,You will also stop。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Give you ten breathing time,After ten breathing, if I can’t get the answer,You can also follow him.,I can only go to your three major power headquarters.。”
“Lin Feng!”
Two people who have also smelled their faces more gloomy。
“Two,Everyone is not easy to practice,It is not easy to go to this step.,Lin President is just to give you some technology.,You have died in the whole forest.,Put the entire Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Lin President can do this step,Already Damen Dade。”Golden wheel back cold:“You,I want to dry things.,I still want a hair.。”
“Golden wheel back,You a small person!”Southam Tomewenescent angry pointed to the golden wheel。
“Golden wheel back,Your despicable little person。”Portuguese Jingnao is also anger。
“Two,I am telling the truth,It’s all for you.,You yell at me?”Golden wheel returned to the cold and cold。
“All right,It’s time to get time.。”Lin Feng faintly glanced on the Sentong Mausoleum and Portuguese Jingjing Road:“My patience is very limited。”
“Lin Feng,it is good,This time we think!”
Portuguese Wen Yan’s teeth:“But this kind of secret to do,Can’t let others know,Especially the people of the Belg family!”
“I can of course confidential for you.。”Lin Feng sorrows。
“But how do you deal with him??”Southam Cums pointed to the Tiehuang Road wrapped in chaos:“I have died alone.,How to explain this?”
“I can’t kill him.!”Lin Feng faint。
Both Portuguese Jing and Southam Lingnie have been unspeakable.。
“But you can rest assured,The agreement between us does not know at all,In addition, why don’t you want a Belg family??”Lin Feng is interested in watching the two people。
Both Portuguese and Southam Lingnang said that it is difficult to show。
“All right,You don’t say anything else.,This is nothing to do with me.。”Lin Feng smiled and said,He hopes to talk to the chaos,Flying out of the chaotic airflow out of the figure,The iron emperor flew out a golden whip。
Lin Feng directly took this whip in hand:“You explain with him.,I said that I have compensated three people.!”
“it is good!”Two people in Portugoon and the Southam Ling heard the head,This is the best.。
“I hope http://www.ruihejade.cnyou don’t want to play any means.,Otherwise, I will go to Ice Fire God and Shamanism.。”Lin Feng looked at the glazing and the two people of the two people.。
“Forest president,do not worry,Since we promise you,We will do it。”Portuguese。
“good,We must not deceive you。”Southam Ling also respectfully。
“Brothers,This matter you also confidential。”Lin Feng looked at the gold wagon。
“Yes,Lin brother,I must not disclose any secrets.。”Golden wheel backward:“If it is leaked this matter,My first self-sin。”
“Go back。”
Lin Feng looked at the West East and Portuguese Jingjing,Turning the triethy to the two。
“Forest president,Brothers,We leave!”
Sthangling and Portuguese Jing two respect,I hurriedly took the iron emperor and didn’t leave.。

When Chen Xiu got out of the car, the reporters squatting on both sides were shooting wildly,The flash was so flashing that he couldn’t open his eyes。

He Shouheng, who came with sunglasses, handed over a pair of sunglasses:“Bring it。”
Chen Xiu took it and put on helplessly:“I finally know why all the stars on the red carpet wear sunglasses,This light is really unbearable!”
Gambling King He Rongsheng finally got out of the car and said to the two:“go in。”
“it is good!”
The two followed He Rongsheng and walked into the venue together,The camera in the reporter’s hand flashed desperately,The reporters squeezed in front even passed the microphone through the cordon and smelled various problems.。
“Gambler,Are you here at the dragon head this time??”
“He Sheng,I heard that your old partner Lin Han will also be there this time,I don’t know what you have to say when you meet him?”
“He Sheng……”
At this time, He Shouheng, like the assistant next to the gambling king, is leading the way,One after another said to reporters:“No comment!”
Although Chen Xiu’s glasses are protected by sunglasses,But I got tinnitus by various noisy problems,Shook his head helplessly。
He Rongsheng patted Chen Xiu on the shoulder and said:“Xiao Chen,Are you not used to facing reporters?。”
“It turns out that being a celebrity is so troublesome,I will be as rich as you in the future,I must be an invisible rich man。If the reporter is filmed like this every day,I won’t be annoying!”
He Rongsheng burst into laughter,I took Chen Xiu’s shoulder and walked in,While saying:“It’s hard to be a celebrity,It’s harder to be a rich celebrity,You know my pain now!”
Chen Xiu didn’t know that he was slapped on the shoulder by the king of gambling, talking and laughing to enter the venue,All filmed by reporters。

China has three special sectors,Nine sections,Nine,Nine。

The three departments have also cooperated with each other.,But there is a certain change,Jiu Di off,Become now。
Among the three departments,In addition to the special personnel on the surface,Also have their own combat teams。
The identity of these group members is very mysterious,And the confidential level is very high。
Young people remember very clear,When he was become a shadow battle group,I have been to a mysterious place,Training for half a year。
That place,It is all the people who know the people.。
And the dragon step and the nine refining knife have been passed out later.,And becoming the killer of major battles。
And that year, the person taught,It’s a legendary……King!
At that time, he took a mask.,But the unique temperament of the other party is too special.,Even for so many years,Youth can’t forget。
Think about the move of the door to the wall of the valley just now,And the temperament of him……Youth’s expression gradually transform。
First confused,And then shocked,Turn over,Last……Excited and awesome。
Is he just all the members of the fighting group……King?
In many members of a member,The king is a living war,Country’s blade,It is the goal they catch up and yearn.。
“I think of it.。”
Summer is also playing your youth,The show is a sudden,“I said you have a bit more familiar.,You call……What egg?I remember that there is an egg in the name.。”
Youth mouth,But because this sentence has changed color。
He shocked the summer,Full face is not credible。
Really him。
Really that person!
The other five people next to it are also confused.。
Although they are members of the Shadow Battle,But did not go through the tiara,I haven’t seen the summer。
I heard him now.,The captain is so express……Is there a member of other combat group??
Mission conflict?
Even if so, don’t use this excitement.。
However, let them be more shocked.,Flaw,I saw the youth right foot,Waist is very straightforward,A sudden experience,“Head of the report……”
Summer interrupted him,Turn away,“Come with me。”
The remaining five members have grown up their eyes.,A ghost expression。
It is their body.,Calm,I can’t understand this scene。
The first battle team of the Dark Shadow Department is not saying,Now, if a guard is followed by the summer.,Halfway does not dare to pass over。
Can anyone tell me what happened??
“What are you doing?,Still not!”
Everyone is staying,But I saw a young tiger and a face called his head.,Footsteps,Fast more than a few sign language movements。

Shen Xuan knows the meaning of these guys,Earth is already plaguged,Nature should also be rewarded!

I immediately walked home,Take a few pounds of meat,Throw on the ground,Big black bear and river small yellow,All are all from a little meat!
Shen Xuan took the lens,Sweeping a few animals such as big black bear,Eat these guys,All exposed to the front of the audience。
“This eats,Really special!”
“Fortunately, I am eating afternoon tea.,Otherwise it is dead.!”
“wrong,How do this black bear have a lot of wounds??”
The audience in the live broadcast talked,Several careful audience,I also noticed the hair of the black bear,There are several scars!
Get a reminder,Shen Xuan also looked carefully before.,Be careful to make hair,It is indeed the scar of hidden in it.,It seems to be scratches。
I touched Shen Xuan.,The big black bear is very wronged.,It seems still very painful。
Shen Xuan also looked at another big black bear,There are also a lot of scars。
“What is your way??”
Shen Xuan asked busy。
Heard inquiry,The two big black bear is screaming,Starting up。
“You said,This is the tiger.?”
Shen Xuan is a surprised,Asked directly。
Both big black bear nodded,Emotion is very low。
Good guy!
The tiger did not eat Shen Xuan before,Now I started to find the black bear.!
“Always drive away you?”
“Don’t let you live in the forest?”
Next,The black bear cry and crying with Shen Xuan.。
Since the two black bear back Shen Xuan back from the mountain,The tiger starts revenge.,Keep against black bear!
Tiger is the king of the beast!
in the forest,Sinted tiger,It certainly didn’t have a good day.!
Black bear is large,On the fight,There is no tiger so strong,Fight in animals,There is no tiger.!
Squeezed by the tiger,That black bear life in the forest,Can imagine,That is difficult to walk.!

Without warning,Li Tianzhen’s body suddenly rose from the ground,Jump straight to the sky,A blue smoke burrows into the clouds,Three-headed monster,One by one, staring at the depths of the clouds with big eyes,But except for a short flocculent trajectory there,See nothing。

Li Tianzhen suddenly had an extremely impulsive consciousness,The focus of the changes he imagined may not lie in the small world,But in a wider space outside,Whether it’s the former Godzang realm,Still the small world now,Li Tianzhu never paid attention to the outside space,The only time I found the so-called‘Nantianmen’And Yuwen’s Huoyan Temple,There is a large group of buildings such as the ancient temple。
Now these things have long been thrown on the divine nature of Li Xiucheng in the void,Now that location is the same as other spaces,Dark,Even a little bit of stars,Never see the way it was。
So Li Tianzhen is not in a hurry to go to the highlands of the wasteland,But to find the sun first,The small world belongs to him,The entire vast space also belongs to him,If he searches for everything in the gods, he can quickly find it,In fact, once out of the atmosphere of the small world,He can easily see the sun,So shocked that he was dumbfounded。
A fiery red planet is quietly suspended in the deep void,Around him is a huge blue planet,Which is his little world,Li Tianzhen’s heart moved,The body quickly approached the fiery red planet like a continuous leapfrog。
What makes Li Tianzhen unimaginable is,The journey is so far away,He has desperately urged the touch of divine consciousness,But there is still room to go,Stars and void storms along the way,Even the asteroid belt,He has gone through,But still out of reach of the fiery red planet。
This gave Li Tianzhen an illusion,He doesn’t seem to be in his own gods,But came into the void of the real world,Every piece of star sea I see is so real,He seems to have lost control of the entire space,Suddenly fell into an illusion of self-hysteria。
Bang,Li Tianzhen felt extreme pain,I hit a huge meteorite in my confusion,The body was smashed off the original track,I didn’t know how far I flew in the void before I took a breath,He noticed a severe lack of energy,It seems unable to support the body transformed by this divine consciousness。
He wants to find the fiery red planet as much as possible,But looking around,All around is dark,A little starlight makes it difficult for Li Tianzhi to distinguish the direction,A huge meteorite suddenly appeared in the darkness,Caught off guard,Li Tianzhen was hit again,Before coma,Consciousness stays in the stars。
When Li Tianzhi woke up again,Except for the strong wind around,Is a very dazzling light,He felt his body moving rapidly,Someone seems to be pulling his neck,So I tried to open my eyes to see the surroundings,But I was shocked to find myself walking through the clouds alone,Consciousness seems to be recovering a little bit,He gradually sensed a familiar breath。
“Is it you?‘Instructor’?”
Did not get a response,But Li Tianzhen obviously felt his neck tighten,Holding his hand seems to increase his strength,So again,“I know it is you,Where do you want to take me?”
“Take a swim on the bottom of the sea,Anywhere。”‘Instructor’’S answer seems casual,The tone is full of infinite hatred。

Be sure to think about it。

This is the second thought。
“Brother……Brother,Really you,You,You are back.……”
A small teenager who is still stubborn,At this moment, it is red.,“Brother,Go to save the sister,She,She was caught……”
“I know,Don’t worry,Jinmei is so fast。”
Single East comfort,Rotary is barely squeezed out a smile,“Xiao Ming,Who are you looking?。”
“I saw it.,It is a cattle brother and his friend……Heap!”
Though,Single is to turn around。
Then stopped。
“Xiao Tian Ge?”His eyes were the first time in a face, a pale young face.,The face is emerging a strong invisible。
Summer came,Smiling and patted his shoulders,“Tall,Also strong。”
That one is still having a little bit of blood on my face.。
But the eyes are out of light,Directly looking at summer,Like a child,Ambulse,“Xiao Tian Ge……Really you!”
Never curb excitement,I hug in the summer.。
Single Evan look complicated next to。
Don’t read a lot of years,But since I went to Cambia,I have always regarded the summer as an idol.。
From a certain extent,Single pair,It is better than him.。
If you don’t have your own insistence,He really followed the summer.。
“Xiao Tian Ge,I thought that I wouldn’t see you again in this life.……”
Single use dirty sleeves,Rotary, both eyes become bright crystalline,“But I have already got an idea.,After I graduated,I will sneak you.……”
Side of the flash mouth corner。
Summer mild smile,Watching like you look at your own brother,“Don’t use you to come to me,After you graduate,I sent people to pick you up.,Remember,I need,Not just playing killing,There are also many professional talents.……But,I still hope that you will think about it.。”
“Um。”Single head,“I must study hard.……”
Summer patted his shoulders again,Eyes are looking to a man in opposite feet,Cold channel,“Remember what I said before and you??”
Single is also expected,The eyes of hatred,I can’t hate the feet big ear men’s thousand knives.。
“Very good。”
Summer walks before walking。
The man in the fat ear is frightened.,Lower consciousness。
At the same time coldly,“Who are you?……Do you know who I am?,I am an angel.……”

Wu Fang is on guard at this moment,Did not dare to turn on the lights,Just a tentative search slowly in the dark。The furnishings of the furniture in the house are faintly visible,A lot of dumped or destroyed,There are scattered pieces of porcelain and other invisible objects on the ground。Obviously there has been a fierce fight here,Cold sweat oozes from his forehead,I’m afraid to see a scene I never want to see。

The smell of blood comes from the back of the hall and the first wing to the east,Wu Fang’s sense of smell is extremely sensitive and his night vision ability is not weak,Soon I found two big blood stains in the predicted place,It’s quite dazzling even in the dark。He quickly observed the surroundings,After confirming that there is no body, I feel relieved,Squatting beside a pool of black blood。
He first sniffed with his nose,Feel the intensity of the fishy smell,I stretched out my finger and stuck it on the blood,No temperature,Not very sticky,It is preliminary judged that less than an hour has passed since the fight that took place here。The same situation on the other beach,But where did everyone go?
Wu Fang quickly searched the entire small building,I also stood in Li Tianchou’s hut for a while,Make sure there is no one,Even the straight middle-aged aunt he was impressed doesn’t know where he is.。
Can’t care much,Wu Fang took out his cell phone again and dialed Zhu Lei’s number,But the same as before,No one heard。He was shocked,He immediately left the courtyard and went straight to the style bar。
As expected,Something happened to the bar too,You can see the lights flashing from a distance,At least one ambulance and three police cars lined up at the junction,Crowded with people watching the excitement。
Wu Fang’s mood at this time was like bursting out flames, he was on the verge of an explosion.,He squeezed into the crowd with two very rude hands.。Immediately caused dissatisfaction with people around,The angry one only cursed a few words and knocked down Wu Fang’s cold eyes like a knife,I was so scared that I shut up immediately。
It is five meters square around the entrance of the bar,The police have pulled up a long cordon。The ground is full of broken glass,A few mottled blood stains can be seen through the dim light,There is even a machete with blood。Dim lights in the bar,Police officers come and go from time to time,Stared for a long time,Wu Fang finally saw Liu Qiang who had just left the door,So I pulled the plastic strip and got into the alert circle。
“stop!”A police officer stepped in front of Wu Fang。
“I am looking for an acquaintance。”Wu Fang ignored the wary police officer,Quickly bypass the opponent and continue to push in。
“stop,Did you hear!?”Wu Fang’s behavior clearly angered the other party,Police officer stepped after one,Reach out and grab his shoulder。Wu Fang’s back seems to have eyes,A short shoulder and avoiding a ferocious scratch,People have moved in quickly and out of a distance of more than two meters。
The small friction between the two immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding police,Liu Qiang frowned and made a safe gesture to a few colleagues before stepping up to Wu Fang.,Lower your voice,“Your nose is very good。”
“What’s inside?No casualties?”Wu Fang’s questioning was unnecessary,Because through the glass door he saw a waiter in a black vest lying motionless on the ground,A black blood stain under the armpit。There is no emergency doctor nearby,Only two police officers constantly changing angles to take pictures。
“Talk aside。”Liu Qiang look at his colleagues around,I walked to the right door of the bar with my arms folded shoulders,Stop by a tall hemlock tree,“One dead and five wounded,One of them is seriously injured,Still rescued。”
Wu Fang took a breath,Confirm that the waiter I just saw is dead,“What about the people in Yuxing?”
Liu Qiang slapped his face,Seriously corrected:“What Yuxing people?I’m familiar with them。In my opinion, there are only murderers and victims.。”
“Less tugging,When is this?I have no time to joke with you,hurry up。”Wu Fang sneered,And I became irritable and uncontrollable。
Liu Qiang is unmoved,Looking at Wu Fang coldly,“The shortlist is out?”