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And when the Ninja in the fog hidden village is not right,The label has been dead in the forest outside the village.。

Dead near the sauce,There is also a ten hidden,And the three ends of the four generations of water shadows are not true.。
Death of the four generations of water and shadow,Directly let the misty village that has been stable,Rethinking in turmoil again。
To say that the fog hidden village is also more difficult,Because of the reason for the night,The fog hidden village is over in advance.“Blood fog”period,But want steady development,It seems like a luxurious,Trouble and continuous。
Savage,The fog hidden village is naturally caught in a chaos,After all, this is a village.。
The same is true when the three generations of water is in the vortex.,The village flooded directly into a mess,Until the powerful streak, the powerful streak is suppressed,It’s just that it is a replay.。
As a lot of villages of the blood,Although there is a rich advantage,But the relative drawback is also very big.。
Because once you encounter this kind of thing,Those bloody families have become uneasy.。
There are all kinds of interest entanglement in the village.,The situation of the use of the rigid shadow of the wooden leaf is different.,Fog hidden village wants to be on the water,You must talk to strength by your wrist.。
That is to say, no matter what you are,Whether it is a big family、Small family and even civilians,As long as your fist is hard enough,You can serve as the place of the water。
And now there is such a chance,Those bloody family in the village,Naturally, I don’t want to give up this opportunity.。
As long as the family can be“Glow”,Then this family will undoubtedly become the first family in the foggy village.。
At this time, the water in the water is in the hall.,A long hair with black black,The beautiful woman is sitting in the top position,Face is full of impatient。
And her head position,It is full of two old ages.,At this time, the old family of hair is white.,Phase hard。
“Quiet,I know that your brothers have a good relationship with the four generations of water shadows.,But now the four generations of water are dead.。
It is a matter of urgent to select a new spray as soon as possible.,Stable situation in the village,Otherwise, the village will be chaotic at the morning and evening.。”
Beautiful woman sitting on the top position,Naturally, the sister of the night, the sister, no month, quiet。
At this time, she is impatient in her face.,Because these days of the old family, the ethnicity of the month,It hasn’t been mentioned more than once.。
At this time, the old guys sitting next,Part is the old man of the water,Part of the family of the forady of the fungus。
Obvious,The idea they at this time is also the same as the old man.,I hope that the water is not to fight for the position.。
Because the water is quiet, it feels this qualification with strength.,As long as she is willing to grab,Hope is not a general big。
In terms of strength,Water is not a month, but is known as the strongest generation“Tacklers seven people”,Plus her grasps of water without month,Whole misty village,Almost can’t find a few opponents。
As for the identity,Water is not a moon, quiet sister, as a third-generation spray disciple,This is exposed before the four generations of water,What is not secret in the village?。
Water is not a moonlight, the identity is the three generations of spots disciples,Strength is also a number of in the village.,Plus before“Blood fog”when,The night saved a lot of groups,Even finally let the four generations of water recovers normal,This also makes her a very high reputation in the village.。
In the long-term people who are in the water,As long as the water is quiet, there is the idea,Plus, the water of the water is helping,This location is completely ten tether。
But what is the place to be a sputum of others,The landscaping of the landscape of the water without the moonlight。
Water is a little bit a little bit,I didn’t know how many times before the water didn’t have a long night.,But the water is not a month.“Water shadow”No interest in the location。
Isn’t this a joke?,She didn’t want to do it.,It belongs completely to the rack of the duck,I still want her to go.“Water shadow”,There is no door!
Chapter 811 There is another genius in the no-life
“Four generations of water,We should not investigate who is dry,Think about how to revenge for him??
Now the water is just dead,You are anxious to think about how to compete for the right in the village.。
I don’t want to fall to such a day.,Anyway, the water shadow, I am not dry.,Who are you want to fight?,You can get yourself,Don’t pull me down。”
I heard the words of the night.,The people who are in the scene are also helpless.。
They want to fight for the place of the water.,But they have their own understanding,Whether it is strength or reputation in the village,It’s far away from the water in front of the water.。

White mini knife sword,Wago,And a large water curtain intertwined,Actually, there is a scene like the end of the world.。

“Rumble”Unable to describe continuous succession。
Twisted waves,The transpirated white fog makes a transparent diaphragm to crack out a taracota-like crack,Rapid hea。
Winter Oste is smashed,Continuous sprint,Horn angle spilled blood。
Although he cared into his body,But the heart and spirit have suffered。
In addition, the two are not strong.。
Even with the most powerful abilities,Even if I finally collapsed the hidden sword,But let them wolf。
The clothes on the body become broken,And leave a wound。
“Summer!Small hybrid!I want to kill you.!”
Three people were shocked and angry,Red neck,Anger to the extreme。
They really didn’t think,This youth never placed in their eyes,It is so powerful。
Such difficult。
To know,The strength of them,Dot a half-level,Even already touched the edge of God。
But even if so,Three people have kill one person,It’s still not going to take the other side now.。
Instead, the wolf of the other party。
A moment of the crash sword rain screen,Fasbind and Pass will not take care of the front。
And Winteos is more concentrated and mental power,Control this space firmly,Increase the force of tearing。
But next second,The three people have changed the color at the same time.。
A striped long ellipse,Just slow rotation,Inside black and white two-color continuous flow,Set with stars。
Sudden down pressure!Two people come forward,And the rear Winter Os,All feel the danger of death。
No otherwise,Convenience,Red Waves and transparent water curtains,Go down。
Unfortunately, they underestimate the power of this hit.。
I don’t understand this is the top card used to be desperate in summer.。
Silent,Water from the sky and fire,Slowly collapse。
The down-pressed star map is like rushing everything,Crush all power。
Next second。
Short calm,Star map acceleration,Like the star fall。
“Rumble”Just a moment,Wente Os’ s space is broken。
But I didn’t stop。
The gorgeous light is like a huge waves of the sky.,A unable to describe the power of pounds broke out。
dust、Gravel、Flare、Water beads are mixed together,Inconstitution,Just like rolling the waves,Sizely swept around all sides。

what,how so?

If this thing really turns this?,So next,Come and quite tricky。
Look at your eyes,Xueli said directly:“Shen Xuan,No matter what,You must help me,Give this person!”
When Xuous’s words,Shen Xuan is silent。
Chapter 237 That person,already dead
at this time,Look at these,Shen Xuan’s face is full of a touch of smile。
all of these,In fact, it has fallen in Shenxuan’s eyes.。
And these people have encountered,In fact, Shen Xuan is clear and clear.。
It’s here,When Shen Xuan is in front of him,Shen Xuan is a very simplicity。
“Look,You should not be particularly clear,What happened here。”
When Shen Xuan’s words finished,This is the snow,The whole person is somewhat curious。
what,what is happening?
For these,Xueli suddenly didn’t know,What should I say?。
But this time,Shenxuan in front of me,The more you look, the more you feel interesting.。
“Look,this problem,I think I should find someone to tell you.。”
Shen Xuan finished,look around。
quickly,Let Shen Xuan surprised,Su Yuhong actually here。
Originally Shen Xuan still thought,Su Yuhong packs some other work outside。
But it is because of this,So let the scene,It seems more interesting。 “Red sister,this matter,Trouble you。”
Shen Xuan finished,Others are curious,Look at this side。
Say here,what’s going on?
For this matter,How do people around those people?,How to feel very confused and intake。
Su Yuhong,It is standing out.。
“actually,This intelligence,I have just learned that I have just learned.。”
“After all, what is the accident,And us at intervals here,In fact, it is not a long time.。”
When Su Yuhong said on this,This is to let other people nodded.。
It seems to be true,After all, at that time,A lot of things happened。
So Su Yuhong said so,What yourself,It is not a slightly problem.。
But what else is no longer said。
It’s here,When Su Yuhong is in front of his eyes,At this moment,Su Yuhong is going on here.。
“Original,There have been a lot of things here.,http://www.518mo.cnFive poison door,It is also true that people in the dark night assassin have colluded。”
When Su Yuhong’s words finished,Snowy is a strong。
“Do not,How can this??”

“rest assured,All。”Yamamoto, smile。

“Imagine us too excited,Also born?See the ghost.,I don’t want to。”Qin Guangwang grinned and laughed。
“What are you discussing??”Just when Qin Guangwang sound fell,A body appears in the empty,Step in front of everyone。
This person is ragged,Radio,Float。
This person appears,Suddenly let the Yamamoto,Tolsmut and others have a drink。
NS1103chapter Don’t know
“Lin Feng?”White,Qin Guangwang,Fire cloud immortals and others looked at the earthquake。
“Owner?”Tolsmu,Cardik,Yamamoto’s heart is stunned.,But in front of the people don’t contact Lin Feng in anyway.。
Ragged,Just like,Radio,Beard very long,Even faces are unclear,If it is not in the wind,They still thought that it is going to go to the door.。
“it’s me。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“You haven’t seen you for a long time.。”Lin Fengyi head,Hair sharing a face。
“Owner,It’s you!”Tolsmu,Yamamoto,Cardik and others looked at the people who were excited.。
White,Sun Litian,Qin Guangwang,Fire cloud immortals and others have already stood up,Looking at Lin Feng’s figure is hard。
“Ha ha,Of course it is me!”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“Give me a razor.。”
“Need not,Owner,Your image is good.。”Torsmun thumbs up:“There is a feeling like it is a sensibility of the world.。”
“Yes,Like a high person!”Yamamoto,Charlie Mann has laughed:“Just take a wooden stick again.。”
“You a few。”Lin Feng laughs:“I will wash your hands first.,Prepare more vegetables more。”Talking between Lin Feng turned to walk to the pool next to wash hands。
“Hey-hey,Very rich。”The fire cloud in the distance is laughing and walked.:“You have been too long this time.,Leave it for a year。”
“one Year?”When this is, Lin Feng is talking.:“Such a long time,not good,I have to go back.!”
This means that Tao Yao and Sichuan Luo Sakuo have been in more than two years.。
“Maple,No need to panic,Congratulations!”Sun Li was laughed and stopped Lin Feng’s figure.:“Sakura and Xiaoyao have already9Successfully produced before month!”
Lin Feng heard a shock。
His nose is fine acid,The heart is full of embarrassment,Just, the joy of the heart, but it is difficult to suppress anyway.。
“real……of?”Lin Feng heard the excited trembling。
“Can still have false,These two little guys just cry forever.,Later, I didn’t cry anymore.,The two are extraordinary,Xuanwu Ge,Golden Brother,The Tiger King brother is guarded outside,I am fighting on the spot,For this reason, Jinlong Brother and Tiger King brother almost have no dry frame。”Sun Liusi laughed:“I asked why?They only have to pay attention to!”
“Matters,it is good,it is good!”Lin Feng sorrows,He understands the evil turtle,Tiger King,Bing of gold big python。
These three guys know very much,It can be said that people of the entire Bozi is better than this.。
Can be so compete for these three guys,These two little guys are definitely unfold。
“Do not worry。”Sun Liusi laughed:“But according to a few big ladies,Three bodies,Must pass your consent。”
“Ha ha,it is good,it is good!”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled。
“Don’t go back,Eat a meal first。”Sun Liusi laughed:“after eating,We also go back to a trip,Time to stand on the earth,By the way, see these two little guys.。”


Everyone is first,Then change color。
Da da da。
They are backward。
There is no one who dares to stand up and face the summer.。
One of the light flashes,Inner, starting a stormy waves,It is more convincing looks in the eyes.。
He wants to kill people。
To kill everyone!This is all messages that present people’s dangerous sensory feedback.!The atmosphere in the field will come to the freezing point,Quietly arrived。
“Mr. Xia,Why is it anger?。”
at this time,A voice。
Da da da。
The foot walks sound at the same time。
Everyone is looking forward to。
Two people outside。
It is Junhong and Xuantong real person。
NS2415Chapter Play
Seeing they appear,More than a dozen people in the field are secretly tone。
And Jinfei light outside the field,Then light flashes,in silence。
Two people go to the field,Gaze。
Junhong face color,Look at the money forever,“Money master,Can you tell me what is going on?。”
Qian Yong is laughing,Some embarrassment,“Actually, not something big.,Let’s come here to recreate,And Mr. Ning has a conflict in the language.,So I can’t help but practice.,http://www.honghaibo.cnAm I right?”
“Right,Pair,This is the case。”
“The money is correct.,Just a small conflict,But I didn’t expect this summer to kill the old horse.。”
“Yes,This person is too poisonous.。”
“……”Everyone has attached,At the same time, a righteous language surrounded by summer。
“You,You……”Ning Yuan is an energetic risk,Face is awkward。
These guys actually reverse the black and white nuts to the horse,Simple……A group of mix!What makes him angry is,After listening, the Junhong’s face suddenly became gloomy.。
“Mr. Xia,You are too never given me a face.,I am so kindly invited to participate in the funeral.,You are killing people here.,How do you let me??
Even if you are an overlord,Even if you don’t live in your eyes,But here is domestic,Not abroad。”
Junhong Daxie,Full of righteousness,“Today you have to give me an account。”
Summer laughing。
No reason。
Turn the eye to the Ning Yuan,Faint,“Why do they have to work??”

One listening is Li Hui,Liu Sihai is not angry with it.,Although it is a few times, he will make Li Hui Feng,But in fact, he has a lot of money.。 After all, he is really trying to take it.,The result is not to take it.。
“Humph,I have already reported.,Waiting for the police to find you.,I can’t help this.。”
Liu Sihai said that this is totally testing,If you can fool Li Hui,Then he will take a minimum of hundreds of thousands of compensation.,I will give Zhao Yong at the time.,Also let Zhao Yong feel scorless。
“Hey-hey,uncle,You can’t do this.,In case my person, the people under the hand goes in and say something should not be said.,But there is no semi-cuisine relationship with me.,But the grandfa is not there, I don’t know.。”
Finish,Li Hui has done directly to the phone.。
He is also gambling,Gambling Liu Sihai does not dare to call the police。
Although he didn’t know what Liu Sihai did something hurtful.,But it is obvious that Jin Xijie knows something.,Is these things,He feels absolutely not simple。
Liu Sihai also did not expect Li Hui Rong without a reaction time.,Directly hang up the phone。
This makes him some speech for a while.,Even some hesitation, don’t give Li Hui Rong.。
If you have,Then he caught the passive,But don’t play,The other party really can take the initiative,Once you have exploded those things, he feels badly explained.。
Especially before, he also will transfer to Jin Xijie.,Also let Jin Xi Jie helps to have a lot of things。
Hesitated for a long time,He still called the phone to Li Hui。
After all, my business is tight.。
“Hey-hey,Xiao Li,I have just revoked the alarm.,You said that the people under the hand know what things.?”
So, grandfather, I really have something to see.?
I just just swindle you.,I didn’t expect it to have it.,The uncle, let’s talk about this thing.,My people have made mistakes, I will definitely recognize,But your people also played me.,You can’t admit this thing.?”
I heard the words of Li Hui,Liu Sihai almost gas vomiting。
He didn’t expect that he was actually passed by Li.。
“Your people smashed me,This should be a big event.?
Compensation 100,000 to me,Don’t appear in front of my engineering team in the future,Let’s take a soke,It is best not to appear in the county.,Otherwise, this is not finished with you.。”
I heard Liu Sihai.,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“uncle,Some of this matter is not right.,Money can compensate,But 是 是 干,Why, you can do it.,I can’t do it.?
I mean fair competition,Of course, uncle, if you are ready to use the evil road,Be careful, I am alarm,I should also know the relationship with the police station.,Take it,I don’t believe that you are dry.,After all, you are tens of millions of people.。”
Said that Li Hui Hui hangs again.。
Liu Sihai heard that Li Hui’s final,The eyes are also flashing。
Originally, he still wants to stay a line.,But Li Hui actually really want to hard to hard.,Then he decided to let the other person know what it regret.。
Li Hui’s call to Liu Sihai is to determine if Jin Xijie is a problem.。
Or there is no danger of life,By the way, from the other integration。
Obviously, he wants the answer.,Since the other party does not have a danger of life,He is also a breather。
At least prove Jin Xijie is saving,As for the problem of compensation,He didn’t think about him。
The other party bully his people,It’s also a self-take.,Because the other party is also a weapon according to Jin Xijie。
Finish,Li Hui Feng with Zhao Xiaoling.,Then busy back。
Zhao Xiaoling looked at Li Hui Feng’s back of a hurry,I am also a little flourishing in my heart.,She can clearly feel that Li Hui has a time with her. It seems to be in the same way.。
A faint, sigh, the endless complaint。
Chapter 650
When I returned to Liu Tian Town,It’s already afternoon.。

Early next morning,I’m going to go to class,Shen Mange got up and called everyone,Then six people went to class together。

A week later,Shen Mange works at the company this day,But I met an uninvited guest,Baiyucheng。
“Yucheng,Why are you in the Shen Group??”Shen Mange looked at Bai Yucheng in surprise。
“Song,I came to find you,this is?”Bai Yucheng looked at Ai Chen behind Shen Mange。
“Ai Chen,You have seen,my colleague。”Shen Mange turned his head and nodded to Ai Chen to let Ai Chen go down first。
“Oh okay,I have something to find you,Can you help me。”Bai Yucheng looked at Shen Mange anxiously。
“Yucheng,You tell me what’s wrong,Speak slowly,Not in a hurry。”Shen Mange faintly feels something is wrong。
“Song,How many boys are in the school,Have to say,I provoke his girlfriend,but,My girlfriend is you,How could I provoke others?Few of them don’t let go,Have to come over to find something。”Bai Yucheng says。
“and so,Do you want me to explain to them for you?Ok,wait for me,I’ll tell Ai Chen,Let’s go now。”Shen Mange stand up,Came next to Ai Chen,Handed the file to Ai Chen,Then I followed Bai Yucheng out。
“Yucheng,Tell me about the specific situation。”Shen Mange stretched out his hand and spread his hair,Then take off his earrings,Wipe off lipstick,Except clothes,Everything else looks like a school girl。
“Song,I do not know either,Just a few days ago,Your roommate Wen Xin came to see me,Just happened to be seen by them,They just said,What’s the matter between me and Wen Xin,You have to quickly explain it to me,I do not know either,Why does Wenxin provoke those people?。”Bai Yucheng has never heard Wen Xin say these things before。
“Then you asked Wen Xin?Why on earth?We can’t just be wronged in vain。”Shen Mange also pretended to be very scared and said。
“Not yet,Warm call,Can’t get through,I do not know why either。”Bai Yucheng frowned。
“OK then,Let’s go over and solve your problem,Then go find Wenxin。”Shen Mange said calmly。
Two people explained what happened to Bai Yucheng,Not long after coming out of the bar,I saw Wen Xin came here too。
“Song,Baiyucheng,Why are you here?”Wen Xin asked with surprise。

Why is the gap between people so big,Other singers for ten and a half months,Not necessarily a new song。</p>

It’s not much past, right?,Just released another song。</p>
Terrifying,Peng Yu sang and said:“Brother Luo,Need me to help you get the guitar?”</p>
Su Luo shook his head,Tao:“No need to,This song is more suitable for a cappella。”</p>
Zhongru nodded,Even a cappella,Can’t help but make them a little excited。</p>
And Bo Bo,I heard Su Luo want to sing a cappella,Even more in my heart,Felt surprised and incredible。</p>
Well known,Cappella is the hardest,The most test of a singer’s skills。</p>
So some singers who are not very strong,To avoid a cappella,otherwise,May cause stage accidents。</p>
But Su Luo just chose a cappella,This is in front of millions or even tens of millions of live broadcast cameras。</p>
Choose a cappella,Or die,Either you have absolute confidence in your own strength。</p>
And there are no vain people under the prestige,Su Luo should belong to the latter,Boge thought so。</p>
ps:Seeking collection Seeking recommendation</p>
Seek reward and support</p>
Ask for subscription</p>
Add more。。。。</p>
nighttime then。。</p>
New Year’s Day,The author is here to give you New Year greetings!</p>
a new Year,Healthy body,Everything goes well,Make a fortune together!</p>
First346chapter my dream(three)

The ultimate goal is the championship,no doubt。

Xu Xuan’s fresh blood injects youthful vitality into the old Zijin Dynasty,To create a completely different team。
This is jenny·Bath’s ambition!
Many people are wondering,in2010How did the Lakers feel lonely after winning the championship。
Look at their history:
2010-11Season,The Lakers retained the main lineup to win the championship,but,Andrew·Bynum’s injury outbreak caused the team to slow down。
This season,Because of knee injury,Bynum only fought54Regular season。
In order for the team to get the highest possible ranking in the regular season,Kobe,Gasol,Odom,Fisher,Ci Shiping is full82field,This to a certain extent,Depleted the team。In the first round of the playoffs4ratio2Win over the eliminated queen wasps,They were swept by the championship Mavericks that season in the semifinals。
At that time the Lakers had already exposed their oldness,Fisher by Jason·Terry completely blown,Grand Pau Gasol can do nothing against Nowitzki。Proved years later,Since that season,Odom became addicted to drugs,The fall of the best sixth man on the team became one of the reasons why the Lakers were swept。
2011-12Season,The Lakers sent Odom away,Matt·Barnes’s joining was a drop in the bucket for this loss.。
Kobe suffered from injuries such as tibial tenosynovitis,Only played this season56Game,The decline in state can be imagined。In addition,this year,Vanessa filed for divorce from Kobe,Outside factors in this game have a greater impact on Kobe。
In the playoffs,The Lakers who struggled to break through the first round of the tiebreaker were defeated by the Thunder4ratio1beat。From a tactical perspective,The Lakers are still going“Bynum+Gasol”Giant basketball route,This is very different from the small ball trend that has emerged in the league。
This defeat is more like being defeated by the times。
2012-13Season,The Lakers sent Bynum away,Got Howard and introduced Nash。

“carry out,Please taste。”

Until Lynn has made three cups of coffee,Already served,Xiaolan and Yuanzi finally turned back。
For the lack of attention just now,Xiaolan is obviously a little shy,But the garden is different,She is always cheerful and generous,I want to jump into Lin En’s arms immediately,To feel the body temperature and smell of the male god。
Only Mouri Kogoro,This guy’s attention is all focused on the Irish coffee in front of you。
Hurriedly picked up the cup——
027 Ancient Yuwen Liquor Cuts Huaxiong,Xiaolanwen coffee beats dad today
“father?You are……”
The coffee was served on the table,Look at the garland in that cup like a work of art,Xiaolan is still a little lost。
But I heard Moori Kogoro’s voice,After seeing his father who inevitably has a drunkenness on his face,Her expression suddenly changed。
“Irish coffee is not pure coffee,It should be classified as a cocktail。”
“But even so,Mr. Mori’s drinking method is really……Too heroic。”
Can explain to Xiaolan at this moment,Naturally, Lynn who made Irish coffee by himself is undoubtedly。
What should I say,Because it’s the first time to make coffee by hand,He actually completed every step in his memory very carefully。
Unfortunately,He met a Mouri Kogoro who didn’t know the goods。
Even if Irish coffee needs to be drunk hot,It’s not boring?
Instead of giving you this,I might as well give you a glass of whiskey!