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Gemdale Group (600383) 2019 sales review: high sales scale, land cost properly controlled

Gemdale Group (600383) 2019 sales review: high sales scale, land cost properly controlled
Event description On January 12, 2019, the company realized a total contracted area of 1079.0 million square meters, an increase of 22 in ten years.92%; the cumulative contract amount is 2106.0 million yuan, an increase of 29 in ten years.74%. Event Comment The sales scale of 2019 is growing rapidly.In December 2019, the company realized a contracted sales area of 183.10,000 square meters, an increase of 11 in ten years.15%; Achieve contracted sales of 355.0 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.95%.On January 12, 2019, the company gradually realized a contracted area of 1079.0 million square meters, an 北京桑拿洗浴保健 increase of 22 in ten years.92% (The growth rate is 2 lower than the increase from January to November.72pct); gradually signed an amount of 2106.0 million yuan, an increase of 29 in ten years.74% (1% lower than the growth rate from January to November).24pct). Land acquisition intensity remains high in 2019, and business layout is getting better and better.In December 2019, the company obtained a total of 9 projects in Dongguan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Harbin and other cities, with an additional capacity of about 1.92 million square meters and a total land price of about 94.200000000.On January 12, 2019, the company gradually increased its capacity and capacity to approximately 1,200.40,000 square meters, an increase of about 36 compared with the same period in 2018.7%; Gradually take the total price of about 751.9 trillion, a decrease of about 9 compared with the same period in 2018.6%.On the whole, the company adopted a relatively stable land acquisition model before 2016, and the company has gradually strengthened land acquisition since 2017.  In 2018 and 2019, the company maintained a high level of land acquisition, and at the same time continued to implement the land acquisition strategy of cultivating first- and second-tier cities, and its business layout is gradually improving. Land costs are properly controlled and profit margins are abundant.On January 12, 2019, the company’s cumulative average land acquisition price was about 6,264 yuan / square meter (the average average land acquisition price in 2018 was 9,467 yuan / square meter, which was significantly reduced), and the cumulative average sales price was about 19,518 yuan / square meter (compared with 2018The average annual sales price of 18,493 yuan / square meter increased by about 5.5%).The continued growth of average sales price stems from the company’s main layout in core cities, and the reorganization benefits from its excellent product quality.The company’s land-price ratio is only 32.1%, the land cost is controlled too much, which can guarantee the future profitability to a certain extent. Investment suggestion: Sales continue to grow, land costs are properly controlled, and a “Buy” rating is maintained.  In 2019, the company’s sales continued to grow at a high speed and land costs were properly controlled, which is expected to fully benefit from the industrial dividends of new-type urbanization construction.In addition, the company’s financial stability, financing costs, profitability, index rate and other indicators mean the industry average level, and the asset allocation value is prominent.We expect the company’s EPS to be 2 in 2019-2021.18 yuan, 2.73 yuan, 3.37 yuan, higher than the growth rate of 22%, 25%, 24% respectively, corresponding to the current highest PE value is 6 respectively.7 times, 5.3 times, 4.3x; Maintain “Buy” rating.  Risk Warning: 1. The liquidity environment may be uncertain, or it may affect the company’s sales or financing end; 2. The adjustment policy of the real estate business may have uncertainties or have an impact on the company’s operations.

Has the concept of nourishing you upgraded-1

Has the concept of nourishing you been upgraded?

When many people talk about “nourishment”, they just stay at the shrinking of “wait for wrinkles,” and no skin nourishment is the foresight of “prevention is better than cure”.

Why don’t you like to use night cream with higher moisture?

The answer is nothing more than the following: I am afraid of being thick and hard to absorb, too lazy to rub, and feel that I am still young.

  In fact, “prevention before it happens” is most suitable for nourishment, which is why more and more care brands increasingly value the 25-35-year-old market.

For nighttime nourishment, in addition to the night cream, there are three things that must be mentioned-eyes-stories about eye gel, eye cream, and eye mask. For the appeal of eye problems, the effects of eye gel and eye cream are similar., Just the gel of the gel is more refreshing, suitable for normal to oily skin.

Especially in the daytime, the eye gel will have no sense of burden on the eyes, and the main focus is to eliminate dark circles under the eyes and soothe the eye skin.

  Eye cream has a dense particle size, so in addition to reducing the problems of dark circles and bags under the eyes, it can also relatively improve the phenomenon of wrinkles and fine lines.

According to the eye mask, it can be used the day before crying, staying up late causing dark circles, bags under the eyes and other special conditions suddenly appear, it can replenish moisture in a short time, eliminate fatigue, increase skin softness and elasticity, and quickly relieve eye puffinessAnd dark circles.

  Whitening-Whitening is the right science If someone tells you to sunscreen all year round, then she is right; but if someone tells you to whiten it all year round, then she does n’t really know about whitening, or she ‘sIntentionally give your beauty a set.

  Whitening products are definitely a perfect tool for those Asian women who have always regarded “white” as their appeal.

However, this process will replace the keratin of the skin. If it is continuously used, it will continue to regenerate the keratin of the skin, thereby hurting the original texture of the skin.

  In a year, spring and autumn are more suitable for whitening, and you just need to choose a suitable product and then run out of it within this season. In this season, there is no need to resetNew product.

  Hydrating-will make the skin my old myth, the skin that lacks sleep, and the ability of cells to transfer water will be reduced. When the water inside the skin penetrates and the diffusion rate gradually slows down, the skin will evaporate and lose water on the surface,When the moisture cannot be provided in time, the phenomenon of lack of water and drying appears.

  At night, the cells are more active than during the day. At this time, supplementing the cell water can allow the deeper cells to regain water supply through the faster transmission between cells.

Professionals believe that if you can use the rapid scheduling of cell proliferation in the evening to improve the skin’s water retention function (slow the skin’s moisture diffusion rate), it will be of great help to the tender and radiant skin.

8 recipes for daily medical treatment

8 recipes for daily medical treatment


When chocolate is used to cure cough, the medicine is eaten with chocolate, which is easy to swallow, and the cough is better, because chocolate itself is a good medicine.

Theobromine in chocolate is very effective for cough.

Theobromine can inhibit vagus nerve activity, which is critical for chronic cough.

A report states that theobromine is found in all chocolates, with the highest levels of dark chocolate.

Although the exact amount cannot be defined, as far as dark chocolate is concerned, an adult eats 2 pounds (about 57 grams) and a child eats 1 pound (about 28 grams).


Honey injection wound honey can inhibit about 60 kinds of bacteria and produce a certain concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This free radical is a deadly poison to bacteria, but it is absolutely safe for human cells.

Apply honey on the wound surface, gently dressing with dressing, and change the dressing 1-2 times a day.


A bee stings and rubs aloe. Studies have shown that aloe gel is antibacterial and can remove toxins from bees’ stings.

Appropriately absorb the aloe gel repeatedly to the affected area until the skin is completely absorbed, preferably about 4 times a day.


Mosquito bites, toothpaste antipruritic toothpaste contains peppermint oil, which has a cooling effect when volatilized, and can cut the path of itching through the nerves.

Some people may be allergic to toothpaste, so use as little as possible, preferably no more than twice a day.


Chewing fennel seeds or coriander seeds helps digestion, and the average content of them is high in minerals (especially magnesium), which can reduce gas formation and reduce gastrointestinal cramps.

If the digestive system has been a problem, be sure to find out the cause; if it is only occasional indigestion, chew fennel seeds (one spoon a day) after a meal or between meals, or a glass of water and half a spoonful of fennel seeds and cook 5—Let it cool for 10 minutes.


Milk to burn the skin For less severe burns, Friedman recommends dipped clean gauze with milk and applied to the burns for 15 minutes each.


Tea bag for cold sores (also known as hot water bubbles) is a simple herpes caused by infectious virus, which is often distributed on and around the lips. It is very painful if it gets sick.

Both flavonoids and caffeine in tea have been shown to inhibit herpes simplex virus.

Keep the wet tea bag cool and apply it on the affected area, change it once an hour; or apply ice to the sore area, or relieve pain, and also anti-inflammatory; you can also dipped a cotton ball into milk and wipe it for 10-15 minutes every day.


Drinking baking soda for urethritis and urinary tract infections is unbearable. If you don’t have a doctor nearby, you may wish to drink a glass of baking soda, which may be relieved immediately.

Baking soda makes the bladder environment weakly alkaline and destroys the ability of bacteria to reproduce.

Suggestion: Add a cup of water and a spoonful of baking soda. If the pain does not disappear, drink it after 10 hours.

He also reminded that because the bacteria were not killed, they still needed medical treatment; re-drinking baking soda could easily lead to the loss of potassium in the body, so it was not suitable for the elderly.

Marriage management methods reveal 5 essential elements for successful marriage

Marriage management methods reveal 5 essential elements for successful marriage

Marriage is a great promise to your sweetheart.

When choosing a partner, in addition to having love, there are many factors to consider, such as whether the personality is complementary, whether the variables fit, and whether the sexual life is harmonious.

It can be said that a successful marriage preferably has five elements.


Similarity From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, people favor partners who have a certain degree of similarity with themselves.

Other studies have also confirmed that the higher the similarity between partners, the more positive the relationship, especially in the areas of values, attitudes and hobbies.

But do n’t worry even now that the two parties do n’t look that much, because research has found that the longer a marriage lasts, the more likely it is that the temper and movements between the couple will affect each other.

This reminds us that until they find that they will always stumble and don’t kill each other with a single stick.

With a heart of tolerance, couples can become more and more similar, and marriage can last for a long time.


Personality Traits Personality has a great influence on marriage.

A psychologist’s personality survey of more than 10,000 couples in Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom found that people with stable emotions, high affinity, and responsible people have the possibility of a happy marriage and “compatibility” with their spouses.The stronger it is.

If both people are like this, then it is easier to have a happy marriage.

And worry, negative and other personalities can cause trouble for marriage.

To overcome personality defects, in addition to consciously correcting words and deeds, the husband and wife should put communication first.


Through the gradual progress of sexual intimacy, the sexual life between husband and wife will gradually decrease.

An All-China Women’s Federation survey shows that nearly 60% of couples in China have been exposed to “cold sex.”

Sex is an important factor in intimate relationships. The lower the frequency of sexual life, the more likely marriage “hits the rocks”.

Sexual health experts point out that hormone levels in the body change as stress increases, and long sleeves “strike” the retinal hormone hormones that fuel sexual desire.

If there is a problem with sexual life between spouses, be sure to talk to each other gently and make suggestions that are acceptable to both parties.


To have love Only a marriage based on love can succeed.

Any kind of loving behavior for men or women, some common laughter, sharing daily feelings, etc. are the key elements of a happy marriage.

Love needs business, and the key is communication.

No matter how busy you are, couples should maintain daily communication.

Even if someone doesn’t want to talk, maintain the necessary physical communication by hugging, kissing, etc.


Fairness Some people say that there is no absolute fairness in marriage.

A survey indicates that marriage gives men more recognition and happiness than women.

However, a marriage without fairness does not last.

For example, when both husband and wife have to go to work, if the housework is unfairly distributed, it will easily lead to marriage conflict.

In addition, even husbands and wives may quarrel over the issue of money. If one party is very frugal and the other is arrogant, the two will soon conflict.

If someone feels unfair, they must be calm and so-called and come up with a constructive solution.

If men are not bad, do not love work

If men are not bad, do not love work

In addition to a person’s competence for a certain profession, in addition to the degree of effort, whether the personality of the person is consistent with the requirements of the profession is also an extremely important factor.

Psychologists have studied the career choices of seven different types of people and summarized their optimal career choices.

  1Operational type This kind of person is born with flexible hands and feet, loves and is good at fiddling with inquiry items, and is suitable for choosing occupations such as operators, supplies maintenance, installation, and chefs who need higher hands-on ability.

  2 Research type This type of person likes to be alone, has strong abstract thinking ability, is good at thinking with symbols and conceptual thinking and conceptual thinking, likes intellectual activities, and is suitable for choosing scientific research, medicine, computer program design and other work.

  3 Artistic This type of person has strong sensitivity, rich and changeable emotions, better image thinking ability, likes to be different, unique, flexible, and unwilling to stick to rigid routines, suitable for design, performance, media reporter editing, clothing beauty makeupClass work.

  4 Generous type of people like to interact with others, be kind to others, be willing to provide services and help to others, and be optimistic and cheerful.

Suitable for choosing doctors, nurses, preschool education, tourism, social workers, housekeeping services and other jobs.

  5 Tongue argument type This type of person has strong verbal skills, likes generous submissions, talks eloquently, speaks loudly, and responds flexibly and agilely. It is suitable for the selection of program hosting, broadcasting, lawyers, teachers, sales and other tasks.

  Six such entrepreneurial people are calm-headed, pragmatic and dare to take risks, have good psychological endurance, strong power, optimism and self-confidence, and are unwilling to stay for a long time. They are suitable for securities, debt management, and self-organized entities.

  7 Executive type This type of life is cautious and obedient, likes a planned and organized environment, suitable for choosing routine tasks such as accounting, statistics, secretarial, file management, hotels.

How to prepare for relaxation before practicing yoga

How to prepare for relaxation before practicing yoga

Relaxation is a basic method for beginners to learn qigong. It is a kind of static exercise practiced in postures such as lying down, sitting, or standing.

It is also the basic skills that you should master before advanced deep learning methods.

  When it comes to relaxation, most people can easily understand that it just relaxes the muscles.

In fact, relaxation requires not just muscle relaxation, but also spiritual relaxation. It can even be said that spiritual relaxation is the guide and foundation for practicing relaxation.

Only when the spirit really relaxes can the muscles achieve good relaxation.

  The so-called spiritual relaxation is mainly manifested in two aspects: First, resetting the region’s thoughts unrelated to exercise.

This mainly refers to the fact that when you first learn qigong, your thoughts often fail to achieve unity for a while, and sometimes the more you want to be united, the more complex thoughts will come.

The second is to prevent and eliminate the tension generated during relaxation.

The so-called tension during relaxation means that some people are eager to practice and want to reach their goal as soon as possible. In fact, they are eager to reach the goal. The more they want to relax, the more nervous they become.

One way to eliminate these two states is to focus your thoughts on the relaxed parts of the body one by one, and carefully examine the feeling that each part has when it relaxes.

In this way, it naturally prevents the generation of other distractions and achieves spiritual relaxation.

The so-called muscle relaxation is to be relatively relaxed while maintaining the strength of the exercise.

This relaxation is not slackness, because muscles must have a certain degree of tension to maintain a certain amount of exercise.

However, this kind of muscle tension is not stiff, and it can be just to maintain physical fitness.

This state of muscle is what is commonly referred to as “looseness, tension, and stiffness.”

  The following describes the specific method of relaxation: breathing: natural breathing.

  Posture: lying, sitting, standing.

  Idea: Imagine the muscles of each part of the body in the order described below, try to relax the muscles, and at the same time carefully examine how the muscles feel when they relax.

   To relax your muscles: Gently close your eyes, start from the top of your head and imagine and relax one by one.

  Top of head, forehead, eyebrow, eyelid, eyeball, nose, lips, lips, jaw, fracture, shoulders, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, two hands, ten fingers, fore chest, two threatens, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, itemRear hips, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves, joints, and feet.

This relaxation can be repeated many times.

To enhance the relaxation effect, you can meditate on the word “loose” when imagining each place, or play light music at the same time.

  Relaxation work has a better effect on eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength.

It also works well to relieve tension and promote sleep.

Patients with insomnia can practice relaxation after going to bed in the evening. Often, they can fall asleep quickly by relaxing their mind and body.

18 Secrets of Korean Star Medical Aesthetics


18 Secrets of Korean Star Medical Aesthetics

The star is a group of people shrouded in halo, bright eyes and bright teeth, but the ice muscle jade bones are not all born.

Not everyone is born to look beautiful, neither is a star.

Natural beauty is important, but the day after tomorrow can be impeccable.

Stars are becoming more and more beautiful, and the beauty of stars is often inseparable from the development of medical aesthetics.

18 Secrets to Become Beautiful, Decode Beautiful Ghost Axe.

  The first plan of medical cosmetology: Injecting a thin face with a sharp outline has become a popular pursuit nowadays. The injection of thin face needle technology introduced from South Korea can help you to be a small face beauty easily.

Botox injection (commonly known as face-lifting needle) is a non-surgical face-lifting method preferred by celebrities. Because of its advantages in operation replacement and safety, it has become the first choice for celebrities to quickly lose weight.

The botulinum injection is mainly targeted at the square face caused by overdeveloped chewing muscles.

When the face-lifting effect appears, you will get the admiration of everyone like a star.

  The second plan of medical cosmetology: maxillofacial plastic goose egg face is the face shape that many girls expect, and now it can be changed by surgery.

More and more Korean and Asian stars go to plastic surgery hospitals in South Korea for face surgery before becoming famous, making themselves more suitable for photogenic.

Through continuous practice and exploration, the Korean classic face-lifting technology summarized by Korean experts is sought after by many stars.

The Korean classic face-lifting is very concealed.

Usually choose the mouth or hairline.

Under the guidance of a professional plastic surgeon, with a sunflower seed face, the goose egg face can come true. The 4th plan of medical beauty: the eyelashes are short and thin, and look sluggish.

Planting eyelashes can help you solve the problem of thinning eyelashes.

Eyelashes are implanted using autologous hair transplantation. After successful transplantation, the length of eyelashes can be removed as needed.

There are no scars on the eyelash transplantation area.

Plant eyelashes, which grow as long as you want.

  No. 5 in Medical Cosmetology: In orientals without rhinoplasty, prolapse of the nose is common.

Therefore, rhinoplasty is very popular in the East, and rhinoplasty has the most prominent change in facial contours.

Korean prosthetic rhinoplasty does not require prosthesis, and it is aesthetically a comprehensive rehabilitation of the nose. Korean prosthetic rhinoplasty has sophisticated operation, mature aesthetic concepts, and good biocompatibility. It is comparable to works of art.

  The 6th plan of medical beauty: Angelina Jolie with sexy lips and beautiful lips makes men and women crazy for her.

Especially her sexy lips make her shine.

Korean style lips are superb.

According to the specific circumstances and requirements, Korean-style lip plumping can be performed by slightly injecting “lip plumping” or using artificial tissue substitutes to achieve full lips.

It’s amazing to have sexy lips without the hassle of sculpting.

  The 7th plan of medical beauty: teeth whitening teeth black black yellow yellow, how to show a beautiful smile.

Teeth coloring is extremely common in the clinic. The high-speed cold light whitening tooth system can help you remove dirt and bad pigments from your teeth and have a healthy and whitening tooth for a long time.

This system uses plasma to quickly catalyze the reaction between the whitening gel and pigment adsorbed on the tooth surface, so as to achieve the effect of whitening teeth quickly.

With a pair of healthy and white teeth, you can fully show your beautiful charming smile.

  The eighth measure of medical cosmetology: Long jaw In terms of the characteristics of Oriental bones, it is very common that the jaw is too retracted.

The lack of three-dimensional chin makes the outline of the lower part of the face weak, and destroys the overall beauty of the face.

Long chin surgery can make the chin longer and longer, which can improve the shape of the face.

There are two kinds of surgical methods, such as cutting bones to pull out the chin or implanting the chin prosthesis. Among them, the implantation of the chin prosthesis is simple and easily accepted by the patient.

The sharp chin and sharply defined features make it easy to attract attention.

  The 9th plan of medical beauty: fashion breast augmentation and exquisite figure cannot be separated from the chest curve.

Endoscopic three-dimensional breast augmentation is a stylish and safe breast augmentation. Unlike previous breast augmentation operations performed outside the body, this operation only needs to be closed by a rice grain, and the filling material is implanted under the supervision of a built-in scope.A complete cavity behind the mammary gland, which prevents the filling material from penetrating into the breast tissue.Utilizing advanced medical technology to help women hold their heads tall and emit pure female radiance.

  The 10th plan of medical cosmetology: the waist and abdomen shape the life of modern people, eat more, do less physical exercise, waist circumference grows sad.

Resonance liposuction weight loss provides a solution for adults in modern people.

This technology uses only a few millimeters of minimally invasive pinholes and uses the principle of resonance to selectively break tiny cells and repeat redundant slight suction without causing skin, blood vessels and nerve tissues to resonate, effectively protecting nerves and blood vessels, greatly improvingThe effect and safety of the operation.

Easily pull out the excess waist and abdomen, you can show a small waist.

  The 11th plan of medical beauty: sexy buttocks with swollen buttocks are a symbol of female vitality and charm, but many people have sagging breasts.

Now, hip-lifting has come to us. It inherits the exquisite and beautiful Korean technology, and uses a variety of methods such as liposuction, skin tightening and stretching.

Keep your tibia fixed and cocked, sexy and charming, exuding charming charm at all times.

  The 12th plan of medical cosmetology: Beautiful legs are slender, and the uniform leg lines are fascinating.

At present, ring-shaped directional liposuction technology can remove abnormalities in 360 degrees for various non-physiological local lipid accumulation areas.

Beautiful legs are at your fingertips.

This technology uses negative pressure to remove a few cells that have been liquefied under the skin, quickly and effectively improve body shape, and achieves the purpose of weight loss and body shaping.

Since surgery in China, it has been favored by beauty lovers.

Perfect body, beautiful figure, everything is possible if you want.

  The 13th plan of medical cosmetology: through the improvement of women’s body, more and more women are free to pursue physiological harmony.

Improving the beauty of the external genitalia can not only enhance its physiological functions, but also enhance the harmony of sexual life.

Common private cosmetic procedures include: labia minora surgery, vaginal relaxation correction, slender or closed vaginal surgery, and clitoral surgery.

Enjoy life, release yourself, pursue exquisite life. Medical beauty. 14th plan: Whitening and rejuvenation. Eastern aesthetics love fair skin. The popular color rejuvenation in Shanghai can directly reach the dermis of the skin and directly affect the collagen cells of the dermisSo that the collagen in the skin can be reborn, and it can really achieve the role of deep skin care.

Effectively improve skin oils and increase skin elasticity.

Be a beautiful cutie with white skin, confidently chasing the young dream of medical beauty 15th plan: no trace acne and acne is difficult to solve, upset!

I hope that youth does not need to fight “acne”, but often youth is with acne.

Sometimes adults also suffer from acne damage.

Nowadays, the compound color light used by the hospital to treat acne can not only remove the annoying acne, but also remove the marks and scars left by acne. The youthful skin reappears, which is amazing.

  The 16th plan of medical beauty: get rid of chloasma, darken your face, and how can you feel bright?

Photon rejuvenation also gives you delicate skin.

Korean skin and beauty experts have created deep skin regeneration after years of intensive research. This technology can remove old skin to achieve the purpose of removing melasma, scars and skin wrinkles.

Solve the speckles and face the future with confidence.

  17th plan of medical cosmetology: Slight wrinkle removal of many people After all, many stars are unable to escape the impact of years. Stars are younger than ordinary people without the energy they spend on beauty.

At present, an advanced technology can use its own excess amount to fill the various wrinkles left over the years.

Adult fillings use their own tissues to both lose weight and help the face look younger and more vibrant.

  The 18th plan of medical cosmetology: Xuefu’s cool hair removal and heavy sweaty hair are unsightly, which seriously affects the overall visual beauty.

Xuefu Ice Laser Hair Removal Technology is a cutting-edge technology that is widely used in the field of hair removal. While achieving the ideal hair removal effect, it can effectively protect the epidermis from thermal damage without causing melanin deposition and arthritis reactions.

Really clean and painless hair removal, silky skin, put it down.

Eating more black rice can relieve allergies and inflammation

Eating more black rice can relieve allergies and inflammation

According to the Pakistan Observer News, a new study found that black rice and black rice bran can relieve inflammation of allergies, high blood pressure or other diseases.

Researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture explained that black rice bran is the shell of black rice and is peeled off during processing.

In preliminary experiments, researchers found that black rice and black rice bran can inhibit the release of histamine through tissue culture, which is a substance that induces infection.

Researchers say it may be used as an anti-allergy, anti-infection food ingredient, or as an adjunct to the treatment of chronic infections.

Acute nephritis treatment for children

Acute nephritis treatment for children

Pediatric acute nephritis is the abbreviation of hemorrhagic glomerulonephritis.

The main clinical symptoms are: general edema, oliguria, and hematuria symptoms generally last for 1?
After 2 weeks of treatment, urine volume increased, edema subsided, and blood pressure gradually decreased.

Continuous administration of hematuria and proteinuria, generally no more than six months.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cause of this disease is exogenous due to feelings of wind, water, or sores; the internal causes are mainly lung and spleen abnormalities.

The commonly used medicated diet therapy is: Second Chen Bamboo Leaf Tea: Chen Pei, Chen scoop, 10 grams each, 20 fresh bamboo leaves, sugar.

Decoction for several times, add sugar, this medicinal tea functions to relieve swelling, and is suitable for nephritis, spleen deficiency, dampness and edema.

Dried corn beard soup: 60 g of dried corn shall be fried with 500 ml of water to 250 ml, once served, once in the morning and evening, 1 g of potassium, 3 times daily.

The medicated diet is a diuretic, suitable for nephritis edema.

Chinese cabbage barley porridge: 500 grams of cabbage, 60 grams of barley.

Cook the porridge with rice, add the washed and chopped cabbage, the vegetables are hot, and do not cook for a long time.

Eat without salt or low salt, 2 times a day.

This medicated diet is suitable for those with acute nephritis with edema and oliguria.

Red Bean Bean Carp: Red Bean 100g, one carp (250?
500 g).

Remove the carp from the internal organs, wash them out, and simmer for an hour with no salt.

Day 1?
2 times.

The medicated diet has a beneficial effect on swelling and swelling, and is suitable for nephritis edema.

Garlic steamed watermelon: Garlic 30?
45 grams, one watermelon (about 1500 grams).

First dig a hole in the watermelon skin, peel the garlic and add the inside of the watermelon, then plug the hole with the dug melon skin, cover the hole with a small dish upwards, and steam through the water.

Eat it in portions during the hot day.

The medicated diet functions to relieve swelling and is suitable for acute nephritis in children.

 Red bean steamed black-bone chicken: a black-bone hen (weighing about 1500 grams), 300 grams of red beans, one spoon of rice wine, hair removal after slaughter, laparotomy, washing, draining, cutting small pieces, washing red beansTake a large porcelain pot, pour half of the chicken pieces first, then half of the red beans, cover the chicken pieces and the dirty ones, and drizzle with rice wine.

For sweet lovers, add sugar to the chicken nuggets and sprinkle a small spoonful of salt.

  Steam over high heat for 3 hours.

When snacks or meals, one small bowl at a time, 2 times a day, this medicated diet function can strengthen the spleen and kidney, diuresis and swelling, and is suitable for nephritis and edema.

In addition to using the above medicated diet to treat children with acute nephritis, we must also pay attention to drinking alcohol.

Strictly control the salt during the edema, and after the edema subsides, give a less salt diet.

Usually you should avoid using drugs that are harmful to the kidneys, eat less irritating food (replace 100 ml per day), and even limit your protein intake when there is no urine, which should generally be controlled at 20?
30 Most of the wastes formed by metabolism in the human body are excreted by the kidneys, and nephritis causes excretion functions and obstacles. If you eat more protein, a lot of wastes will stay in the body. These wastes are toxic and more can cause uremia.

Children need to eat more fresh vegetables during the illness. Fruits and other things can not only supplement a variety of vitamins, but also promote the recovery of renal function, and a small amount of supply. At this time, a large amount of sugar should be replenished.

Contact lenses should be carefully corrected disinfectant can not kill germs

Contact lenses should be carefully corrected disinfectant can not kill germs

Contact lenses must be carefully corrected disinfectant solution can not kill the germs According to British media reports, 3 million people use contact lenses every year, and about 6,000 bacterial keratitis cases caused by bacterial infections occur almost every year.Vision is blurred and even blind.

Among them, the use of contact lenses has been identified as a specific risk factor for infectious keratitis.

At the April 16th Annual Liverpool General Microbiology Academic Conference in Japan, a new research table proposed by researchers showed that even with disinfectant, contact lenses can still cause bacterial infections in the eyes, and suggested that research and development should be more effectiveContact lens disinfectant solution.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool tested the ability of different fragments to survive the same commonly used contact lens cleaning solution, and the results showed that most of the replacements died within 10 minutes in the volume of the contact lens solution.

However, the keratitis-causing bacteria “Pseudomonas aeruginosa” survived for more than 4 hours, far exceeding the survival time of the control.

Researcher Professor Craig Weinstanley said that microbial keratitis can have devastating effects on patients. To reduce this risk, it is best to reduce the number and use of contact lenses, or to develop better results.disinfectant.

The research team plans to further investigate the indicators to understand how it can comprehensively strengthen preventiveness and its potential mechanisms.

This will help develop new disinfectants.