Contact lenses should be carefully corrected disinfectant can not kill germs

Contact lenses should be carefully corrected disinfectant can not kill germs

Contact lenses must be carefully corrected disinfectant solution can not kill the germs According to British media reports, 3 million people use contact lenses every year, and about 6,000 bacterial keratitis cases caused by bacterial infections occur almost every year.Vision is blurred and even blind.

Among them, the use of contact lenses has been identified as a specific risk factor for infectious keratitis.

At the April 16th Annual Liverpool General Microbiology Academic Conference in Japan, a new research table proposed by researchers showed that even with disinfectant, contact lenses can still cause bacterial infections in the eyes, and suggested that research and development should be more effectiveContact lens disinfectant solution.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool tested the ability of different fragments to survive the same commonly used contact lens cleaning solution, and the results showed that most of the replacements died within 10 minutes in the volume of the contact lens solution.

However, the keratitis-causing bacteria “Pseudomonas aeruginosa” survived for more than 4 hours, far exceeding the survival time of the control.

Researcher Professor Craig Weinstanley said that microbial keratitis can have devastating effects on patients. To reduce this risk, it is best to reduce the number and use of contact lenses, or to develop better results.disinfectant.

The research team plans to further investigate the indicators to understand how it can comprehensively strengthen preventiveness and its potential mechanisms.

This will help develop new disinfectants.