Before being installed in the jar,Unload the joint,I am afraid of being afraid to say,Before the Chu Deirers also bought her all the way.。

“Since we dare to ask too late,Bold is not small。”Black people disdain。
“it is good!I can’t think of you, there are some energy resistance.,Then I have to expose that God is behind……”Chu Deirers suddenly violently“it is good”。
Waiting for the Chu Deirers“It is Shenhou behind”when,Black man and Liu Sheng face clearly changed。
However, the Chu Deirent continued to say:“It is Shenhou behind……Refers to this!”
Black man and Liu Sheng are pine tones,Then I can’t help but hesitate——This person is in his nonsense,Still really want to remind them??
Think about Zhao ignorant character……
Although it is good to discuss,When I arrived, I would like to save the sky or return to the sea.,They sell a flaw, it is,As for others to save,That will kill innocent……
but,Think about the old-born personality,If he is more realistic,I’m looking for someone to find a person who is not coherent to the Renong Villa.,It is also very possible!
Maybe,Chu is old“Put on”Golden Villa?
Mother and Yun Luo did not understand Chu’s intention,After all, this kind of file,I want to know,How can I report the name of God Hou?,I scared each other?
at this time,Chu Deirers shouted:“Dafa!”
Follower“Big holy”Theft of theft,Left hand,A suction is generated!
It is indeed nine points similar to the Dafa France,After all, this is《Dafa》Integration,Just compare with God Hou,Such a weak suction。
And the target suck,Be no longer,It is hijacked Yunli County……
This sucking force,Black man can pay,But he feels more than just suction!
His meridians、End,Also shaking this suction……At this time he hesitated,Then still put it up。
His hand,Yun Luo naturally flies to the Chu Deirers,After caught Yun Luo,Chu Deirers also stopped working,But even so,Yun Luo is also weak because of his internal interest.!
Then, the Chu Deiren took her to walk.。
Although it is a back、Put together one,But the Chu Deirers will launch the body,Not slow,more importantly……
Black man is hesitant to see Liu Sheng,Liu Sheng Xiaoyu:“Slowly……Chase!”Only the last word is shouting!
I only see that the two are hanging behind.,I don’t have much time to catch up.。
Be right,This is the backup plan of Chu Deirers——Once things are harmony,Use similar“Dafa”Effect,Putting up God’s pass,I suggest that the other party cooperates with yourself!
Side“Reserve plan”,It is because this trick is too dangerous.,Then I will definitely be stared by God.……
Chapter 263 Emperor
Chu Deirers took Yun Luo County,Backward,All the way gallop……
These Dongli waves also play realistic,There is a lot of chasing、Pluck,However, it also controls the extent to which Chu deer solves。
certainly,These passersby may not play,But I don’t know.,Will be Liu Sheng Master、Wu Pongner sold!
It looks smooth,But the Chu Deirers are sighing silently.——In the future, it is necessary to be careful.,And it’s still in the people who have tried to date.,One of the most difficult one!
Just just forced to the part,Chu Deirers have to let go。
Liu Sheng and Shen Hou have secretly,But the Chu Deiren flicked him,This matter even。
If the Chu Deirers are used in front《Dafa》,摆 明 车 马 取 柳 生,Perhaps it can be successful,However, the Chu Deirers will be the first person in the heart of Shenhou.——you know too much!
Therefore, the Chu Deirers said that Yunshan fog winding,Even if Liu Sheng and Shen Hou said this,You can’t be because of the words of the Chu Deirers,And confident that he knows the true face of Shenhou。
From the Chu Dee,Thoroughly hammer only“Chu Deirers know that Shenhou is good at Qifeng Dafa”,So use this borrowing of God’s prestige,Scare the kidnapper。
As for Lenovo, Liu Sheng?That is his own misunderstanding,Chu Deirers have not said something。