“Tang Dynasty,Tell you by truth,I am looking for someone.,Surnamed seedlings,Is there a surnamed seedlings in your house??”

“That brings it out, let me see。”
“Grandmaster,Don’t worry,You give me a mother first.,I am helping you find someone.。”
“Your mother?”
“Go out。”
Waited for half an hour,Tang Dynasty’s mother is late。
Old lady in the old but legs,No need to help,Radial walking into the hall。
“I heard that you invited the master.,where?”
“mother,it’s him。”
The old lady looked at the forest.,Shake your head:
“You will get me,While there is a hair kid as a master。”
“Real master,Mother, you try it.,I don’t want to make him go out.。”
“Try try。”
The old lady walked to the forest,Take out your own birth eight characters,ask:
“I gave me a bronze mirror twenty http://www.bjbc-sh.cn years ago.,How can you find it?,Can you find it??I want to die into the coffin.。”
Chapter 16 Hulus Mountain
“Old man,If I can’t find it,Don’t think that others can find it.。”
Sometimes bragging can enhance customer confidence,Especially for the elderly。
Old people’s emotional excitement,Say:
“As long as you help me find,My son, I promise you.。”
Tang Dynasty wants to add a few can promise conditions,But I was glad by the old mother.,I am sitting there,Worried look at the forest,I am afraid that he is impossible to complete the conditions。
It’s a pair of wonderful mother and son。
Lin rang picks up the birth of the old lady,ask:
“Is there any special mark??”
“No marker,wrong,have,Marker,Have old man to love full of love。”
Tang Dynasty people happen。
“mother,I am uncomfortable.。”
http://www.58fishing.cn “The old man is don’t bother,I will find you.。”
Lin ring out of the turtle shell,Devotional start shaking。