He knew that Tang San was very hard,Go up the mountain to exercise before the sun is up,I have to take care of the drunkard when I come back。

So stop the two,Want to make something delicious for Tang San。
“Grandpa jack,no need,I have to go back to cook!”
Tang San tactfully refused,It doesn’t matter how bad your father is,As long as there is someone who makes him call Dad。
“Tang Chen,You as brother,Take care of brother!”
“Look at your fat body,Look at Xiaosan’s skinny,Don’t follow your father!”
“Don’t waste this good skin bag!”
Old Jack laments,Looking at Tang San’s thin body,Unspeakable uncomfortable in my heart。
Tang Chen really wanted to swear,It’s like he abused Tang San。
This fat,But all the little girls in the village raised snacks。
Has a half-cent relationship with him Tang Hao!
Just the vegetable gruel at home,Don’t starve to death。
He really can’t remember at all?
“Don’t worry, the village chief,Within a month,I raised him white and fat!”
“Go out hunting!”
Tang Chen doesn’t care about the two shocked,Turned and rushed out of the village。