Sexual care of hospice care

Sexual care of “hospice care”

In the oncology ward, the old man who is tortured by cancer cells knows that he will soon be born, and the feelings of despair and fear are beyond words.
Despite the care and medical care of the medical staff and his family, he tried his best to meet his requirements, trying to free him from the embarrassing situation, and let him walk the last life path with peace and calm.
But doing so much, but always can not meet the requirements of the elderly, his mood is still not improving.
The unhappy old man often muttered to himself, glaring at the past and hanging his long-lost wife’s name on his mouth.
That expression reflects the cherished feelings of the ear, the love of the opposite.
銆€銆€When Mr. Li Lao is unconscious, he will also ask his children to let his wife accompany him. He wants to be alone with the old people, relive the sweet and warm time between husband and wife, and call back the kind of people in the world.Reminiscing memories; let time go back in time, before the end of life, and then relive the love of a couple.
The ideological activities and mood swings of the elderly before dying, although they are to some extent a psychological reflection in the unconscious and incompletely awake state, also express a certain range of sexual requirements.
銆€銆€From the perspective of sexual science, human desire for and satisfaction of sex is an indispensable part of life activities.
Especially in the face of a huge blow or a huge gain in career and economy, in order to vent their emotions and express their inner activities, they often vent their enthusiasm with their closest relatives.
In the face of the dying dying patients, the hustle and bustle of the sick bed, the body and the surrounding environment and atmosphere, forced to find something viable.
At this time, they are more and more eager to get the love of the world.
More need for loved ones, especially the spouse to give care and caress.
The Mr. Li Lao mentioned in this article is an example.
銆€銆€People who are ill and ill will have the feeling of fear, despair and helplessness once they understand their true condition.
After this feeling, I will rise up in my heart to infinite love for life, and deliberately recall the thoughts and desires of the attempt.
For example, you will suddenly ask for a certain kind of food, or you have to go to a certain place to wait for ideas.
For spouses, sometimes sexual requirements are also raised.
At this point, doctors and family members should meet the patient’s requirements, and everything that can be done is resolved as much as possible.
This form of care, including the doctor’s meticulous treatment and the most solace and satisfaction of the dying patient in the mental and physical form, is medically known as “hospice care.”
For those who are alive, hospice care is a warm project filled with human love.
To do this work well, it will only make the dying patient die peacefully and peacefully, and also let the living person talk about morality and conscience to masturbate.
銆€銆€However, in hospice care, people often do not think or pay attention to sexual care is one of the most important content.
Many people think that when “people are dying”, they don’t care about sex care, maybe it’s ridiculous. When the dying person fights death, sex should not be between them.
This view is actually caused by the fact that people do not recognize the importance of sexual care in hospice care.
銆€銆€Sexologists believe that the sexual care of dying patients is indispensable in hospice care and should not be biased or discriminatory.
Many patients at the last moment of their lives often ask their spouse to stay away from it and do not let the third person disturb. He or she needs his wife (or husband) to give sex.
Of course, in this special case and occasion, the sexual requirements put forward by the dying patient are not limited to sexual intercourse, and sometimes it is impossible.
Most of them are done in the form of hugs, caress, language and smiles.
These marginal sexual behaviors often lead to sexual psychological satisfaction in the terminally ill patients.
They can temporarily forget the fear of death and get spiritual pleasure in a short sexual activity.
銆€銆€There is a long-term sick couch, a university teacher who has been tortured and killed by cancer cells. With his wife’s day and night companionship and careful care, he endured tremendous illness, smiled and laughed, and spent the last time before his life stopped with his wife.
He has no choice but to ask his wife not to leave.
Before the end of the dying, the middle-aged man who thought that he had dragged his wife and apologized to her, hugged his wife tightly, holding her hands close to her for a long time, and her trembling lips clung to her wife.On the cheek, for a long time.
Even if he entered a semi-conscious state, he still called his wife.
The nightmare words, as well as the unconscious movements of the hands and feet, show that he always longs to get the caress of his wife, and the sexual activity has not stopped.
In order to alleviate the pain, the doctor injected him with an anesthetic analgesic azadirachtin. The analgesic and hallucinogenic effects of the drug brought the patient into a dream state.
At this point, he still clutched his wife’s hand, and he entered an illusory sexual state.
The romantic couple’s fun scenes stirred up the waves of love from time to time. At this moment of sexual love, he rounded his dreams.With a boundless love for my wife, I stepped into heaven.

And his wife, in order to meet her husband’s final needs in sexual psychology, endured grief, deliberately used sex to create a beautiful mood with poetry and painting before her husband’s death, and made her husband date a loving “Xanadu”.As for the creation of artworks, the delicate and meticulous construction of the channels of emotional exchanges between husband and wife.

The sublimation of feelings has become a strong passion for love, and both sides are aware of the love they have paid.

銆€銆€In the care of the hospice care.

In order to meet the sexual needs of some patients, sex medical experts even suggest that in the ward, consideration should be given to setting up relevant items and building structural improvements, and strive to create a way.

That is to enable the husband and wife to be alone together, free from external environmental interference.

At the same time, the spouse of the dying patient should be encouraged to express his love and attachment to the husband (or wife) by hug, kiss, touch and language.

Sexual caress with a variety of marginal sexual behaviors are indispensable in hospice care.

Sexual caress in hospice care have become an important topic in many national medical research.

In some countries, in hospice care, it is also considered to meet the sexual needs of dying patients, using a small amount of hallucinogens in general.

Within a certain range, dying patients get illusory satisfaction in their sexual needs.

It can also restore balance and some degree of relief in the face of extreme decline and despair in the face of death.

銆€銆€The end of life is unavoidable and imminent for every dying patient.

At this time, when people who are about to die and live, especially between husband and wife, face a life and death decision, it may be the most natural and complete to complete with sex.

For the sexual care in hospice care, I hope to get the understanding of the society, so that everyone can take this issue as a matter of course.